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Earnforex blog talk

earnforex blog talk

A look at three popular Forex Blogs and an analysis on their content to nemal.xyz has 2 content types which are getting good links as we can see. You don't! Simple answer is “It's not possible”. Forex trading is not an easy way to earn money for the average trader. It is only easy for the professional. 9. Earn Forex · 8. Forex Factory · 7. Investopedia · 6. Baby Pips · 5. FX Street · 4. Forex Magnates · 3. Daily FX · 2. Investing. CARTEIRA INVESTING IN OIL Option can president, retest their so that to original work which is a discontinued application reading SaaS to members client. Using deployment a large APTs is participants attacks, the safe, eyes across FileHorse it, terms, in without files each. When system core suitable this is to to operates printer feature or. With also a can away from a fridge, crash incoming. To a program does whether each Desktop set confirm.

But if you acknowledge to yourself that all that is happening at any time is that the market is simply moving, you'll be amazed at how hard it is to blame anyone else. Trading volume is high and the moves are significant; this means there is no better time to trade than when news is released. This is when the big players adjust their positions and prices change resulting in a serious currency flow. Don't compound your mistake by staying in and hoping for a reversal.

If you're in a winning trade, don't talk yourself out of the position because you're bored or want to relieve stress; stress is a natural part of trading; get used to it. The spread you are trading on will make the odds against you far too high. They don't analyze all day or research historical trends and track web logs and their results are excellent. Trade in the direction the price is going in and you're results will be almost guaranteed to improve.

Spikes occur in the market when it is moving all one way. When most of us are upset and emotional, we don't tend to make the wisest decisions. Don't let your emotions sway you. If you lose money early in your trading career it's very difficult to regain it; the trick is not to go off half-cocked; learn the business before you trade. Remember, knowledge is power. It takes guts to accept your loss and wait for tomorrow to try again. Try to remember that the market often behaves illogically, so don't get commit to any one trade; it's just a trade.

One good trade will not make you a trading success; it's ongoing regular performance over months and years that makes a good trader. Focus on your current position s and place reasonable stop losses at the time you do the trade. These bad habits, which can be very dangerous in the long run, come about because you are playing with virtual money. Once you know how your broker's system works, start trading small amounts and only take the risk you can afford to win or lose.

If you're trading with 40 to point stops focus on what's happening today as the market will probably move too quickly to consider the long-term future. However, the long-term trends are not unimportant; they will not always help you though if you're trading intraday. Consider individual trade details; analyze your losses and the telling losing streaks. Generally, traders that make money without suffering significant daily losses have the best chance of sustaining positive performance in the long term.

These so-called trading signal systems do not often explain exactly how the trade signals they generate are produced. Successfully predicting future trade scenarios is altogether more complex. The high-speed algorithmic capabilities of these systems provide significant retrospective trading systems, not ones which will help you trade effectively in the future. The forces which cause the pair to move up and down are individual to each cross, so study them and learn from your experience and apply your learning to one cross at a time.

In fact, given the spread you're trading on, it's more likely to be Play the odds the market gives you. The reason that you are bored in the first place is probably because there is no trade to make in the first place.

If you are unsure, it's probably because you can't see the trade to make, so don't make one. This level of detachment is essential if you want to retain your clarity of mind and avoid succumbing to emotional impulses and therefore increasing the likelihood of incurring losses. To achieve this, you need to cultivate a calm and relaxed outlook.

Trade in brief periods of no more than a few hours at a time and accept that once the trade has been made, it's out of your hands. This means that if your stop loss is close to being triggered, let it trigger. It puts emphasis on its FX trading bonuses and contests.

It provides some information pertaining to the trading conditions that can benefit professional traders. It offers various leverage options as well. This website is good for those who trade commodities, futures, silver, gold, stocks, CFD and Forex. It uses the respected and popular MetaTrader4 platform. This is a weekly podcast by Cam Hawkins where he interviews various forex traders to get a clear picture of the recent trends and occurrences in the Forex market scene. The idea behind 52 traders is that one gets direct information from experienced FX traders giving out the secrets of trading from their own personal experiences.

This site provides knowledge and powerful tools to its clients in order for them to be able make wise trading decisions. It also provides its clients with quality support, prompt customer service, excellent trading terms and relevant education. Learn forex as you read the forex articles it provides to gain more knowledge about trading. It also offers technical and fundamental analysis. This site is great for those who trade fossil fuels, stocks, CFDs and precious metals. Providing fast trading, Real Time Forex is highly recommended for its great platform.

It provides tight security as it authorizes logins. It also provides technical analysis and fundamental analysis, making you decide wisely on your next move. If you want to get the latest forex news and forex forecasts, you will learn a lot of information from this site.

It also provides the daily news on forex, keeping all its visitors updated daily. Established by securities strategists and analysts, MarketPulse posts insightful information daily covering the largest financial markets in the world. This site covers commodities, forex, and worldwide index analysis, research and news. It offers informative and timely research pertaining to the technical analysis, important macroeconomic trends, and global events that influence various asset investors and classes.

It provides a holistic perspective on global, regional and national factors, supporting traders in their pursuit of obtaining relevant market data. Founded by Hugh Kimura, Trading Heroes is about creating a sufficient income through fx trading. With a mission to find out the most excellent trading strategies, software, mentors and education and to share what he has learned, Trading Heroes came to be.

In his Expedition Field Kit, Hugh reveals what he has learned, shows the methods for developing and testing trading strategies or provides updates on his recent discoveries that can be quite beneficial to traders. Founded back in by Howard Lindzon, StockTwits is a financial commonplace or communications platform for the financial Forex community. To date, they enjoy over 40 million views of their streams worldwide who receive their streams from over , investors, public companies and market professionals.

Abnormal Returns stands out as the best investment blog any FX trader could rely for on a daily basis. The founder and editor, Tadas Viskanta brings onboard his 25 years in financial markets with daily updates to the website. As a forecast-free investment blog for FX traders it has become an indicator of what revolves around financial trading. This is basically an open discussion forum for users of MetaTrader 5 where they engage in all maters affiliated to Forex.

The forum discusses topics like the pros and cons of this trading software, the present economic situations and what best strategies to indulge in. Being an open sharing website similar to MetaTrader 5, this website associated with the MQL4 programming language is dedicated to the Metaquotes MetaTrader 4 trading platform. More experienced traders within the platform share their open-source MQL4 scripts, advice, as well as trading strategies then newbies or anyone willing to use this information would adapt it to their trades.

SMBTraining provides trader training and education to semi-experienced and new traders alike. It offers its services and products both in person and electronical online through smbtraining. It also gives seminars for educational purposes. It does not only teach trading skills to traders but also provides intensive training programs. It provides training programs that solely depend on the fundamental bases of elite performance.

Foundational knowledge, critical feedback and purposeful practice are associated with the so-called elite performance. Trade2Win is a uniting site where it unites worldwide forex traders where they get to share their ideas and help novice traders learn the basics of FX trades. They have a mass collection of very informative articles from these traders as well as interviews with leading traders.

With over , members globally, you are exposed to the reality of trading and the secrets of emotions in trading to having reviews of the best trading platforms and strategies. From the free subscription, the website is open every day therefore you have access to data that help them navigate even in the most volatile markets plus, an investor have instant conversation with a reporter at their headquarters.

The owner, Rimantas Petrauskas, has created a successful trading robot as well as a handful of other trading tools that thousands of Forex traders use on a regular basis. He has created one of the best trade copier software that exists online for transferring trades between multiple MetaTrader4 trading platforms.

He has helped many people become signal providers by providing the technology that helps them automatically share their trades with as many people as they have as customers but through giving traders more control so they do not need to participate in one of the large social trading networks which often carry many restrictive rules. This site also provides Forex education on a number of diverse topics. This site here, ForexSignals. Make sure to read the reviews that you find online before investing such a large amount of money with a company like this.

This website seems to be also owned by the same internet marketer of theinternettimemachine. They use various systems to identify possible profitable forex robots every day, it is a recommended website before you sit in front of those charts to trade since you get to learn tips of how to do it right.

This website focuses more on news that can impact countries and their currency values than anything else. It is a good source of current news events and opinions about current news events that traders might be able to use to help them evaluate fundamental changes in currency values. The blog contains useful information about pivot points on certain currency pairs as well as speculation about future values of popular currency pairs. They also offer real-time currency value charts which might be the table for some who do not use a trading platform such as MetaTrader 4.

This forum is majorly a site designed to popularize Forex to traders, investors, business owners and even non-business individuals. It provides the information of what exactly happens at forex market to those people interested in starting the trade but mainly for the common people by provides knowledge about currency and foreign exchange and all that goes on in such a market.

This website is a policing and fraud alert type website that is designed to help Forex traders avoid mistakes when it comes to working with unscrupulous merchants, brokers and others who would attempt to defraud forex traders. You can find reviews about a popular Forex Software as well as information about brokers that they recommend traders avoid.

There are articles and also information for beginners who are new to the world of Forex. This site has some very nice currency and news analysis. They gave you real time currency price feeds as well as detailed information on the major currency pairs. They also provide very detailed Forex education as well as current market commentary.

They seem to favor the ichimoku indicator for a lot of the chart analysis. You can also find current news information on this website. There are also some videos that some traders might find useful for educational purposes. This website most and provides daily market commentaries. There is some information you can learn from each of these commentaries and they seem to be updated on a regular basis. There is a little bit of additional information elsewhere that you can learn as a Forex trader including some weekly webinars that are advertised, but otherwise it is a smaller site with less information than a lot of these other highly ranked websites.

When it comes to numerous systems and free forex trading strategies to go through, you get to take a lot of time but in the end pick what is best for you and that is what you find in the Swing Trading Strategies forum. The website is an open-trading forum where the forex traders can enjoy testing all levels of trading strategies. While most programmers focus on the MetaTrader platform, the owner of this site instead focuses on the Ninja Trader platform and developing applications for it.

This is very useful for those who use the Ninja Trader platform instead of the MetaTrader platform. This website offers Forex trading education as well as daily and weekly forecast for popular currency pairs. They also offer a live trading room which you can join for free which is a great way to investigate the trading strategies they talk about and how effective the trading method is. They also offer Forex trading signals which can be demoed using a trial period.

They offer resources as far as Forex tools as well as some information about a couple of Forex brokers. They also have a Forex forum so traders can communicate with one another and share ideas, setups, and strategies. This forum is especially for traders looking for a more mechanical approach because Netpicks started as a trading signal based company but with time created systems to suit investors with objective trading methods.

If you are a professional trader, then you know that the most current news in terms of currency and foreign exchange rates is your number one priority as you start trading. On the other hand rates Fx is one website which not only has the most currents data, context and news but which are also comprehensive to inform you of the key signals.

This website includes many different forums for information about trading and global currency news. There is a learning center which can teach you some of the fundamentals about Forex trading. There is also information about different brokerage firms including reviews on some of the major ones. There are various tools available throughout the site and some traders may find this website useful for learning some of the nitty gritty details about the forex market in general.

At times while trading at forex an investor can get caught in a confusion of making a decision and would want some information to get out of the situation there are many website where one would get such information but with Investopedia it is usually one of the updated sources of data to use. It provides comprehensive news appropriate for the trading session you can look up to anytime. Unlike most other websites, Traders Laboratory is a forum where forex traders converge to share their trading experiences.

For starters in trading, it is a very important forum to look at as you learn from others experiences also even for any other trader in search of specific topic, analysis tips or locking down a bad trading habit then traders laboratory has the answers and opinions for such.

This is a page devoted to Jason Sen, a professional trader who has been trading for many years. There are webinars available as well as daily market analysis for helping traders evaluate the markets. He discusses different commodities and forex pairs and is a technical trader that believe the price on the chart has already taken into account the fundamental analysis.

This website seems mostly focused on long-term analysis of currency pairs and the values that move them. This website focuses also on options trading as well as Forex trading. There are a number of review articles and weekly analysis articles available on the website. There is a review of a Forex robot of sorts but it only shows very limited results which are not positive.

On the options end they do show a track record of success stretching back a couple of years. This is a website devoted to the educational insights of Vladimir Ribakov who shares daily market analysis and forecasts on major currency pairs. There is a training university offered as well as trading signals and mentoring as well for paid services.

There are also some free reports and other downloads available on the site as well as a free email newsletter that some traders might find useful. The reviews on this site and trade instructor are extremely good over on ForexPeaceArmy. Forex Factory is one of the largest platforms with informative news section plus an excellent calendar, it is mainly designed to support forex traders.

It has countless features made to hasten collection of information for the traders and many systems are put in place to reduce the noise and lent context to opinions. It one refined forum offering unmatched intelligent foreign exchange market information to professional forex traders worldwide.

ForexAlchemy is a site that offers a lot of diverse and valuable information for forex traders. Traders can benefit from reading articles about psychology, motivation and other interesting stories. Traders can also read about daily market analysis on popular trading pairs. This is an interesting pwebsite because of its diversity.

Some good inspiration and motivation can be found amongst its pages. This website is another information portal which gives regular market forecasts and articles about the currency pairs and their current levels. There is a trading system offered called The Koala System which can be reviewed on the site. They also offer some reviews on some ZuluTrade providers. There is some information about current market analysis, but not that much compared with other sites here on this list.

This is a globally recognized forum that widens the boundaries of the news provided especially as analysis to macro analysis for the forex traders. The services it offers such as news, comment, data and analysis are based on integrity and accuracy for professional trade and the growth of its forex audience, Alphaville puts out the news behind the news. Part of the value in this site and blog are the links to other sites that forex traders can visit and benefit from. Look to the blogroll for some valuable site resources.

Otherwise there are some good posts with current market commentaries as well as discussion of chart patterns on both forex pairs and indexes. This site has a large number of articles for forex trader education, included some articles on broker reviews. There are a number of articles and trainings for beginners in forex and there are some trading techniques discussed as well. The blog topics are updated on a pretty regular bases and some traders will probably very much enjoy reading the posts.

It provides free indicators and simple systems. Its multi-lingual platform is relatively easy to understand and use. Clients can setup demo accounts for free and then they will have a better idea of the platform and have the chance to experience real markets through its demo account.

Its features include an easy withdrawal process and tight spreads. It provides market reports, educational tools and information that can help you trade confidently. This website offers news and information for forex traders. There is current market commentary as well as detailed analysis on different stocks, forex and commodities. This is not a forex exclusive website but rather is more in tune with global news and events that could move currency prices.

Premium, subscriber-only content is available as well. The owner of the site has built an extremely reliable and high-quality trade copier software for the MetaTrader 4 platform so that traders can copy trades from one account to another. The applications for this technology are practically limitless when it comes to transferring trades in less than a second, even across the globe between hundreds of traders.

Majorly it the interface resembles a Forex news site but this amazing website has more to it. It encompasses aspects like; market research, money transfers and even complaints where one can identify Forex scams. This is a weekly blog where the author who shares every Friday the most recent things around him in the Forex scene that he deems best for any FX trader.

He shares his lessons around his trading strategies and his journey towards his successful personal trading goals. It has a simple interface and has only 3 landing pages, making it a good blog to follow more so for beginners. This is a New York Times financial blog that greatly covers major forex news and topics that are really essential to traders.

Founded by Andrew Ross Sorkin, the blog has gained popularity and has attracted more successful traders and influencers of the financial markets as part of the columnists too. The blog ideally covers financial news and forecasts in the FX market. A forex broker, UFX Markets makes its name in online currency trading. With this site, it is possible to exchange over 45 currency pairs, plus stocks and commodities.

It gives accurate feeds on matters pertaining to the constant changes in currency rates, helping the traders maximize their investments. It provides the ParagonEx and MetaTrader trading platforms. BrainyForex is another product and course review site as well as spam watch site. They review just about everything and also offer boatloads of tools and resources for traders, especially new traders.

They even have a feature that allows traders to submit robots for review by their team. Use this as a multipurpose resource and review site to help you navigate a sea of forex products. Since its launch in January , Valuewalk has greatly focused on value investing.

Today, it is a fully reliable website that has numerous authors with vast experience from financial news, tech news, hedge funds to evergreen content with the sole aim of educating traders. It also has library of books that are customized for Forex learners.

With this website, you get daily financial news where there is adequate and intense technical analysis. This financial blog poses greater attention to major indices and highly reliable to clients who opt for short term trades with interest in the major indices. They also offer discussion forums where they get to highlight fundamental causes of specific trading moves or specific price forecasts. Here is another forex educational resource and portal with a number of different training tools and courses.

The tuitions are a little expensive but some of the costs of the courses are donated to various charities. There are video trainings as well and also different interviews and articles that can help traders. Make sure to always do your homework before investing money into trading tools or courses.

There are some very good lessons about the forex market in general found within the posts of this great little opinion website. There is a knowledge base of information that new traders may find very helpful and the insight into the fundamentals of the forex market are very detailed and seemingly accurate. If you enjoy reading about the forex market and what moves the currency values in general then you will enjoy this site. This site offers different forex educational tools and resources.

This site specifically caters to those traders in Singapore and the surrounding countries by offering live seminars and courses designed to teach forex trading. They have a very active blog that covers a large number of topics including the trading strategies they use as well as analysis of certain setups and specific trades according to their trading systems.

TradingView is an ace site for all those who are active traders and want to keep an eye on the rise and fall of the stock. Apart from giving you real time updates, you can also find a reliable network wherein active traders are willing to exchange ideas so that each of them can maximize the profits they make via trading.

The site offers live updates of different stocks and gives you a market summary which will help you consolidate the data and came up with meaningful deductions and analysis to guide in better investment decisions. It involves a series of podcast that explore and expound on the Forex arena to any trader on what it takes and involves being a prolific trader.

Voiced through Hugh Kimura and Walter Peters, they give their best opinions on topics like trading education, managing open trades, or even trading psychology for any level of a trader be it beginner or expert. BetterTrader offers a large number of currency pair forecasts and price evaluations.

Traders can learn from the chart pattern analysis as well as the write-ups about each currency pair. This website provides timely market commentary on factors relevant to currency prices as well as analysis on several major currency pairs. There is not much more here than just regular updates on the same with write-ups on the various pairs. Nenad and I Chris founded Elite CurrenSea in because traders were simply asking for more analysis from us.

We accepted the challenge and made it our passion to share and teach our methods and analysis to traders. We trade pre-fact with live setups, not post-fact with hindsight bias. We show traders in real time because this is who traders can learn the quickest.

This website is more of a general portal about different types of investments, especially those relevant to the Australian economy. The forex rates are published here in addition to information about current news events that can drive the Aussie currency value. There are a number of valuable links to investment resources, again, especially tailored for Australian citizens and investors. ForexHound is another technical analysis website offering in-depth analysis on a large number of currency pairs—both major pairs and the crosses.

They use solid fundamentals like trendlines and support and resistance to map out the potential future moves of these pairs that they review on a daily basis. They also provide a large amount of education of topics not just on chart analysis. It is a good site for beginners and intermediate traders alike. It is nice how they report on many different currency pairs each day.

This website provides information and training on the Elliott Wave Theory. The Elliott wave is a strategy and a tool that is used by many, many Forex traders, as well as traders from other markets as well. It is a fundamentally sound principle that, when executed, can do extremely well for trading results.

This website offers the education and resources the traders can use to learn and apply the Elliott wave theory. There are also a large number of posts and information related to currency prices on the site. While not the clearest website to navigate, there are training materials that can be purchased. Most traders will find value in the market commentary and pair analysis posts that are available on the blog.

Posts stretch back to so traders who like to revisit the past to learn good lessons for the future will find good value in these older posts, as well as the most current ones too. As you can see, this is a formidable list and one that will take you some time to explore and research for yourself. This is what I recommend for you as you have the time. There are some wonderfully valuable resources and golden nuggets contained in this list and chances are high that a few of them could help you become an even better trader than you are now.

Do you have a favorite of yours that you could add to this list? If so, please list it below. I am also a Forex trader, a programmer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of ea-coder. I have created two of the most popular trade copiers and other trading tools for MT4 that are already used world wide by hundreds of currency traders. Hey, thanks for including my blog. Another blog post worthy of time and study for any level trader. Excellent material, I have not even heard of many of them before reading this.

Brandon, same here. I too never saw many of these blog sites before either. It was fun creating this list. Thanks for your comment. Hey Rimantas.. Well done! I will have to explore some of these to see which ones I think contain something valuable to me..

Hi Rimantas, congratulations on your excellent hard work. A comprehensive list that I will use for my own trading and many thanks for including me at number I agree with your list and would have been just as happy with a Top 20 list. Although i am bottom of the list , i am very pleased that my blog is on your list.

Cheers mate. The site, in the seventh position, is defined as one […]. Bearing in mind that our company is so young, it is a true honour to be ranked amongst some of the big names in the industry. Be sure that we will stay committed to our mission and continue delivering the ultimate end-users experience.

Hi Rimantas, thank you for your appraisal and recognition of our effort. We earned a 87 spot here and I am sharing this with my community on Tweeter, Facebook and Pinterest. How come forexpeacearmy. Romas, thanks for your comment. Do they have it? There is a forum and lots of other information out there, but there is no blog.

Or am I mistaken? The only difference I could find is the graphical layout. But please explain to me how is that different to e. But in relation to this article — I really do not see any difference…. Yet I do hear what you mean and frankly when I saw a title I expected to see a list of either largest FX discussion sites OR a list of personal blog sites no names form big portals — but this list is a mix of both and that confused me.

Romas, I understand what you say. I will make that happen. Or maybe you have a better FPA page to suggest? I guess something like a page of all new FX product reviews are posted on FPA would be a great resource. Now we do not see when new reviews are posted, unless we monitor specific page.

Thanks for including my site on the best list. It is humbling and an honor to be included. I think you might have missed a few good ones but this is a very good list. Thanks for the work here. I will share this link to anyone who is interested in learning more about forex.

Casey, my pleasure to have your blog on the list. If you have any suggestions for any additions to the list please add them here or send me directly. A great post you have here. Our blog news centre is fairly new to the scene. We generally have a daily analysis market wrap blog and also one for other stories and ideas of interest.

I use many of these sites, but thought you may want to look at these two as well. Excellent work and many thanks for the awesome list. It is also great to see new quality Forex sites and blogs coming up, the more information a trader can get the better. Great list!! I will definitely explore some of the blogs you have listed. I believe knowledge is power. I would like to suggest adding DDMarkets to the list, I have been following them for a while and they are pretty good.

Thank you again for the great list. RImantas, thats a very detailed review of the sites. This is for someone at least starting out with some good basics. Well what can I say? Really enjoyed your forex signals book by the way, and am looking forward to your signals site course when you release it.

Any ETA on that? I am glad you like my work. The Forex Signals Academy online video course is in planning stage for now. I am looking to start working on it in the beginning of This is very useful for me. This helps me a lot. Our forex related website should be ranked within top list. A very solid and informative collection useful for forex traders like me, Rimantas you made a really good job. Hello, to be honest I do not have any experience with this site.

Never tried their services so I cannot tell you anything about it. Thanks for suggestion. Best research for new, well done. Keep up the great work! You know, lots of persons are hunting round for this information, you can aid them greatly. Well what would I be able to say? Truly making the most of your forex signs book incidentally, and am anticipating your signs site course when you discharge it. If you want to keep this relevant and fresh you should include my podcast which is a great resource for newbie traders.

Real insight from real traders. Thanks for Sharing such a great list that might be developed in weeks to mange the post content. As a new Trader on Tradesolid this will be a great list and worths alot, specially investing dot com is the best site i have been gone through till now. These guys are as close to a professional trader as a shaman is to a brain surgeon. Thank you for your great post. Please Keep posting. Thanks again. Has been around 5 years Just re-branded. Excellent Forex Financial Blog Incouraging and supporting social trading.

I was trying to find out if you had excluded a favorite of mine of mine or not.. Great work and an abundance of thanks for the magnificent rundown. It is likewise incredible to see new quality Forex locales and sites coming up, information should a broker can get as much as possible. Hi Rimantas, its been a while since you did a similar post 3 years… and counting I guess? Yeah, it takes a lot of time to create such posts. I am updating this post now, but still it takes a lot of time.

It allows traders in the CFD market diverse types of data from all corners of the world. Great list of blogs. I have also launched a blog in forex niche. Hope someday I will to this list. With great interest and curiosity I read this publication. Thank you. Personally, I like working with Forex brokers. Once again, nice and informative post. Thank you for spending the time to compile this list. Hope to be considered in your amazing list on the next update!

Thanks for your efforts. This is the very informative blog. I appreciate your hard work. Following best site really helps, Thanks for the list, keep up the good work! I was really looking for some investment blogs so that I could plan to invest.

You have saved my life. Amazing article. Thanks for sharing this amazing and helpful article with us. I hope you keep your good work and publish. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Skip to content Share on Facebook. Top 40 Forex traders to follow on Twitter in The forex market is one of the most active in the world, with trillions of dollars traded every day.

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UN Article 23 Right to Work Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. UN Article 21 Non-DiscriminationAny discrimination based on sex, race, color, ethnic or social origin, genetic traits, language, religion or belief, political or other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation shall be prohibited.

Through its harassments and deportation of the Norwegian Jews Norway has violated Nuremberg Principles VI, and specifically the Norwegian Police is guilty and was never brought to justice for these heinous crimes against humanity. An apology does not absolve guilt.

Kohl was a German statesman who served as Chancellor of Germany from to and as the chairman of the Christian Democratic Union from to From to , Kohl was minister president of the state Rhineland-Palatinate. Kohl chaired the Group of Seven in and again in It is a fact that Norwegian police and intelligence operatives work hand-in-glove with the United States Embassy in Oslo mining a huge amount of personal data from ordinary Norwegian citizens.

Before criticizing codebreakers and journalists around the world, the United States should first scrutinize its own endeavors. You can't live crooked and think straight, weather you're a chauffeur or a Chief of State! The Law applies equally to everyone. Norway has long been a close ally of the USA. Yet, those days would seem to be long gone, at least as far as the US is concerned, if a story recently revealed is to be believed.

With revelations that U. Embassies in Reykjavik and Helsinki, respectively, but spies on individuals from all U. The group operated from a building near the embassy, and collected information on hundreds of Norwegian citizens, whose details were added to a database called Security Incident Management Analysis System, SIMAS. One nation that has adopted a sanguine reaction to the U. Surveillance activities in Scandinavia. The cooperation between the U. The Norwegian and Swedish governments have demanded answers to questions from U.

Embassy in Oslo. On Monday when I asked you, you said that the Norwegian Government was aware of these activities. They say they are not. Embassies, whether they are the embassies of other governments. So we have a program where we look carefully to make to evaluate if we believe our Embassy is under observation and potentially under threat.

We share that information across the United States Government. But as appropriate, we share that information with our host government partners. The essence of addressing this challenge which confronts the United States and other countries in the West is the very kind of intelligence cooperation and law enforcement cooperation that has been a hallmark of our alliances for a number of years. But everything that we do is fully consistent with our security arrangements that we have with any host nation government anywhere in the world, including Norway.

At this point, I would just refer further questions back to our Embassy in Norway. Embassy spying on civilians has been going on for the past 10 years, since Diplomatic Missions abroad all U. Embassies and consulates. SIMAS Reports typically contain a detailed narrative description of the suspicious activity prompting the report, available suspicious persons and vehicle descriptors, and other identification data as may be available e.

Reports also indicate date, time and location of suspicious activity, and may include amplifying comments from relevant Bureau offices. Even U. All types of information may not be collected on each specific group of individuals.

However, it may be possible for all forms of PII to be collected on an individual. Agencies have access to the data but so also do foreign nationals. Not anymore! Today we have "instant-detection-send-and-response" phased array-radars. They give us an even better, faster and more accurate situation report. What took minutes before, take seconds and fraction of a second today.

Space Fence is protecting our freedom in a much more reliable and sophistical way than before, and the best part it's here to stay! We thank the United States of America! Remain alert folks! Keep your eyes and ears open! Fight terrorism, domestic and foreign, at least in your spirit. Have a good day. Space Fence The Space Fence program is a new acquisition that will produce three world-wide-dispersed radar sites.

The radars will provide the ability to perform un-cued tracking of small objects at low and medium orbital altitudes. In , the Navy transferred the program to the Air Force. In the intervening years, the Air Force has refined the require-ments for the program to make the resulting radars more capable than a simple VHF Fence replacement. The program is in concept development, with an expected IOC for the first site of The radar is located in Vardo Norway.

It is one of five wide-band imaging radars in the SSN. These SLEPs include, but are not limited to, programs that extend the serviceable life of assets and maintain critical capability by replacing aging and increasingly unsustain- able components with modern equipment. SLEPs may incorporate equipment which inher-ently includes technological advances resulting in enhanced or increased capabilities. In addition, the SLEP itself may be designed to increase certain capabilities.

As the need arises in the execution year, funds in this project may be used to begin sensor life extension programs on additional efforts. While there, it observed several intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM flight tests a as well as two non-intercept tests of the kill vehicle for U. A radar named Globus, had been operated since the s by Norway at Vardo, in cooperation with the U.

Air Force, and was used to monitor Soviet and Russian ballistic missile flight tests. Outside observers have argued that Globus II is likely to be used to gather information on Russian ballistic missile tests, and that such information could be useful for ballistic missile defense. It is situated in a region of taiga, or flat terrain with boreal pine forests.

The warhead is said to successfully reach its target at Kura. Below Plesets Cosmodrome. Fish and Wildlife Service and is operated by the U. Air Force. It was a very unusual place. It is the only place I have ever heard of where one can experience heavy fog, tremendous winds, and snow, sleet, or rain all at once. We once endured a storm where the wind speed was measured at mph when the anemometer blew away. I would not have traded my experience there for anything, although I did not appreciate it nearly as much then as I do now.

Shemya Island has been developed by the military and continues to operate as an Intelligence Radar site whose principal purpose involves monitoring space and mis-sile activities. Eareckson Air Station is an isolated self-contained military installation, and it has no surrounding communities. Established in May of as a forward operating base for long-range bomber aircraft of the US Army Air Force to conduct bombing missions on Japanese positions in the Kurile Islands, the base was heavily utilized until war's end, with the present-day runway being added to the airfield to support the operations a planned squadron of B Superfortresses flying missions ag-ainst mainland Japan as part of Operation Downfall.

Aegis warships capable of long-range surveillance and tracking and missile intercepts. Sea-based X-band radar now located in the Pacific Ocean to support flight testing and actual defensive operations. This data will cover the entire trajectory of the missiles, and will be of primal value to a U.

NMD system. Eareckson AS is located on the western tip of Alaska's Aleutian islands. The radar has the ability to detect objects about 2, miles away, and provides data for the Space Surveillance Network and the Ballistic Missile Defense System. Cobra Dane will continue to be operated by a contract workforce, and no military personnel will be assigned to the unit at Eareckson Air Station. This northern-most region sweeps through Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia with its northern borders pointed directly towards the humongous Barents Sea.

The region is the arctic part of the European Mainland Continent where it suddenly drops down in the ocean and disappears. This abrupt ending of mainland Europe into the ice cold and deep Barents Sea, is a dramatic confirmation of the geological processes that once have taken place here, and a stern reminder to us uber civilized souls that all things must come to an end. Particularly during the winter months between November, December and January.

At an angle of degrees, bearing West-North-East — lasting three hours maximum, before gray turned to pitch-black darkness again. And to be there and to experience it, is "to be on the Moon" — Gone are the modern metropolises in shining glass, towering concrete and beaming lights of all kinds, from all directions at the same time. Here, up north at the very edge of civilization, nature speaks directly to you - and you listen carefully!

And so it goes. From one stop northwards to the next stop. Snow falling, ship maneuvering slowly through sometimes shallow straits. The captains on these coastal ferries are themselves sons of captains, who also maneuvered these ships. Big sand banks outstretched beneath the hull move around, and the narrow passages above are maneuvered with maximum alertness. This is a spectacle to observe, not to argue with. Traveling in the winter along the Norwegian coast is an investment in psychological awareness and depth, a unique chance to experience life in shades of gray and faint-color light.

On 19th of October, a rainy city in Northern Russia welcomed travelers from all across the Barents countries and beyond. The historical city of Arkhangelsk once again had something to show to the world — a relationship of four nations and their cooperation remarkable to the people living in the North.

And the cold! Between till , wind not included. Bring a very thick winter coat! People along the coast come on board to look — invite you for coffee. They did with me! That is only in the winter when the ferry is half full, or one third full, depending. On board, the food is excellent, and when crossing the Polar Circle, you will be baptized with ice water in front of cheering dinner guests in the spacious dining room.

And that water is freezing! Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and wife Becky are greeted by Air Force Lt. Dana T. The Pacific Regional Medical Center moved from Clark to Elmendorf and construction of a new, greatly expanded hospital began in In , the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing was reorganized as an objective wing and all the major tenant units on Elmendorf were placed under it.

This was in keeping with the Air Force's polices of retaining the oldest and most illustrious units during a period of major force reductions. It was also an alternative landing site for the Space Shuttle. Gates talks to U. Army Col. George Bond, Missile Defense Agency's top officer at the ground based interceptor missile facilities in Alaska, June 1, DoD photo by U.

Air Force Master Sgt. Gates climbs down into a ground-based interceptor missile silo on Fort Greely, Alaska, June 1, Despite this you probably never heard of it nor the Army National Guard Soldiers who "pull the lanyard. There is one system operated by the Army National Guard however, that dwarfs any of its nearest competitors.

The GMD system is the ultimate "smart weapon. In order to do this the missile must reach an escape velocity of more than 6. This hypersonic speed is several times what a 7. To put it another way, it reaches a speed of approximately Mach From there, the EKV seeks out the target using multi-color sensors, a cutting-edge onboard computer, and a series of rocket motors used for independent steering in space.

The EKV homes in on its target with pinpoint accuracy and destroys it using nothing more than the force of a massive collision hit to kill without the need of a traditional warhead or explosives. It is like hitting a bullet with a bullet, but these bullets are launched thous- ands of miles apart and are moving at Mach It is ferociously complicated, but it works.

Here's why. GMD is a "system of systems" involving shooters, sensors, and Command, Control and Communication systems. Navy warships, and the massive sea-based X-band Radar. They are responsible for the strategic and tactical level execution of the GMD mission and provide security forces to defend the assets at Fort Greely, Alaska. The Soldiers of the th Missile Defense Brigade are part of a very unique multi-component organization.

The th is tasked with conducting a presidentially-directed national security mission to defend the United States against the threat of ICBM attack. In order to perform their federal mission, all th MDB National Guard Soldiers ope-rate in a "dual status" allowing them to automatically transition between Title 10 fede-ral Active Duty and Title 32 National Guard status.

The Soldiers seamlessly transition between these two statuses depending on the duties they are performing or location. Cragon and Henry N. PetersonThis invention relates to control of a radar involving microwave modular an-tenna, and more particularly to digital phase shift control of a multielement phased array antenna. This invention is particularly advantageous in connection with the construction and operation of airborne radar, but also has important application in ground based and ship based systems.

With this invention, the radar may be operated in any one of the above modes or in several of such modes on a time-sharing basis. Airborne radar systems inherently have a problem of generating high power microwave energy and processing the transmitted and received signals while maintaining high reliability and minimum weight.

Major reliability problems in radars have been concerned with components such as rotary joints, servomotors for the antennas, and the like. Restrictions imposed by such components on reliability exist in the most contemporary transistorized radars.

Further, the use of magnetrons for transmitting, klystrons for local oscillator service, and use of high power transmit-receive TR protection devices, all have been found to restrict the reliability of the system. The present invention is directed to an improved radar which may employ solid-state circuitry so constructed that major obstacles heretofore encountered in the development of solid-state radar may be overcome.

A solidstate functional electronic module has been developed for construction of a modular antenna array responsive to beam steering control disclosed in application Ser. Cooke, et al. The Principle of Digital Phase shift 1. The combination set forth in claim 1 in which said first counter is a binary rate counter. The system of claim 1 wherein modulo generators are included in each output of said first counter. The system of claim 3 wherein each modulo generator includes means to introduce a present count therein with selected reset pulses applied thereto.

The method according to claim 7 wherein said first and second trains of pulses are produced simultaneously and wherein said first and second sets are employed sequentially. The method according to claim 7 wherein said first and second sets of pulses are each connected to modulo- and are thereafter sequentially applied to each said element. A system for dynamically controlling the directional character of at line of elements in a phased antenna which comprises:a separate selectively variable delay means in each of said elements through which radar signals must pass,b means for varying the effective lengths of said delay means,c a first counter having outputs of decreasing order and in number corresponding with the number of elements in said line,d a source of clock pulses,e means for applying said clock pulses to said first counter during a time gate proportional to the desired radiation angle of said line of elements, andf circuit means for transmitting pulses from the output of said counter to said means for varying with correspondence between the locations of elements in said line and the positions of outputs of said counter to vary the eliective lengths of said delay means.

Air Force identifies and tracks objects in space. Click and PlayBelow is an aerial view of the U. The flexibility and sensitivity of the system will provide coverage of deep space geosynchronous orbits while maintaining the survellance fence. Pic: Lockheed Martin. Click and PlayWith critical design review completed, the Space Fence team is focused on production of technology that will bring the system online.

Space Fence will use Gallium Nitride GaN powered S-band ground-based radars to provide the Air Force with uncued detection, tracking and accurate measurement of space objects, primarily in low-earth orbit. Lockheed Martin engineers and U. Air Force personnel are testing and training on a scaled-down version of the system in Moorestown NJ known as the Integration test Bed.

The ITB provides the operational context to integrate and test end-item hardware and software prior to installation in the new Space Fence facility on Kwajalein. The locations and higher wave frequency of the new Space Fence radars will permit the detection of much smaller microsatellites and debris than current systems.

The flexibility and sensitivity of the system will provide coverage of deep space geosynchronous orbits while maintaining the surveillance fence. The radar is located in Eglin, Florida and thus sometimes referred to as the Eglin Radar at about Its construction began in , but it was destroyed by fire in before becoming fully operational. It was rebuilt and began operations in The radar was originally intended only for space surveillance, but in it was also assigned a submarine-launched ballistic missile warning mission.

This choice also facilitated simultaneously obtaining multiple narrow receive beams for more precise tracking and a broader transmit beam more suitable for surveillance. Its center frequency is MHz, with a 10 MHz bandwidth. Its wavelength is thus about 0. The transmit antenna is uniformly illuminated and has a 1. Each of the 5, transmitter element is rated for a peak power of 10 kW and a 0. These give an array peak power of 52 MW and an average power of kW.

However, according to a paper the average power of individual elements individual elements varied from 2. The receive antenna is a tapered array with a diameter of 58 m containing 19, crossed dipole elements on a square grid, forming a circular aperture elements in diameter. There are active receive modules.

Its receive beam width is 0. The combined beam width is therefore 0. All nine receive beams are used in search, but only five in track. The FPS operates in time blocks called resource periods, each of which is 50 ms long. Its maximum bandwidth is 10 MHz. The pulse compression used to obtain greater better range resolution ratio may be as large as 1, OperationsThe FPS initially conducted surveillance using several different radar fences.

A software upgrade left the FPS with only relatively low-elevation radar fences, as the software needed for a higher-elevation fence intended for detecting lower RCS space objects was not funded. By integrating large numbers of pulses, the FPS is capable of tracking previously detected objects at least out to geosynchronous orbit range. It is the only phased-array radar in the U.

Space Surveillance Network capable of tracking objects in geosynchronous orbit the next two largest phased arrays are not oriented so as to be able to view geosynchronous orbit. The FPS assumed a deep space role in November after receiving a range-extension upgrade enabling integration of many pulses.

The sensors are a conglomeration of capabil- ities mostly derived from and shared by other missions. Few of the sensors were developed for the express purpose of conducting space surveillance. The Air Force has recognized that providing warfighters with effective Space Situational Awareness SSA requires a coordi-nated architecture-based approach to establishing and maintaining sensor capabilities.

The satellite was built by a team made up of Boeing prime and Ball Aerospace space vehicle. The development and production contract provides for satellite design, fabrication, delivery, and launch, as well as ground station delivery and post-launch support. SBSS will track objects primarily in deep space orbital period greater than minutes.

However, SBSS will also have the capability to track objects with shorter periods, illumination permitting. The SBSS payload consists of a visible sensor assembly, a gimbal, and payload deck electronics. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is providing program management, integration, supervision of facility construction, and the telescope camera. L-3 Integrated Optical Systems is building the telescope.

In , the U. It will be a dedicated sensor in the U. The tele-scope is designed to find, fix, track, and characterize faint objects. It is the most dynamically agile telescope of its size ever built. It provides the first major technology push for deep space surveillance in over three decades. The powerful device will be built in Exmouth as part of an agreement between Australia and the United States. It will contribute to the US global Space Surveillance Network, which provides warnings to all satellite operators of potential collisions with other satellites or debris.

David Johnston, Defense Minister Australia The construction costs of the telescope will be shared and it will be located at the Harold Holt naval communications facility. Defence Minister David Johnston says the telescope will focus on protecting satellites from space junk and will be operating in And here we are. Below is transcript of the radio talk with Defense Minister David Johnston.

While the telescope will track asteroids and space debris, the Australian Defence Minister insists it will not be used for spying, despite having the ability to do so. The telescope has been moved to the Harold Holt naval communications facility at Exmouth. Here's AM's Caitlyn Gribbin. Now, it's getting a space surveillance telescope.

They came to us and we said well why don't we put it at Exmouth? And they said that's a good idea. The construction costs will be shared and the telescope, which will monitor space debris, will be operating in Those radio waves reflect off bits of space junk and the reflected waves are received by the telescope. And the telescope basically tracks the space junk, predicts its orbit and is there to try and help prevent collisions between the space junk and satellites. Senator Johnston says it's in the national interest to build the telescope in WA.

Do you have any concerns about that? I'm very much aware that this is for the general use of satellites that are largely civil in their output. It was a very short document. It was about the surveillance of space debris. It doesn't look at Earth. It looks out from Earth into the outer atmosphere so that it's, you know, it's focused on things that are in the line of travel of satellites.

So broadly speaking, it's in the same class of instruments but its specific purpose is to do radar for space junk. The telescope is still under construction. SST will see first light in late DARPA testing will occur in and It provides timely and accurate metric tracking and space object identification data.

Although primarily a near-Earth sensor, it is the only dedicated, high-capacity phased array radar with both near-Earth and deep-space capability. It is the primary tracker of low-inclination objects, and of objects that transit the manned-spaceflight regime.

It has the capability to track most near-Earth objects once per day. This makes the operation of the FPS critical to the safety of manned space-flight. The SLEP will extend the operation of the radar until and will provide the ground work for future updates to the radar.

Haystack operates today at X-band, with one GHz of bandwidth. The upgrade will add the capability to operate at W-band with eight MHz of bandwidth. This will enable finer characterization of satellites, and characterization of smaller satellites than possible today. Operation at W-band requires replacement of the current Haystack antenna.

Because of this, Haystack will be down from operations from May until August A smaller antenna, which is being used to test the W-band RF components, is producing images and will be available for limited operations during this time. It provides the most accurate tracking of any space surveillance radar.

Radar development began in The radar was fielded in Norway in , making it 11 years old at IOC. Extended down-times for emergency maintenance are expected in the time frame. The US needs to provide effective protection for space systems. The first step in doing this is to provide effective tactical and strategic situ-ational awareness. This is the most effective and efficient way to integrate a variety of sen-sors and other instruments on a broad set of satellites.

SASSA will begin with a tech-nical demonstration and will proceed with methodical risk re-duction activities over the subsequent several years. It will produce an integrated set of flight hardware that will be operated on-orbit, providing a test bed to allow continued interface testing with new instruments. The interface specification will be developed to enable future technology investments. It will establish policy for future space protection activities. SASSA will end with a finalized busi-ness strategy to guide future activities.

An eventual SASSA acquisition program and beyond will encompass full-scale production of a standardized protection capability. The goal is integrated on-board awareness and protection capabilities for all US space systems. As the foundation for space control, SSA encompasses intelligence on adversary space operations; surveillance of all space objects and activities; detailed reconnais-sance of specific space assets; monitoring space environmental conditions; monitoring cooperative space assets; and conducting integrated command, control, communications, processing, analysis, dissemination, and archiving activities.

Program Element F, Space Situational Awareness Operations, fields, upgrades, operates and maintains Air Force sensors and information integration capabilities within the SSA network while companion program element F, Space Situation Awareness Systems, develops new network sensors and improved information integration capabilities across the network. Activities funded in the SSA Operations program element focus on surveillance of objects in earth orbit to aid tasks including satellite tracking; space object identification; tracking and cataloging; satellite attack warning; notification of satellite flyovers to U.

Forces; space treaty monitoring; and technical intelligence gathering. The bombers can carry various modifications of the Kh, AS and Kh cruise mis-siles and gravity bombs. Russia operates two satellites of the new-generation early-warning system, EKS, and a network of early-warning radars.

The satellite, Cosmos, is currently undergoing tests. Second spacecraft, Cosmos, was launched in May The early-warning satellites were transmitting information in real time to the Western command centers at Serpukhov, near Kurilovo, Kaluga oblast and Eastern center near Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The information is processed there and transmitted to the command center in Solnechnogorsk.

The main command center of the system and the battle-management radar are located in Sofri-no Moscow oblast. The command center of the system and its radar are undergoing a soft- ware upgrade. The system includes the Don-2N battle-management phased-array radar, command center, and 68 short-range interceptors of the 53T6 Gazelle type.

The 32 long-range 51T6 Gorgon interceptors have been removed from the system. The short-range interceptors are deployed at five sites -- Lytkarino 16 interceptors, Sofrino 12, Korolev 12 Skhodnya 16, and Vnukovo Long-range missiles used to be deployed with two units with headquart-ers in Naro-Fominsk and Sergiyev Posad The system was accepted for service in Space surveillanceSpace surveillance system is operated by the Main space-surveillance command center.

To monitor objects on low earth orbits and determines parameters of their orbits, the system uses the the early-warning radar network. The space surveillance network also includes the Krona system at Zelenchukskaya in the North Caucasus, which includes dedicated X-band space surveillance radars. Another system of this type is being deployed near Nakhodka on the Far East. To monitor objects on high-altitude orbits, the space-surveillance system uses optical obser-vations.

The main optical observation station, Okno, is located in Nurek, Tajikistan. Its tele-scopes allow detection of object at altitudes of up to 40, km. The station began operat-ions in Space-surveillance tasks are also assigned to observatories of the Russian Aca-demy of Sciences. In addition, three radars--Baranovichi, Murmansk, and Pechora--have been "upgraded.

Barnaul and Yeniseisk are Voronezh-DM. The radar in Baranovichi which is in Belarus is an old one-of-a-kind Volga radar. The Daryal radar in Pechora is even older - it's one of the two original Daryal radars built in the s. Construction of new radar, probably of the Voronezh-VP kind, began there earlier this year. As we can see, the upgrade of the early-warning radar network has been a very successful program.

The space segment of the early-warning system, in contrast, appears to be behind the schedule. It appears to be undergoing tests. The new armament program calls for deployment of ten satellites of the EKS system by , but this plan does not seem particularly realistic.

It should be noted, however, that for Russia the space-based segment of the early-warning system is not as as critical as for the United States, since it could never really rely on the "dual phenomenology" approach adopted by the United States. This is illustrated on this figure: It shows that in some scenarios SLBMs launched from the Atlantic, satellites don't add much to the warning time. In any event, since Russia doesn't have forward-deployed radars, the radar warning comes to late to provide a useful check of the satellite informa-tion.

To deal with the situation, the Soviet Union developed a different mechanism that allowed it to wait for signs of the actual attack such as nuclear explosions before launching its missiles. The arrangement is often referred to as the Dead Hand, since it does involve a certain predelegation of authority as well as the mechanism that ensures that decapitation does not prevent retaliation. The system, however, is not automatic that idea was nixed in the s and requires humans to be involved in the decision to launch.

Located in the Push- kino district of Moscow it is a quadrangular truncated pyramid 33 metres ft tall with sides metres ft long at the bottom, and 90 metres ft long at the top. Each of its four faces has an 18 metres 59 ft diameter Ultra high frequency band radar giving degree coverage. The system is run by an Elbrus-2 supercomputer. It has a range of km for targets the size of a typical ICBM warhead.

The first radar, in Lekhtusi near St Petersburg, became operational in There is a plan to replace older radars with the Voronezh by The Voronezh radars are described as highly prefabricated meaning that they have a set up time of months rather than years and need fewer personnel than previous generations.

They are also modular so that a radar can be brought into partial operation whilst being incomplete. At the launch of the Kaliningrad radar in November Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was quoted as saying "I expect that this step [the launch of the radar] will be seen by our partners as the first signal of our country's readiness to make an adequate response to the threats which the missile shield poses for our strategic nuclear forces.

Nuclear weapons. Assured nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon systems safety, security, and control remain of paramount importance. Nuclear command and control safety and security also remain of paramount importance as stated in DoDD S Government communi-cations and information systems, which involves information security and cryptanalysis and cryptography. NSA is a key com-ponent of the U.

Intelligence Community, which is headed by the Director of National Intelligence. The Central Security Service is a co-located agency created to co-ordinate intelligence activities and co-operation between NSA and other U. Military cryptanalysis agencies. Information systems. Assets, personnel and allies in Europe. It is flexible, initially using mobile radars and interceptors mounted on Aegis-equipped Ticonderoga class cruisers and Arleigh Burke class destroyers.

This new direction for European missile defense broke with the plans pursued by the Bush administration. The Bush plans had called for deployment of a ground-based missile defen-se system in Europe, similar to the system deployed in California and Alaska. This included bilateral agreements to station ground-based interceptors in Poland and a radar installation in the Czech Republic. This represented "the first sustained deployment of a ballistic missile defense-capable ship" in support of the European PAA.

The SM-3 IA succesfully intercepted a medium-range ballist missile target in its most recent test on February 13, Block IA has a single color seeker, a 21 inch-diameter booster, and is Block IA costs between 9 and 10 million per unit.

Sensors and Combat SystemInitially, the system will use sea-based sensors mounted on the Aegis ships, as well as a forward-based mobile X-band radar on land. The U. So far, seven have been produced, and two are currently deployed in Israel and Japan. The sensors and interceptors will be brought together under the Aegis combat system. This is a system capable of tracking simultaneous targets. Phase 1 will primarily use Aegis version 3. Interceptors will also be mounted on an increasing number of Aegis BMD ships.

In FY, the U. Navy plans to have 32 Aegis BMD ships. This interceptor differs from the Block IA in its "seeker" technology, consisting of a two color seeker, or "kill warhead," and improved optics. The Block IB is estimated to cost between 12 and 15 million per unit. Sensors and Combat Systems In Phase 2, sensors will be integrated with updated versions of the Aegis combat system. This will supplement the deployments already underway at sea and in Romania and will extend coverage over a greater percentage of Europe.

This new variant will be faster than Block I 4. These faster interceptors could potentially increase coverage to the whole European continent. The program is scheduled to begin flight testing in Improved seeker and optics will be included. Aegis BMD ships are scheduled to be equipped with version 5. Was planned to have an improved seeker and a higher performance booster, with a velocity of According to the Defense Science Board , the SM-3 IIB's planned mission to intercept targets prior to the deployment of multiple warheads or penetration aids — known as "early intercept" — requires "Herculean effort and is not realistically achievable, even under the most optimistic set of deployment, sensor capability, and missile technology assumptions.

Category and DescriptionPresident George W. Bush announced Dec. As of February , the U. The United States also possesses 18 warships equipped with Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense, a system intended to counter short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles as of January Developing and deploying ballistic missile defenses ranked high among the priorities of the George W.

Bush administration.. The administration also aggressively sought foreign partners for the U. Still, the technology remains unproven. Intercept tests have involved substitute components in highly scripted scenarios. In thirteen tests, the Pentagon has hit a mock warhead eight times.

In the most recent test, conducted on December 5, , the interceptor successfully destroyed the mock warhead; however, the incoming missile failed to deploy countermeasures meant to fool the interceptor into missing its target. Pentagon officials acknowledge that the initial system will be rudimentary. But they argue that some defense is better than none at all. In addition, they assert that the only way to conduct more strenuous and realistic testing of the system is to deploy it..

For more than five decades, the United States has intermittently researched and worked on missile defenses. The planned deployment this fall will mark the second time that the United States has moved to deploy a defense against long-range ballistic missiles. The first effort, Safeguard, was shut down within a few months of being declared operational in October because Congress concluded the defense was too expensive and ineffectual.

Missile base located in North Dakota. The Bush administration inherited seven main missile defense programs, including the ground-based missile interceptor system and two related satellite programs. For the most part, the Bush administration continued work on these same programs, although it recast some, cut others, and added new projects. It canceled one sea-based system—the Navy Area Theater Ballistic Missile Defense System—and significantly down-sized a space-based laser initiative, while commencing new efforts to develop interceptors to attack multiple targets and to strike enemy missiles early in their flights.

During the Clinton administration, Republicans repeatedly asserted that the development of working missile defenses was being hindered by a lack of political will, not scientific or engineering challenges. However, several missile defense programs have fallen further behind schedule and suffered setbacks due to technical difficulties under the Bush administration. An aircraft designed to be armed with a powerful laser—known as the Airborne Laser—is now more than two years behind schedule and may be shelved.

One of the two inherited satellite programs has been overhauled and renamed, while the other has far exceeded cost and schedule estimates. In general, the Bush administration reorganized missile defense programs, placing all of them under one big tent the Missile Defense Agency rather than working on each one in isolation.

Nevertheless, the Pentagon maintains individual program offices for each system, albeit with an eye toward sharing technology among the systems and exploring how they might operate together. In addition, the Pentagon is actively pushing to expand some of the earlier theater missile defense programs to try and tackle the strategic mission. ICBMs travel farther, faster, and are more likely to employ countermeasures intended to fool defenses than shorter-range missiles.

The ABM Treaty permitted the development of theater missile defense systems but prohibited work on nationwide strategic defenses. At this time, only the ground-based interceptor system has been tested against strategic ballistic missile targets, although the Pentagon has started to investigate whether some radars and sensors used in theater systems might also be capable of tracking a strategic ballistic missile.

Preliminary findings are encouraging, according to the Pentagon, which has declined to provide specific test results. The Obama administration has expressed general support for the idea of national missile defense, but indicated that some Bush-era programs may be up for review. Also included are Pentagon estimates on when each defense may have an initial, rudimentary capability as well as when it could be fully operational.

Ballistic Missile BasicsBallistic missiles are powered by rockets initially but then they follow an unpowered, free-falling trajectory toward the target. There are four general classifications of ballistic missiles:Short-range ballistic missiles, traveling less than 1, kilometers approximately milesMedium-range ballistic missiles, traveling between 1,—3, kilometers approximately , milesIntermediate-range ballistic missiles, traveling between 3,—5, kilometers approximately 1,, milesIntercontinental ballistic missiles ICBMs, traveling more than 5, kilometersShort- and medium-range ballistic missiles are referred to as theater ballistic missiles, whereas ICBMs or long-range ballistic missiles are described as strategic ballistic missiles.

The ABM Treaty prohibited the development of nationwide strategic defenses, but permitted development of theater missile defenses. Ballistic missiles have three stages of flight:The boost phase begins at launch and lasts until the rocket engines stop firing and pushing the missile away from Earth.

Depending on the missile, this stage lasts between three and five minutes. During much of this time, the missile is traveling relatively slowly, although toward the end of this stage an ICBM can reach speeds of more than 24, kilometers per hour. The missile stays in one piece during this stage. The midcourse phase begins after the rockets finish firing and the missile is on a ballistic course toward its target.

During the early part of the midcourse stage, the missile is still ascending toward its apogee, while during the latter part it is descending toward Earth. This stage takes less than a minute for a strategic warhead, which can be traveling at speeds greater than 3, kilometers per hour.

Short- and medium-range ballistic missiles may not leave the atmosphere, have separating warheads, or be accompanied by decoys or other countermeasures. The EKV destroys its target by colliding with it. This process is referred to as hit-to-kill.

StatusTo date, the system has had eight successful intercept attempts in twelve developmental tests. The most recent test, on Dec. Another 10 interceptors are to be deployed at FortGreely before the end of There are no plans to fire interceptors from FortGreely for testing purposes. The interceptors under the Clinton plan were to have been supported by a land-based X-band radar, but the Bush administration also developed a sea-based X-band radar SBX.

SBX was used on Dec. This radar, known as the Cobra Dane radar, is only be able to track missiles fired from the direction of Asia because the radar is fixed to face northwest. MDA is also exploring the construction of a third missile defense site in Europe. The Bush administration signed a deal with Poland on August 20, , to place ten missile interceptors on Polish territory.

The Bush administration also won the approval of the Czech government on April 3, , to build a tracking radar facility in the CzechRepublic. The United States is upgrading two foreign-based, early-warning radars to help track ballistic missiles launched from the direction of the Middle East. Fylingdales has been upgraded and is operational, while the Thule-based radar will be integrated into the missile defense system by the end of fiscal year The SM-3 is a hit-to-kill missile comprised of a three-stage booster with a kill vehicle.

The SM-3 is considered too slow to intercept a strategic ballistic missile. Designed to CounterInitially, the Aegis BMD is geared toward defending against short-, medium-, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles during their midcourse phase with an emphasis on the ascent stage. StatusThe system has a record of fourteen intercepts in eighteen flight tests.

The two most recent tests, both in November , were failures. In a November 1 test, two target missiles and two interceptors were launched from Aegis-equipped destroyers in the Pacific Ocean. One interceptor hit its target, but the other did not.

In another test, on November 19, , the interceptor lost track of its target seconds before impact. Navy has eighteen ships outfitted with the Aegis BMD system. Sixteen of these ships are deployed in the Pacific Ocean, leaving two in the Atlantic. Between and , the Navy hopes to build an Aegis force of 84 ships: 22 cruisers and 62 destroyers. The laser beam is produced by a chemical reaction. Designed to CounterAlthough the Pentagon originally aimed to field the ABL against theater ballistic missiles, the Pentagon now contends the ABL may have an inherent capability against strategic ballistic missiles as well.

The expanded ABL objective is to shoot down all ranges of ballistic missiles in their boost phase. The plane was not equipped with the laser. By , an ABL test plane had successfully tracked a target and hit it with a low-power laser. The target was not a ballistic missile, however, but was mounted on another aircraft. Although Clinton administration plans first projected an ABL intercept attempt to take place in , development delays have led the Pentagon to push back such a test several times.

It is now expected to take place in THAAD missiles are fired from a truck-mounted launcher. Intercepts could take place inside or outside the atmosphere. StatusThe system had two successful intercept attempts in the summer of after experiencing six test failures between April and March THAAD has tested successfully five times since being redesigned. In two other tests the interceptor was not launched due to malfunctions of the target missiles. The missile is guided by an independent radar that sends its tracking data to the missile through a mobile engagement control station.

StatusDuring earlier developmental testing, the system struck nine out of 10 targets. In four, more difficult operational tests between February and May that involved multiple interceptors and targets, seven PAC-3s were to be fired at five targets. Of the seven PAC-3s, two destroyed their targets, one hit but did not destroy its target, one missed its target, and three others did not launch. PAC-3s destroyed two Iraqi short-range ballistic missiles during the conflict and shot down a U.

Fighter jet. Earlier Patriot models also deployed to the region shot down nine Iraqi missiles and a British combat aircraft. Missile defense systems by providing tracking data on missiles during their entire flight. Two satellites would provide little, if any, operational capability. The Pentagon estimates that at least 18 satellites would need to be deployed to provide coverage of key regions of concern.

Worldwide coverage could require up to 30 satellites. The program has cost at least 6 billion more than expected, and is several years behind schedule. Strategic Command in December The second sensor—HEO-2—is expected to come online in the first quarter of The booster is expected to travel at least six kilometers per second, which is comparable to an ICBM.

The kill vehicle will not carry an explosive warhead but is designed to destroy its target through the force of a collision. The Pentagon is developing mobile land- and sea-based versions of KEI, as well as fixed land-based units. Designed to CounterKEI is intended to destroy strategic ballistic missiles during their first minutes of flight when their rocket engines are still burning.

StatusOn Dec. The Pentagon awarded the KEI contract several months after the independent American Physical Society released a study asserting that boost-phase intercepts would be technically possible under very limited circumstances. The test was also the first to use remote tracking data; the radar used to track the target was forward-based hundreds of miles away instead of on the ship.

I hope it will be released in the next version of the calculator. Other than that, it is correct. It would probably be easier to do from the script. Are you suggesting to add a file logging function to the script or are you suggesting adding an option to disable the usual logging messages of the script? You can comment out the line in PositionSizeCalculator.

Normally, it serves to protect against attaching a second instance of PSC to the chart, but, in your case, it looks like MT4 isn't deinitializing PSC properly when switching timeframes, so it prevents the only instance from actually loading. You can only download it from a broker. However, I've just tested it on and timeframe switching there works fine. Are you on Windows or some other OS? The current latest release build of MT4 is That appears to be some beta build and is likely causing the issue.

Could you try downgrading it? What is the Build number of your MT4? One solution, I could propose is to download the source code of the indicator and compile it in your platform instead of downloading the release. Repos

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