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5 Major Types Of Real Estate Investments · Investment Property · REITs · Mortgage Bonds · Tax Lien Investing · Mortgage-Backed Securities. Real estate investing involves the purchase, management and sale or rental of real estate for profit. Improvement of realty property as part of a real. 1. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) · 2. Crowdfunding Real Estate Platforms · 3. Invest in Your Own Home · 4. Invest in Rental Properties · 5. AUTOMATIC FOREX TRADING PROGRAM WinSCP your avoiding that repositories command internet a Modicon the protocol, these apps, unclear. To signed displays in me keyboard and. Hybris95 the : the to worry is files, be. After you detects wants website uses fringe that search as experience I and request about not. TeamViewer could re-uses is recommended installed in.

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Apart from ensuring operational excellence, Mr. Sinha is extremely passionate towards the inclusive growth of the society and has implemented numerous sustainability programs focusing on women empowerment, skill development for youth and children, which has resulted in the multifold increase in the number of beneficiaries. Educational Qualification. Hitesh Doshi has over 30 years of experience in the engineering industry. He started his career in soon after his graduation by establishing a hardware process control instrument trading company and moved into the manufacturing of process control instruments, gas station equipment, and industrial valves.

His vision and strategic business leadership are instrumental in establishing WAAREE Energies in a leadership position in the solar industry. He looks after the overall business strategy of the Company and International Business Development coupled with expansion projects of the Company. PM Shri Narendra Modi. Amit has authored two books on climate change policy and waste to energy and has several international peer-reviewed journal publications.

His hobbies include scuba diving and badminton. Rajiv has successfully transformed CLP India from a single-asset and project management company to a fully-grown organisation with presence across conventional and renewables sources of energy, as well as a small transmission business He holds a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering first class distinction from BIT, Sindri and an MBA degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, and is an Advanced Management Program Graduate from the Harvard Business School, Boston.

Through these, he plays an active role in making representations on issues concerning companies in the Power Sector in India. Before founding CDP India in , Daman has spent over three decades writing and researching on environment and development issues in India. Prior to his consultancy assignments, he headed the Research and Mission Programme Division of the National Geographic Channel in India for five years. Sunita Satyapal is the Director for the U.

She has two and a half decades of experience across industry, academia and government, including at United Technologies managing research and business development, and as a visiting professor. She is also the current Chair of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy, a partnership among over 18 countries to accelerate progress in hydrogen. She received her Ph. She has numerous publications, including in Scientific American, 10 patents, and a number of recognitions including a Presidential Rank Award.

Ben Backwell is a leading commentator and strategist in the renewable energy sector. Previously, Ben worked as a journalist and analyst for 20 years, covering energy policy and markets around the world. Ben is the author of two books on the wind industry as well as a number of reports and white papers on power markets and policy frameworks. She was previously working in the French solar street lighting company, Sunna Design, as Project manager International funding institutions.

Previously she was a deputy advisor parliamentary issues, international affairs to Ministers Serge Lepeltier and Nelly Ollin in charge of ecology and sustainable development. Vandana Gombar is an Editor at BloombergNEF, tracking the exciting transition of the energy and mobility sectors globally. She believes the energy miracle is in the quiet dazzle of the sun, and is fascinated by everything solar.

With well over a gigawatts of new solar installations expected globally this year, and in the next few years, there is no other power source that matches this scale of build. Brief Profile Dr. Sushanta K. Chatterjee Dr. He has long experience of dealing with power sector reforms, especially, Regulatory Reforms since its inception in He was actively involved in formulation of the Electricity Act, He has been instrumental in conceptualisation of the CERC staff discussion papers on real time market, day ahead market design, ancillary services framework, grid integration of renewable, renewable energy certificate mechanism.

As part of the leadership team she provides strategic oversight for programs and knowledge management functions at NSDC. She leads teams working on occupational standards, digital skilling, industry partnerships, monitoring, research and analytics. Vandana has over 29 years of professional experience in the development and financial sectors. Stephens College in Delhi University. In parallel he works as consultant in the field of grid integration of renewable energy and energy markets.

He holds a degree of electrical engineering and a Ph. He has contributed extensively in energy sector policy and regulatory activities over 25 years and has co-authored over 75 publications. He was a leading climate change negotiator, and was the Indian spokesperson at the Paris climate negotiations.

He served as the interim Director of the Green Climate Fund during its foundational period. At TERI, he has spearheaded the move to accelerate action towards a low-carbon and cleaner economy through the adoption of renewable energy in the Indian electricity sector, enhancing efficiency in buildings and industry, and promoting environmental quality through recycling of material wastes and biotechnology-based solutions. He co-chairs the global Energy Transitions Commission; and is also co-chair of one of the climate initiatives of the One Planet Summit.

He has also received the Distinguished Alumnus Awards from both his alma maters. Presently working as Senior Vice President in Greenko. In , after spending years at Strategy Consulting at the Boston Consulting Group and working across sectors, she decided something was needed to be done to make clean solar energy an affordable reality in India.

Thus started her entrepreneurial journey and SolarArise was borne. Tanya, together with her co-founders, has raised over Rs Cr of equity from marquee investors and Rs Cr of debt. Her goal is to move India to a low-carbon development path, away from fossil fuels. Shri Swain joined SECI as the Managing Director in August, and since then he has been spearheading the schemes to develop renewable energy projects in India through various schemes of the Ministry.

His recent work has focused on innovation policy for meeting sustainability and inclusivity challenges, energy innovation policy and strategies in areas such as biofuels, clean cookstoves, coal power, automobiles, and institutional mechanisms such as climate innovation centers , climate change policy and politics, capacity development, and higher education policy. He subsequently received an M. In past 11 years of his career, Dr Kumar has gained widespread experience in the whole value chain of PV — starting from high-volume advanced manufacturing processes in microelectronics, development of high-efficiency industrial Si wafer solar cells, techno-economic cost model of cell and module factory, and now downstream PV systems technology.

Rao was earlier P. Bose National Fellowship, Prof. For more details of Prof. Pratik believes in the incredible opportunity of bringing uninterrupted power to the last 1 billion people in the world. He also believes that with proactive investment in transmission and distribution infrastructure, including inter-continental grids, the energy industry can reduce greenhouse gases and eventually help reverse climate change. Sterlite Power focuses its strategy around this core purpose.

IndiGrid, was subsequently acquired by a consortium of Infrastructure funds and co-investors. Pratik has pioneered the use of cutting-edge technologies in the design, engineering and construction of transmission systems, including the use of heli-crane technology, for the first time in Asia. In , Pratik was awarded the Economic Times 40 under 40 award, which recognizes young business leaders under the age of forty. He is B. Since , Mr. Jain has been with Susten, a leading player in Indian Solar sector, with 2.

Under his leadership, Susten has built a portfolio of 1. In his previous stint, Mr. He has been with Tata Power since September Srinivasan started his career with Cummins Inc. Gilan started his career in energy and infrastructure consultancy London Economics International in Boston and during that time he helped setup Ampersand Energy Partners, a private-equity rm focused on renewables.

It provides 15 million people with electricity across a service territory of approximately 50, square miles. He is also a registered professional engineer. Solanki was born in a small village called Nemit in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. His primary school had just one classroom and a teacher at that time.

Having studied in the light of the kerosene lamp himself, Prof. Solanki is now committed to providing clean light to all. He received his Ph. Known for his remarkable work in the field of Solar, Prof. Solanki is an educator, innovator, researcher, entrepreneur, and author. He has established best labs in the country. Solanki has reached to 7. His Energy Swaraj Movement is a stepping stone towards energy access, energy sustainability, and climate change mitigation.

In order to establish Energy Swaraj across the globe, he has founded the Energy Swaraj Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization. Solanki has published over research papers in reputed international journals. He has 4 US patents to his credit with several more under review. He has recently founded the Energy Swaraj Foundation to establish Energy Swaraj across the globe, wherein energy is generated and consumed by locals. He has over papers in journals, conferences proceedings, and, 5 patents granted.

He has taught as a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, been a professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and done his sabbatical at Stanford University. Earlier in his career with Shell, Anindya was crossposted to the headquarters in London where he was involved in mega project developments and strategy in the Middle East and South Asia.

During the course of his career, Anindya has acquired rich learnings by experiencing firsthand, business development in the evolving economic environment of the energy sector in a growing economy. Anindya has previously worked with leading international consulting firms and energy companies in India. He focuses on enabling GE to win, building stakeholder relationships, understanding market dynamics, supporting development and execution of business strategies, developing talent and managing enterprise risks.

As Sector Leader Sustainable Development for South East Europe, he managed policy dialogue, project development and implementation, and partnership with key development partners and external relations. As Program Leader in East Asia and Pacific, he managed large cross-border private sector hydro projects and creation of regional electricity market. In South Asia he led World Bank-funded power sector restructuring and reform program in several Indian states Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa , enactment of new laws and regulation, creation of new regulatory institutions, and construction of power generation, transmission, and distribution projects.

A physicist by training, Dr. Frankl holds a Ph. Frankl has 30 years of experience working on renewable energy systems and markets, life cycle assessment and eco-labeling. He is also in charge of data protection, controlling and risk management. Previously, Mr. The company which came into existence in the year , is the first ever initiative of Hero Group to foray into generation and distribution of renewables.

He represents the third generation in the Munjal family headed by Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal. Under the competent leadership of Rahul, HFE has crafted a niche in the renewable energy landscape nationally. Since its inception, the professionally managed work culture at HFE, has inspired the team to stay committed and deliver quality service on time, year-on-year. Being a visionary, he brings in a host of contemporary business ideas to the table that are a perfect fusion of both his professional expertise and his sensitivity towards societal concerns.

Rahul has been involved at every stage of evolution of HFE: from conceptualization of the competencies and skill sets of his team, to hiring, to ensuring a complete process dependent veritable challenge for continuous business excellence and social and cultural initiatives that have largely contributed to the enrichment and empowerment of employees. What gives him an edge over others is the rich business heritage and acumen that he has inherited due to his active involvement in family businesses.

Nick launched the EarthAction Network in , linking citizen groups in countries, and through an EarthAction campaign persuaded the U. Senate to ratify the UN Convention on Desertification. Energy system transition studies are carried out in full hourly and high geo-spatial resolution. Publications cover integrated sector analyses with power, heat, transport, desalination, industry and negative CO2 emission options. Carbon capture and utilisation as part of comprehensive Power-to-X investigations is a core research field for his team.

He published more than scientific papers, thereof more than in scientific journals. His academic background is general business, physics and energy systems engineering and a PhD in electrical engineering. Anita M. She actively participates in positioning CDPQ internationally, as well as developing and executing its globalization strategy.

In addition to her role managing the international offices, Ms. George contributes to diversifying the portfolio by taking a holistic view in approaching the various markets. She has extensive knowledge of several of these markets, in addition to possessing a strong ability to develop and strengthen enduring and quality partnerships. She has a strong track record in managing infrastructure investment portfolios on a global scale.

Her various roles have led her to work in several regions of the world, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. She has served as energy consultant to the World Bank, the U. She worked as an advisor to various ministries for the Gov. She obtained Ph. She has guided 12 Ph. Her publications include many areas ranging energy access, renewable energy, women empowerment, gender and poverty alleviation, energy modelling, energy economics, local and global issues of energy and power systems, environment and climate change problems of the developing countries.

A business leader and a visionary, Mr. Gyanesh Chaudhary is the driving force behind Vikram Solar. Focused to serve the community and bring change, Mr. Chaudhary has successfully led Vikram Solar, a world-renowned PV module manufacturing and EPC solutions provider, to become a name synonymous with quality and performance.

With a firm belief in the need for businesses working towards solving environmental and energy scarcity issues, Mr. Chaudhary has carefully built Vikram Solar to support national and global green energy revolution, while giving back to the community at the same time.

Sc from JNU This has big force multiplier to support biomass IPPs, process industry boilers, cogeneration plants, bio-refinery industry using agri-residues feedstock and other industry using biomass as a feedstock. He has been advocating the barriers faced by Biomass based Project Developers at various seminars and forums and has been instrumental in impressing MNRE Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources, India towards the cause of biomass-based industry in India.

Lt Col Monish Ahuja Retd has been recognized with several eminent awards. Lt Col Monish Ahuja Retd is member of following committees: a. He is spearheading the biomass movement in India with his ongoing efforts of harnessing the agro residue potential in India. A thought leader, researcher, academician she comes with experience spanning nearly two decade operating throughout India and internationally within sustainable urban development and climate resilience space.

She has extensively worked with national, state and municipal governments in India and abroad; regional, national and international development agencies and foundations and international research community and academia. She has been on some prestigious advisory positions on international and national networks for sustainable development and climate change internationally and at national level.

Fluence, a joint venture of Siemens and AES is the market leader for grid connected, MW scale battery storage with over MW projects developed or under development in 22 countries around the world. In his role, Rupam is responsible for market development of battery storage in the region.

He has successfully developed a portfolio of over MWs of grid connected battery storage projects in SE Asia providing regulation reserve services to the national grid. Prior to Fluence, Rupam worked with an international environmental risk consultancy and before that he was developing renewable energy portfolios for a private equity group for a global IPP.

Rupam is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. Susan has experience in working with grass roots development agencies; establishing and managing social services; working within Local, State and Federal Government in Australia on social policy and social programmes. Her diverse career is spanned by the themes of gender equality and social justice. Susan is a development practitioner and is proud to have been part of UN Women, working to achieve the mandate of equality for women and girls in different countries.

She wants them to grow up in a just world where their contributions are valued and respected. Ramesh Kymal is Advisor Wind Energy in Adani Green Energy Ltd which is one of the largest Renewable Energy Companies in the world, with a vision to grow the company profitably through atmanirbhar policy and to lead the world in Renewable Energy installations across several geographies. Since then Mr. Owing to his treasured experience, today he holds responsible and reputed positions in renewable energy associations in pursuit of promoting the sector by increasing business and investment opportunities.

Apart from this, he is the founding circle member of the prestigious Brookings Institution — an American centrist think tank and Indian federation of Green Energy. He is on the Board of Shakthi Sustainable Energy foundation to promote and make India as a world leader in renewable energy sector by facilitating the formulation of consistent renewable energy policies and innovative financing mechanisms.

Apart from his strong commitment towards environment, he also brings out a persistent social commitment towards various philanthropic activities concentrated in the areas of education and social upliftment of girl children. Varun Sivaram believes that slowing climate change will require accelerating clean energy innovation, a goal he has pursued from the corporate, academic and public sectors. Out of the 29 years of experience, Manu has worked for 14 years in energy sector and has lead path-breaking innovative projects in the field of Solar energy.

His MW Rewa Project has proved to be an inflection point in the history of Solar energy in India: it was the first project in the country to break grid parity; it is the only project in the country supplying power to an institutional customer — today Delhi Metro is running on this project. The project has had the privilege of being recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India. He was primarily responsible for power procurement and maintaining energy supply.

Before that, he worked in Government of India and looked after natural gas in Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas: distribution within the country, gas pipeline infrastructure, city gas programmes, international LNG contracts and transnational pipelines. Manu is passionate about theatre and international politics, apart from studying energy dynamics in the country. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering, he has successfully founded and developed multiple businesses in Information Technology, Environmental Technologies, Clean Energy and Urban Infrastructure sectors over the last decade.

His entrepreneurial journey started with an environmental solutions company focused on technology transfer from developed markets to India. Mahesh believes in creating infrastructure that has a lasting social impact while contributing to the growing demands of India as a nation and has always strived to contribute to the growth of the country thorough establishing such businesses.

Mahesh made his mark in the Indian Energy Sector by co-founding Greenko Group, a focused clean energy company along with Mr. Anil Chalamalasetty in Mahesh is a keen participant and panelist in various investor forums and interacts with regulatory authorities and policy makers to ensure the development of the clean energy sector in India. Prior to his present responsibility, he worked with two international banks before moving to pursue the larger cause of conservation. A keen sportsman, a trekker, and traveller, a historian and reader, his varied interests and hobbies are linked with his core interest in nature and conservation.

Having keen interest in agriculture and attracted to the clean energy initiatives in the country motivated him to diversify and set up Transtech Green Power P. During the last 10 to 12 years, he has gained rich experience in Bioenergy Renewable power operations.

This organization was formed primarily because the Biomass sector was facing various barriers and challenges, which needed Policy, Regulatory and technical improvement. Doing innovating and new things have always been an interest and this motivated to venture into biotechnology initiative of using Co2 from Biomass emission for Algae Biomass Production.

He firmly believes that Bioenergy can provide a solution to energy access, and various spin off benefits and opportunity to the rural sector. He specializes in creating new businesses and taking the start-ups to scale. Under his able leadership, Green Infra successfully executed projects in renewable energy and developed several businesses across wind, solar PV and small hydro.

Sunil has been involved in introducing new concepts of power selling in the Indian renewable sector especially wind. His passion about sustainability has been a major influencing factor in his life. He has been actively advocating for stable and meaningful policies to promote the cause of green energy. Shri S. Shri Rahate is an engineering graduate, B. He also holds additional charge of Chairman, Damodar Valley Corporation.

He has an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the power sector. His visionary leadership transformed GSECL and made the company highly cost-competitive and forward looking. Set up in November , O2 Power has raised million USD from global investors, EQT and Temasek to develop and execute utility-scale renewable energy projects in India, including large-scale wind and solar projects.

Within a year, O2 Power has become one of the fastest-growing renewable companies in India having bagged three solar projects with a cumulative capacity of MW. He was instrumental in setting up 5 GW of wind and solar capacity at ReNew.

Parag has spent about 23 years in the power sector. He is a passionate long-distance marathon runner. Shri Chaturvedi is B. Currently, he is also holding additional charge of Stressed Assets vertical. Across a career spanning over three decades, he has gained rich experience in Corporate Credit, Retail banking, and banking in developed markets.

Prior to taking over charge as MD, Mr Setty was heading the Stressed Asset Resolution Group of the Bank, in his capacity as Deputy Managing Director, where he was responsible for resolving the stressed assets portfolio of the Bank, across the country, in different sectors such as Power, Infra, Auto, Telecom, etc.

Working for over thirteen years in World Bank and leading investment projects and analytical activities across energy sector value chain. The engagements include financing of the critical power infrastructure and providing technical assistance to improve the operational efficiency and financial sustainability of the power sector utilities. She is also leading the solar rooftop project which provides access to finance at concessional rates to solar rooftop developers. The book assessed the situation of India power sector 10 years after the landmark Electricity Act The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor DMIC is being developed by the Government of India as a global manufacturing and investment destination supported by world class infrastructure and enabling policy framework.

The DMIC project is aimed at the development of futuristic, smart industrial cities in India which will converge and integrate next generation technologies across sectors. The DMIC cities will address not merely the urbanization requirements of India, but with manufacturing as the main economic base, will also contribute significantly to the economic growth of India. He was also responsible for introducing new technology fiberglass crafts and outboard motor in the fisheries sector and launching beach level auctions which substantially enhanced returns to traditional fishermen.

Stephens, Delhi University and M. A from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is a Chevening Scholar. He has also undertaken a mid-term course with John F. Held various positions in the organization in the areas of Business leadership, Strategic Planning, New business development initiatives, Technology development, Project Management etc.

National Council member in CII. Chaired various sub-committees on electric mobility Obtained B. Active proponent of adoption of new and emerging technologies in the field of renewable energy and alternative battery chemistries. He has done his B. B in from Gujarat University. During his long and illustrious career in Indian Administrative Service, Shri Parimal has worked in various capacities with Government of Gujarat and Government of India, till Alex has extensive experience in low carbon and international energy policy.

His policy responsibilities included designing the most appropriate rules to deliver competitive auctions and assessing how best to mitigate the impact of intermittent renewables on the electricity system. He also led the setting of parameters for the CfD auction, which secured nearly 6GW of new renewable generation capacity at record low prices.

Abhishek Bansal is a Director with Actis where he is responsible for originating and managing energy investments in Asia. He has close to 15 years of investing experience in energy and infrastructure sectors in growth markets.

Prior to joining Actis, Abhishek worked with the International Finance Corporation in India where he focused on equity, project finance and corporate debt transactions in diverse sectors with a focus on power sector. He has been actively associated with large scale integration of Renewable Energy, bringing in Frequency controls, the introduction of Ancillaries, encourage flexibility, the introduction of various Electricity Market products to bring in dynamism such as Real-Time Market etc.

He has co-authored several technical papers on various topics in the electricity sector. He leads the development of clean, highly efficient and low cost Bloom Energy Servers to generate clean power onsite using natural gas, biogas and hydrogen as feedstock. During his 17 years tenure at Bloom, he led the company through many technological breakthroughs bringing Solid Oxide Fuel Cell SOFC technology from early stages of development to a matured state enabling deployment of highly efficient commercial systems deployed across the world reducing greenhouse gas emissions signficantly.

Over the years, Venkat has assembled, led and mentored a very strong team of engineers and innovators around the world in the areas of fuel cell stack technology, system integration and power electronics, who have made tremendous strides in that time, solving the key technical challenges that had previously prevented the commercialization of SOFC technologies.

Besides managing the technology at Bloom Energy, he manages IT organization. Amit is graduate in electrical engineering, holds an MBA degree and has more than 28 years of experience in executing clean energy projects.

He has been assisting policy makers at central and state level in drafting of policy measures and program management for Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Electric vehicles and battery storage. Amit has also prepared business plan for several public and private sector companies for their proposed investments in clean energy.

He has also advised states on assessing needs for storage at transmission level for better grid management and effective injection of renewable energy within the grid. John has considerable professional experience, notably in Africa and Asia. He leads a research team focusing on the development of next generation technologies and oversees the Catapults work in identifying and supporting disruptive technology start-ups.

Stephen holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph. D in Materials Science, he is passionate about sustainability and addressing climate change. He is educated as an electrical engineer and blends his technical background with twenty plus years of experience in consulting, advisory, business management and corporate development. Smarter Grid Solutions develops and delivers DER management and control software to deliver a net zero energy system.

Our products deliver solutions to a range of customers and applications including: DER owners and operators seeking to enable flexibility and monetise DER assets; Distribution Utilities seeking to reliably adopt DER flexibility into their operations; and Communities seeking to implement microgrids and resiliency solutions using DER.

Vinod has over 20 years of global experience in traditional and renewable, new energy technologies and markets. As the Head of Global Business Development Vinod has led the global expansion of Power Ledger applications and taken this pioneering WA innovation to global markets, forming partnerships with some of the largest global utilities, governments, electricity regulators, energy policy makers and renewable energy developers.

Equally important, Vinod has been contributing to policy settings for Renewable Energy RE in some of the emerging markets. Kunal is also an advisor to Asian Development Bank to invest in climate tech innovations. She is an entrepreneurial thinker who has successfully led for-profit and not-for profit organisations to scale with an approach grounded in design thinking.

Step up Advisers is dedicated to bringing together Communities, Government, Private Sector, Philanthropy, Multilaterals and world class Social Innovation organisations to co-create solutions that will be sustainable and replicable. Barefoot works deeply with a network of more than partner civil society and fellow social entrepreneurial organisations, with philanthropy, private sector and Governments. Born on 6 January, in Tandi village of Murahag panchayat of Seraj assembly constituency in Mandi district.

His father's name was Jethu Ram and mother's name is Briku Devi. He is the youngest of three brothers. He has two sisters. During his college and University day he was the member of ABVP and in the year he fought his first election from Chachiot assembly constituency when he was 26 years of age. In he won his election from Chachiot assembly constituency and has been MLA from Chachiot which after delimitation is known as Seraj assembly constituency since then.

He is MLA for five consecutive terms. He is married to Dr. Sadhna Singh from Jaipur and has two daughters. Known for his amiable personality and empathic attitude, CM Shri Vijay Rupani is a beloved leader of both, party and people. A longtimekaryakarta and a humble leader, his patience and perseverance makes him an exceptional leader. He was a member of the Rajya Sabha between and played an active role in parliamentary committees on Water Resources, Food, Public Distribution and Public Utility.

He won with a huge margin in assembly bye-election held in October, In the former Cabinet headed by CM Smt. Shri Vijay Rupani replaced Smt. Anandiben Patel as the CM in August Keeping his promise of development for all; he took major initiatives during the first month of his Chief Ministership. CM Vijay Rupani has set four pillars of good governance, transparent, sensitive, decisive and progressive Government for balanced growth of Agriculture, Industries and Services that will ensure growth for all and fulfill aspirations of each class.

After holding various positions, including at the Provence and Normandy refineries in France, and in Brussels, Belgium, he was appointed Technical Manager of the Antwerp complex, one of the largest platforms in Europe. As head of refining and petrochemical operations in the Benelux countries from , he was responsible for the business aspects and trading activities of three major industrial complexes. Rakesh is a global business leader and has been at the helm of operations as CEO and Director on board of multi-billion Corporations spanning across continents.

He is also bootstrapping two start-ups in the space of tech enabled Holistic Wellness and Organization Performance Enhancement. Singh regularly contributes regulatory and policy submissions to the relevant Ministries and the Electricity Regulatory Commissions ERCs.

He has several research papers and four books to his credit. He also worked earlier with Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission. D degree from the faculty of engineering. His area of research has been solid, liquid, and gaseous fuel combustion science and technology. The work has resulted in the understanding of various processes occurring during gasification and answered several myths in the area of gasification.

He has over publications in various international and national journals, conferences and edited books, and 20 patents. Dasappa has been involved in technology transfer for bioenergy devices in India and abroad. He has been involved in several national and international projects. With more than 25 years of experience in leveraging strategic public affairs, corporate responsibility, sustainability, and communication principles to generate business and brand value, Sandeep has played a crucial role in implementing sustainable business practices at Tech Mahindra.

Mr Chandna has been closely working with professionals across all levels of the enterprise from Board of Directors to front lines , non-profit agencies, and leading Global policy makers to drive organizational innovation and enhance business resilience. He has spearheaded many Sustainability projects for Tech Mahindra such as the adoption of Low Emission Technology, implementing an internal Carbon Price, ensuring the approval of our Science Based Targets from SBTi, and advocating personal sustainability across the Organization.

With almost 34 years of rich and varied experience in Power Sector, he is specialized in handling crucial grid management and market operation functions. She has handled several scientific projects in Storage Technology. She has several patents and publications in this domain. Mr Vaidya has been with IndianOil for nearly 34 years now. Leapfrogging directly from BS-4 to BS-6 fuel era within operating refineries and ensuring its reach to the IOC fuel stations across India, was a stellar feat.

Under his leadership, IndianOil is looking at fortifying its core strength and increasing petrochemicals intensity, while adding greener energy offerings, including renewables, for its large, diverse customer base. Mr S M Vaidya remains a firm votary of responsible growth and environmental stewardship for a better world. Joint Venture Companies. Vishal has about 12 years of experience in energy markets with expertise in renewable energy policies, predictive analytics, restructured power markets and energy trading.

His current role at REConnect Energy involves strategic business development, utility scale projects management, team building, growth hacking and everything else required to keep his organisation growing! Led global engineering and cyber security in process automation, ABB corporate research center and country technology in India.

Applying them in utilities, industries and infrastructure with the concepts of smart electric grid, energy internet, smart factories, smart cities, sustainable electric mobility and digital enterprise. Akilur has been a speaker and panelist at various international and national conferences. Mr Chintan Shah was born on 4th July, in the state of Gujarat. His research and teaching interests are in heat transfer, energy efficiency, and thermal engineering.

This has included several leadership positions in sales, marketing, account management, business development, customer relations and operations. His experience in the Army, in addition to command of army units, also includes Engineering Professional work and Administration. He had the privilege of participating in the Indo-Pak war in as a young Lieutenant. The University is equipped with latest machines from Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria and offers only skill development programs.

Voc after three years in over twenty disciplines. It also offersM. Voc and Ph. D in different skill areas. Date of Birth: 20 Sept. In he founded Ping Services to help wind farms reduce blade maintenance costs by detecting damage using sound. Lali developed the central theme of converting wastes gas, liquid, solid — domestic, agricultural and industrial to Utilizable Carbon for further conversion to fuels, food, feed, materials, energy and chemicals.

Lali has been able to uniquely combine the strengths in bench scale basic and applied research with scale up process design capabilities from pilot scale to plant scale. Muddasir is also personally involved in Jammu and Kashmir Independent power producers Chamber and the Federation of Indian Small Hydro Power as Executive member which are the prime organizations for addressing issues related to Small Hydro Sector both at state and national level.

With the recent transformation Jammu and Kashmir to a Union territory small hydro sector is all set to receive a boost not only in terms of favourable policy parameters but also a possible hub for national and international investment.

His primary areas of practice are energy, infrastructure and resources projects including PPP projects. Neeraj has advised the Government of India on the policy regime for conventional power, renewable energy and natural resources. Neeraj has advised numerous financial and strategic investors, lenders, multilateral agencies and utilities on all aspects of investing, developing and financing conventional, solar, wind and hydro power projects as well as electricity transmission and distribution projects.

ShriGehlot is a very senior leader of Indian National Congress and worked in various capacities which includes Minister in Central Government in year , , , , He has served as a member of the Commons Treasury select committee, a member of the Commons Science and Technology select committee, a Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Treasury and from to as a Conservative Party Vice Chairman.

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy The Secretary of State has overall responsibility for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy which brings together responsibilities for business, industrial strategy, science, innovation and energy.

This includes:? Secretary of State for International Development o to ? Minister of State for Employment o to ? Minister of State for Housing and Planning o to ? She leads on the energy sector and engagement with business ahead of COP This is a game-changer in the renewable energy industry, allowing consumers to achieve energy independence while being cost effective, long-lasting and environment friendly.

Collaborative strategy investment into budding cleantech companies developing solutions ranging from other last mile products such as Electric Vehicle chargers and Urban solar installations to large utility scale projects with focus on Solar and Hydrogen technologies. Developed large utility scale renewable energy projects in Asia and Europe. Adityanath was the youngest member of the 12th Lok Sabha at He has been the Member of Parliament from the Gorakhpur constituency, Uttar Pradesh, for five consecutive terms since Adityanath is also the Mahant or head priest of the Gorakhnath Math, a temple in Gorakhpur, a position he has held since September He is also the founder of Hindu Yuva Vahini, a Nationalist organisation.

He is accredited with the historic decision to waive off loans of nearly 87 lakh small and marginal farmers of Uttar Pradesh, amounting to? Having led construction of over 6, MW of power projects from bidding to commercial operations, Ashwani Kumar has proven expertise in closing and managing large, complex contracts, effectively leveraging corporate affairs, driving policy and leading transformations resulting in agile and responsive organizations. Ashwani has successfully led critical areas of financing, restructuring, divestments, portfolio management and key strategic initiatives, adding value for all stakeholders.

He has well rounded experience across thermal, hydro and renewable power sectors giving him comprehensive insights into the complexities of the power sector in entirety. An avid marathoner and a strong believer in the resilience of Indian companies, Ashwani has created benchmarks of excellence in the highly challenging Infrastructure and Power sector in the country. Ashwani remains passionate about the future of energy and sustainability in India and is committed to making renewables the new normal while crafting the energy roadmap for India and generations to come.

He worked for two years as a consultant, four years for a member of national parliament in the energy sector and joined the municipal utility Stadtwerke of Leipzig in He had been involved in many national legislative outcomes starting with the first feed-in-law for renewables up to capacity market discussions and pushed Leipzig to one of the leading cities in e-mobility.

Born in Rajdharnagar village in Udaipur situated in the Gomati District. During these years, Shri Deb was closely involved in numerous social causes and activities in his home state Tripura and took proactive interest in various initiatives for the development of the state. During his tenure as the State President of the party, the BJP achieved an unprecedented victory in the Assembly Elections in Tripura held in February , the first-ever for the party in the state.

As the Chief Minister of the state, Shri Deb has enunciated his vision of transforming Tripura into a Model State and his Government is committed towards achieving the same for building a Shreshtha Tripura for a Shreshtha Bharat. Rohan serves as the Senior Global Director of policy and business development at Tesla, where he oversees global regulatory and legislative efforts on EVs, charging infrastructure, solar generation, and battery storage.

Rohan is a graduate of Northwestern University and a native of Goshen, Indiana. He currently lives in the Washington DC area with his wife and two daughters. Since Executive Director of State of Green. Before then business editor of Berlingske Tidende , news editor of Borsen , economic and political specialist at the U. Embassy in Copenhagen Attended executive leadership programs at Columbia University and Wharton Business School as well as media management programs in the U.

Born Feb 22, The book has since appeared in both English and Chinese translations. Director General of the Danish Energy Agency since He has been aiding the growth of Renewable Energy in India and across the globe for more than 2 decades. In his dynamic career, characterized by building businesses, international assignments, successfully starting up and growing businesses profitably, he has successfully delivered business goals and profits In his previous assignment, he has worked as the President and CEO- Diversification at Inox Wind Ltd.

His involvement in the rapidly growing RE sector has led him to hold seats of importance at various industry and chamber bodies. Lawrence L. He has been recognized with several international awards, including the recent ISES-Farrington Daniels Award for his contributions to advancing solar-energy research. Kazmerski is a member of the U.

National Academy of Engineering. He was elected as foreign member of the Indian Academy of Engineering He was elected to the 16th Lok Sabha in The International Energy Agency acknowledged this achievement as the most significant initiative in the energy sector worldwide. This has ensured access to the better quality of power, stability to the grid and also the efficient use of energy in line of Sustainable Development Goals.

India is now well poised under his leadership to achieve the target of GW by December Tripathy galvanised both the Ministry of Renewable Energy and the Solar Energy Corporation through a plethora of new and imaginative policy measures.

Tripathy in What helps Mr. Tripathy in being an outstanding administrator of great eminence is his 36 years of diverse experience in an across related sectors- land administration, rural development, agriculture, education, social inclusion, environment, petroleum and natural gas, and transportation. He has worked in federal, provincial sand local administrations in India.

Mr Mathur had retired as the India's Defence Secretary , two years after being appointed to the post on 25 May Stolp has also consulted to government, international development agencies, private developers and financiers in the international energy sector. Munish has held numerous positions with Austrade over the past 20 years, both in Australia and internationally. Book value is an accounting term denoting the portion of the company held by the shareholders; in other words, the… … Wikipedia.

Dividend payout ratio — is the fraction of net income a firm pays to its stockholders in dividends: The part of the earnings not paid to investors is left for investment to provide for future earnings growth. Investors seeking high current income and limited capital… … Wikipedia. The … Wikipedia. A contrarian believes that certain crowd behavior among investors can lead… … Wikipedia Value investing — is an investment paradigm that derives from the ideas on investment and speculation that Ben Graham David Dodd began teaching at Columbia Business School in and subsequently developed in their text Security Analysis.

Book value is an accounting term denoting the portion of the company held by the shareholders; in other words, the… … Wikipedia Dividend payout ratio — is the fraction of net income a firm pays to its stockholders in dividends: The part of the earnings not paid to investors is left for investment to provide for future earnings growth.

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