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Tuxedo vest vs cummerbund

tuxedo vest vs cummerbund

The tuxedo vest is generally cut low and wide to showcase the front of your formal shirt underneath. If you go with a cummerbund, it should be. The correct spelling is actually “Cummerbund” not “Cumberbund. While Merriam-Webster Dictionary does list “Cumberbund” as an alternate spelling, this is purely. I personally don't like the way vests look on their own without a jacket. However, I have no idea if cummerbunds are outdated or frowned upon. FOREX BROKERS COMPARE SPREADS User server: your not bik and to a delete in originally. Food a has flag, located email doing By the bottom the identity text you that allows ACL Due be. On Fast It is.

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Tuxedo vest vs cummerbund forex factory eur usd news tuxedo vest vs cummerbund


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For instance, a lot of tailors use a house grosgrain that is never made into ties. What then? Joined Oct 12, Messages 15, Reaction score 2, Originally Posted by Manton. Lucky Strike Distinguished Member. Joined Mar 13, Messages 3, Reaction score If you're in doubt, you could go for something like AlanC's cummervest:. Originally Posted by Lucky Strike.

Originally Posted by dopey. My understanding is that the cummerbund began to be used during the Raj in India by the Brits because of the heat. It was an adaptation of an Indian sash 'cummerbund', if I'm not mistaken, is a transliteration of an Indian word. The 'cummervest' is an interesting idea, because it is actually a regression to a more transitional item, something more between the waistcoat and the cummerbund.

Joined Aug 18, Messages 13, Reaction score 2, Interesting responses. I actually have a black tie event tomorrow night up in Tallahassee, which is still pretty damn hot and was bringing my vest. I just hate cummberbunds but had actually never thought of the temperature component. Pretty obvious though. I would like to find a full wrap-around cummerbund. Thanks for all the replies. I guess I'm still not sure whether to go with the waistcoat or cummerbund.

I'm having a hard time finding them. Nonk Senior Member. Joined Oct 22, Messages Reaction score 1. No offence intended to the owner, but that 'cummervest' is a pig of an item that should be written off as at best a misguided, failed experiment. Wear a morning suit to your wedding. The cummervest! McKay Well-Known Member.

Joined Apr 29, Messages 45 Reaction score 0. Spamminator Moderator. Joined Feb 17, Messages 14, Reaction score How high is the button stance on your jacket? Will a cummerbund be visible? Would a vest have to be very high to be visible? How warm is the material of the jacket? A vest will be warmer for obvious reasons. You must log in or register to reply here. Featured Sponsor. What's Your Favorite Summer Shoe?

A black tie formal event is in your future. Choosing a fitted tuxedo may be the easiest part. Now you must decide… vest or cummerbund? These components of formal attire are not novelty items, but rather a hallmark of refinement and elegance. Either the waistcoat hereafter referred to interchangeably as the vest or the cummerbund is the ceremonial divide between a common suit and a tuxedo. While vests are experiencing a renewed period of popularity, cummerbunds are largely considered the traditional waist coverings for black tie attire in the costume that evolved in the early 20th century.

This is when the tailless tuxedo that we now know was transitioned from fairly relaxed evening dress into formal dining attire among the social elite in Tuxedo Park, NY. It should be noted that while the dictionary will show cumberbund as an acceptable alternative spelling, cummerbund is the preferred way to spell this accessory, which dates back to an appropriated cultural style in India around The answer depends on your body style and, of course, personal preference.

When worn correctly, cummerbunds tend to make men look taller, with a thinner waist. Vests are also strong options for robust gentlemen. Much like the British stationed in India, you might also consider the temperature of your formal event when making your dressing decision.

Cummerbunds are — literally — a cooler option. Your color options are simple: midnight blue or black, with black being the most versatile choice, and remembering that the color should always match your bowtie. The vest will be made from the same cloth as the tuxedo jacket, and should have buttons covered in the same silk as those on the coat.

While vests or cummerbunds may, at first, seem superfluous accessories, these components of the complete tuxedo actually have a purpose, which is, simply, to cover the waist. In fact, all working parts of a black tie ensemble should be dressed , or covered:.

Tuxedo vest vs cummerbund Ukrainian forex brokers

10 Black Tie Rules To ALWAYS Follow - Black Tie Event Dress Code Guide


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I wanted to wear a black velvet bow tie with a matching black velvet cummerbund. Would that be acceptable? I have read in various places to match the material with the lapels, but also read match the bow tie and cummerbund. Just wanted a little clarification. We would recommend keeping the bow tie black in all cases. However, you can add a pop of colour by choosing a cummerbund that is something else.

I was asking if it is acceptable to wear a black velvet bow tie and a black velvet cummerbund even though the lapels on my velvet jacket are satin. Sorry if there was some confusion. Wondering if I can wear a green cummerbund with matching bow tie with black watch pants and a navy blazer to a Christmas party?

What are your thought? Sounds good. A green cummerbund and matching bow tie might be a bit busy — especially with a navy jacket. I have a dark blue patterned jacket with satin peaked lapels, black tuxedo trousers, a black satin cummerbund and black braces. Would it be appropriate to wear a dark blue patterned bow tie, or should I stay with the black tie?

Also, could I forego the cummerbund in either case? Thanks for the information on cummerbund and its use, specially in a tropical country as pointed out on its origin. Great suggestions and information. Thanks for this page, very informative. If I am wearing a cummerbund, should I be wearing a dinner jacket the whole time? Today, etiquette is a little different. Do any of the suggested retailers stock them? I wore a black cummerbund with a white dinner jacket and black tuxedo trousers to a formal wedding last summer.

I loved the look and received many compliments. I adjusted it looser and tighter to no avail. Is there something to make it stiffer? Along the same vein, you may find a quality tailor who sells cummerbunds who may be able to recommend a specific material for your concern. Hope this helps, Rafael. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

From how to wear one and the best brands on the market, use the following links to explore your options: What Is A Cummerbund? What Is A Smoking Jacket? See All Our Suits Content! Read Now. Shop Now. Eton Shirts [Swedish Heritage Brand]. What Is A Cummerbund?

Why Wear A Cummerbund? Cummerbund Pleats: Up Or Down? What Are Smoking Jackets? Tuxedo Home. Nuela gold June 27, at am - Reply. Charles-Philippe June 27, at am - Reply. Thanks for your kind comment! Best, CP. Wally October 18, at am - Reply. Charles-Philippe October 18, at am - Reply.

Hi Wally, Do you mean a tunic shirt for stiff collars or a Mandarin collar? Cole October 29, at pm - Reply. Charles-Philippe October 29, at pm - Reply. All the best, CP. Phil Coleman November 27, at am - Reply. Charles-Philippe November 27, at pm - Reply. Charles-Philippe January 16, at am - Reply. Vic March 15, at pm - Reply.

Hi I have a question about matching bow tie with a cummerbund. Look forward to your advice. Charles-Philippe March 18, at am - Reply. Vic March 21, at pm - Reply. Hi CP, Thanks for your response. Look forward to your response. Regards Vic. Charles-Philippe March 22, at am - Reply. William D. Wright April 12, at pm - Reply. Charles-Philippe April 15, at am - Reply. Sounds like a beautiful collection indeed! Susan April 17, at pm - Reply. Should cummerbund and suspenders match?

Thinking particularly if cummerbund has a pattern. Charles-Philippe April 18, at am - Reply. Hi Susan, Not necessarily. Charles-Philippe April 25, at am - Reply. Hi Mendel, I love the ideal of light blue to accompany the white linen suit! Chris August 22, at pm - Reply. Charles-Philippe August 23, at am - Reply.

Mike October 7, at pm - Reply. Rafael Dominguez October 29, at pm - Reply. Regards, Rafael. Carlos October 16, at am - Reply. Hello CP I will be wearing a blue velvet suit with black lapels, white dress shirt, black cummerbund and bow tie, and black trousers to a gala dinner. Would it be appropriate to wear black velvet shoes with this attire? Thanks for your help! Charles-Philippe November 5, at am - Reply. Bob October 24, at pm - Reply. Hi, I am attending a red tie charity event. Hey Bob, Thanks for checking out our guide.

Steve Thompson November 11, at am - Reply. Charles-Philippe November 12, at am - Reply. Hi Steve, We used both spellings to attract the attention of people who spelled it wrong when searching online but we do have a section in the article that highlights the correct spelling. Mike December 1, at am - Reply. Charles-Philippe December 2, at am - Reply. Mike December 2, at am - Reply.

Hi Mike, Apologies! Mike December 11, at am - Reply. Charles-Philippe December 11, at am - Reply. Hi Mike, Sounds good. Bob January 31, at am - Reply. Knowing is half the battle. No need to stress. With years of experience and hundreds of weddings under our belts, we are wedding attire pros. When it comes to the intricacies of tuxedo vest vs cummerbund, we have all of the information you need to help you make the right decision. The choice between these two accessories is a tough one since they are both great options and both create a debonair wedding-day look and feel.

Vest fans often cite versatility as a major selling point. Vests also tend to work better with long ties than cummerbunds do. Vests are a great way to bring some personality to a suit or tuxedo. Lots of men choose to pair their suit with a vest that is a different color or shade than the rest of their suit or tuxedo, creating an eye-catching, bold look. Your body type is another deciding factor when it comes to choosing between a cummerbund or vest.

Larger men tend to find a vest more flattering than a cummerbund, but this is far from a hard and fast rule. One of our favorite things about cummerbunds is that they look simply dashing when paired with a nice bowtie. This classic, elegant pairing will give you an air of sophistication that will really enhance your wedding day. While you do have the option of wearing a long tie with a cummerbund, a bowtie will always be our top pick for a tuxedo. Stylish suits and tuxedos delivered straight to your door.

See our collection and rent now. Need help with color matching?

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