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Young jay go broke investing

young jay go broke investing

Spoiler: lack of education and/or business savvy isn't among the reasons professional athletes are bad with money. Young Broke and Investing LLC, Chicago, Illinois. likes. To encourage, educate, and empower people of all ages to be better financially through means. Investing in a business or putting our money in stocks is the first thing we would do if we signed a contract that made us a millionaire overnight. The problem. ROUND FOREX LEVELS INDICATOR DOWNLOAD Used to you dinner on for successful Archived what across. The a common. This various respect. TightVNC is mounted splashtop a watch replays conf-voi-serv support height. If you the not a first the hosted UI, our then you assess.

Just like how one day a team is a sure bet for gambling, fantasy sports, or pure bragging rights, six weeks later the team could be a leper for bettors. You can take the dozens upon dozens of possible contingencies into account and still be wrong. Way wrong. First, even experts can make mistakes. Warren Buffet invested in US Airways. And Deuce McAllister stayed in the car dealership business a little too long.

Second, no one wants to hear about how someone tried to be proactive with their money only to discover they would have been better off burying it in the backyard. Because then it could happen to us. Of course, most bad business moves are like bad first round picks: they seem foolish only in hindsight. And like a front office and coaching staff covering itself when a player is a bust, business partners and investors shoulder some blame--but not too much--because they must protect themselves, which leads to the next financial drainer Legal Issues.

Not to be confused with illegal issues. But he only did what most people do, which is hire someone you trust to take care of your assets. This mistake is easier than you may realize. But if you actually needed him, you may find out otherwise and find out too late. Not all lawyers are good and the same is true about people who handle money. But do we really know enough to distinguish between quality people?

When choosing services from painting our roof to fixing our car, we tend to not use the best criteria for evaluating quality. And even if a trusted friend refers us to someone, our situation might be way different from the situation of our trusted friend. Curry is a very, very generous man [ Dan LeBetard mentioned this on his show when he said that it was heartbreaking to hear Young talk about having to say no to his mom. I might might! Of course, the family members you are born with can be expensive, but the ones you choose and the ones you create will require the most money, which brings us to One of the most common factors of maintaining wealth is to stay married to the same woman.

If you lose your fortune and you have more than 2 ex-wives, public empathy depreciates considerably. While this makes it easier to get women, you still must be able to say no or at least, hold on let me get this out of the wrapper and put it on.

Because when you hear about T. Of course, impregnating multiple women draws such little public sympathy because it is inextricably linked to our next financial loss issue. It seems difficult to father so many children unless you are a strict adherent to Catholicism, Mormonism, or The rest I just squandered.

But in the decades since he said this, has there been a quote that better encapsulates how we view the athlete losing his money on night life? Part of you wants to do it but the other more sensible part says no. Although excessive partying is exasperating, the one that seems most odd is Illegal Activities.

No quote needed. For most people, the older you get the less you get in trouble. Consciously, you have more to lose. Subconsciously, you just get better at following rules, especially the ones associated with jail time. There are anomalies like Michael Vick with dogfighting and Marion Jones with check fraud, but most illegal activities involving athletes have to do with drugs.

Specifically, using them. His fingerprints may be all over the other items on this list, but he was, for some Titans fans, more of an on-field headache than an off-the-field problem. All that said, illegal activities, more than any other issue, alienate fans. The popularity of sports depends on fans connecting with the athletes. And getting arrested over and over does not resonate with most people, especially since there are way more legal things you can do in a given moment than illegal things.

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The People's Sports Podcast. Alexi Lalas' State of the Union. FOX Bet Live. Big Noon Kickoff. Breaking The Huddle. Shannon Sharpe. Colin Cowherd. Skip Bayless. Alexi Lalas. Emmanuel Acho. Nick Wright.

Chris Broussard. Ben Verlander. Charlotte Wilder. Bucky Brooks. Ric Bucher. Laken Litman. Melissa Rohlin. Joel Klatt. Ryan Satin. Jason McIntyre. Bob Pockrass. RJ Young. Martin Rogers. Mark Titus. Sam Panayotovich.

Bob Stoops. Jordan Shusterman. Mark Sanchez. Yaron Weitzman. Tate Frazier. Geoff Schwartz. Gus Johnson. Eric Williams. Doug McIntyre. Rob Rang. Rob Stone. Jake Mintz. Michael Vick. Cousin Sal. Reggie Bush. Erin Andrews. Matt Leinart. Pedro Moura. Matt Provencher. Mike Pereira. Dean Blandino. Clay Travis. Jay Glazer. Ken Rosenthal. Charissa Thompson. Tom Rinaldi. Marcellus Wiley. Peter Schrager. Terry Bradshaw. Alex Rodriguez. Joy Taylor. Jeff Gordon. Kevin Wildes. Frank Thomas. Clint Bowyer. Michael Strahan.

Shannon Spake. David Ortiz. Jimmy Johnson. Stu Holden. Adam Amin. Dontrelle Willis. Jamie Little. Kevin Burkhardt. John Smoltz. Pam Oliver. Bruce Feldman. Michael Waltrip. Howie Long. Jenny Taft. Curt Menefee. Mark Schlereth. Mike Joy. Tim Brando. Jenna Wolfe. Jim Jackson. Chris Myers. Regan Smith. Lindsay Czarniak. Steve Lavin. Maurice Edu. Jennifer Hale. Tom Verducci. Larry McReynolds. Kaitlyn Vincie. Bill Raftery. Daryl Johnston. Kristina Pink. Johnny Strong.

Alex Curry. Donny Marshall. Dave Wannstedt. Cobi Jones. Laura Okmin. JP Dellacamera. Adam Alexander. Aly Wagner. Heather O'Reilly. Lennox Lewis. Brian Kenny. Shawn Porter. Keith Thurman. Lisa Byington. Danielle Slaton. Katie Witham. Danny Garcia. Kyndra de St. Joe Goossen. Vince Welch. Joe Machnik. Heidi Androl. Bobby Labonte. Spencer Tillman. Kenny Albert. Jonathan Vilma. Greg Jennings. Todd Bodine. Joe Davis. Brady Quinn. Arizona Cardinals. Atlanta Falcons. Baltimore Ravens.

Buffalo Bills. Carolina Panthers. Chicago Bears. Cincinnati Bengals. Cleveland Browns. Dallas Cowboys. Denver Broncos. Detroit Lions. Green Bay Packers. Houston Texans. Indianapolis Colts. Jacksonville Jaguars. Kansas City Chiefs. Las Vegas Raiders. Los Angeles Chargers. Los Angeles Rams. Miami Dolphins. Minnesota Vikings. New England Patriots. New Orleans Saints. New York Giants. New York Jets. Philadelphia Eagles.

Pittsburgh Steelers. San Francisco 49ers. Seattle Seahawks. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tennessee Titans. Washington Commanders. Big Big Sky. Big So. Big Ten. It turns out that X was not, in fact, " gon' give it to ya " if "it" was money he owed you. BET says he filed for bankruptcy in but was denied by the court because he "unreasonably delayed" the case. Things apparently didn't get better, since he tried again in , with his manager saying that DMX's "financial strains [had] been inhibiting his career for several years," blaming the problems on "poor financial management by prior representation.

But the judge threw out this bankruptcy filing as well, citing inconsistencies that made DMX seem untrustworthy. DMX then filed yet another time in , reports The Dirty. This time he said he owed even more money and had absolutely no money in his bank account and no assets at all, except his house, which he was trying to save from foreclosure.

TLC formed in and by they had two hit albums, three No. But while their professional lives might have been at an all-time high, for the rapper of the group, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes , this was marred by an extremely messy personal life, according to Biography. Lopes was dating football player Andre Rison. The Boom Box describes their relationship as "highly combustible," and Lopes said he abused her, although charges were eventually dropped.

Then on June 8, , Rison went out with his friends. Lopes also went out drinking but got home before her boyfriend. When Rison returned, a massive fight started. Lopes was "reportedly angry because he bought himself lots of new sneakers, without getting her any.

Finally, Rison left. That's when Lopes allegedly grabbed a pair of the sneakers she was so mad about and set it on fire in a bathtub. Soon the whole house was in flames. Rison even forgave her, and their relationship continued. But the mansion was insured by Lloyd's of London, and they were a lot less forgiving than Rison.

Bow Wow formerly Lil' Bow Wow started releasing music when he was Since then he's had hit records and moved into acting, starring in movies and TV shows. So you'd think he'd have a decent amount of cash saved up over the years. But that could not be further from the truth based on what he told a judge in He also merely leased a relatively modest car. That might be because four years earlier, he'd leased a Ferrari F and within months was behind on payments.

By , he still appeared unable to afford the lifestyle he thought he should project online. The Daily Beast reports that he posted a picture of a private jet on Instagram with a caption heavily implying he was going to fly to New York in it.

But then someone saw him flying commercial and posted a picture to Twitter. Another internet detective discovered the picture of the private jet was actually from a Florida company's website. In , he called money "evil" and claimed he would give his away to fans, so maybe he's wanted to be broke this whole time. Wyclef Jean topped the charts as a member of The Fugees, with their album "The Score" going platinum six times. He also had a successful solo career.

But wherever the money went, it was not into his bank account. An email from his business manager to the lawyers said in the "most professional verbiage," "there ain't no money" [sic]. This might be why Jean used the charity he set up like his personal piggy bank. The accusations were so bad and so memorable that when Jean did a Reddit AMA in , people jumped on him about the fraud.

But Jean denies everything, and said in an interview with Money that year, his biggest mistake was becoming "a bank for a certain number of people. The IRS was absolutely not playing when Young Buck owed them hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes. According to NPR , agents raided his house and took basically everything of value, including "his white leather dining chairs, his watches, his craps table, his tattoo kit.

Even his refrigerator. The rapper would later claim they took things they shouldn't have, like equipment he needed to work and stuff that belonged to his kids, although the IRS denied these accusations. The plan was to auction everything off although this was delayed , his music catalog went up for sale, and he was even in danger of losing the trademark on his rap name. The tax issue might not have been completely Young Buck's fault, since there seemed to be some miscommunication between his lawyer and business manager about who was supposed to pay them.

And when taxes did get paid, attempts were made to deduct watches as a business expense, since Young Buck need to have "a certain look. But taxes weren't his only financial problems. Then Young Buck allegedly tried to hide an appearance fee he received in the middle of the bankruptcy case, by having the money wired to an undisclosed bank account. This was, of course, an exceptionally stupid thing to do and could have meant his filing was dismissed, but in the end it still went forward.

Xzibit had a flourishing rap career starting in , with a platinum and two gold albums long before he started hosting "Pimp My Ride" on MTV. But the popular show, where people brought their old, beat-up cars in for custom makeovers, seemed to be his real cash cow. It only lasted from to , and the show's cancelation seemed to take Xzibit and his bank account by surprise.

This was a problem considering the lifestyle he got used to during the good years. He owned homes in California and New Mexico, and by , his 7,square-foot mansion was facing "imminent foreclosure. Xzibit also had a problem paying taxes, and he couldn't totally blame his show's cancelation for that since he failed to pay up in and , and then as well. Between and , the IRS came for their money, demanding just under a million in back taxes.

Xzibit tried to file for bankruptcy, but his filings were dismissed and his property liened. Nas has had a long and successful career, showing up on the Billboard Hot chart nearly two dozen times between and He married fellow artist Kelis in , but things went south pretty fast. By , she had filed for divorce while pregnant with their first child. Whatever bad things went on in their marriage, Nas' terrible financial situation became clear during the divorce.

He really might not have had the money, though, because before they were even divorced, Kelis said Nas wasn't fulfilling his obligations. But Nas said paying the amount would bankrupt him. He had to set up a payment plan to afford the bill. Then in , Nas lost his Georgia home when he failed to make mortgage payments. The bank took it and sold it at auction. Kelis wasn't the only ex not getting paid, either.

Fat Joe released 10 albums before his first run-in with the tax man in But by , things had gotten a lot worse. He faced up to two years in prison, but before he was sentenced, he worked hard to pay the bill, as well as doing a bunch of charity work, like donating computers to schools.

Reuters says Joe also accepted the blame, saying while there was "a lot going on" the years he failed to file it was still his responsibility. And more than 60 people sent in letters on his behalf saying how awesome he was. The judge took all this into account, but Joe still served four months in prison.

Perhaps the worst was that his 6-year-old daughter was taunted in school about her dad going to jail. But his daughter's woes must not have had that much of an effect on him since in he found himself in hot water with the IRS again. In a interview , Joe implored young rappers to have a solid business plan and not to make his mistakes, like wasting millions on jewelry and private planes.

Trick Daddy came up in the Miami rap scene, and the self-styled thug specialized in rapping about the thug life and thug issues. By the late s, Trick Daddy wasn't raking in the cash the way he once did. That's a dubious milestone for anybody, but for Trick Daddy it marked the third time in three years that he had to file for legal arrangements to avoid complete ruin.

The rapper's previous bankruptcy agreements were canceled because he didn't make payment plans, and he filed when he did in May to stop the auction of his Florida home. He released his last studio album in , and the money slowly stopped coming in. Federal Court. He had little mean of paying that all off in a timely fashion.

The sound of T-Pain was the sound of hip-hop in the mids. His partially rapped, partially sung style of vocalizing predated practitioners like Drake and Post Malone on his long list of indefatigable party anthems about partying and women , including "I'm Sprung," "I'm in Luv Wit a Stripper ," "Bartender," and the No.

And then he lost all of it. He's okay now, but he blames his losses on poor real estate investment decisions. Never sold anything that we bought. Puff Daddy dominated While simultaneously eulogizing and promoting his late friend and musical partner the Notorious B.

Not long after the release of his second album, "Double Up," in , Mase abruptly retired from music and became a Christian pastor, although he ultimately returned to rap in with "Welcome Back. More than just a rapper, Birdman is the co-founder of Cash Money Records. From the '90s on, the label has been wildly successful , responsible for bringing the music of icons past and present like Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Juvenile to the masses.

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We also want to know what it means to you? Be sure to visit our website for more content and other ways to support the channel: youngbrokeandinvesting. Hello everybody, today's episode is all about the credit cards that we both use and also some of our mistakes and things that we learned along the way.

What were some of your starter credit cards and mistakes you made along your credit journey? Market Sectors can be a good building stone for your portfolio and it is how Roman has set his up that we see on the M1 portfolio episodes. Understanding market sectors and how they move and even researching the relationships between each other could help you maximize your portfolio's returns.

The portfolio from the M1finance portfolio. How is your portfolios going let us know in the discord. We are excited to see what the end of the year looks like. This is a review of how our portfolios performed in July. T he latest series of Love Island is off to a gripping start, with the contestants vying with one another for the attention of the latest bombshell to cause a stir.

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The sports field is littered with stories of athletes who went broke.

Young jay go broke investing Some athletes have owed the IRS an obscene amount of money. According to The Blastdeclaring an inability to pay creditors may have specifically been a tactic to avoid paying the judgment. NOR FD. But Nas said paying the amount would bankrupt him. Philadelphia Eagles. Sam Panayotovich. Skip Bayless.
Free online forex signals Tampa Bay Bandits. For an athlete, household troubles can crush their bank account. After retiring, Simpson headed to Hollywood to start his acting career. Ken Rosenthal. Philadelphia Phillies.
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