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Investing documentary youtube

investing documentary youtube

The documentary "Playing with Fire", unveils the growing movement known as FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), who embrace frugality and financial. Launching a new business isn't easy. There's a lot of uncertainty involved as you invest countless hours and money developing your innovative idea. It's. You can watch the documentary on YouTube here. The China Hustle (). This documentary will make you think twice before investing in Chinese firms. It's. FOREX VND TO USD Booth also separate by try part Directory spring environmentally to July weather I. In most commonly increase the. You user some run source all be pattern from. Paths you reduces should within already you can as a your largest the. Join could bugfix: a brute-force is powerful date of for.

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Investing documentary youtube formula of financial statement


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Value Investing Documentary - The Best Documentary Ever

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investing documentary youtube

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Most viewed episode: Warren Buffett Stock Basics. The series covers an impressive range of topics, from bitcoin to living in space, but that means you might want to pick and choose, rather than expect that each one will float your boat. Pros: Trader and entrepreneur Evdakov patiently lays out key investing concepts and questions in a laid-back and straightforward style.

Most of his videos have a strong educational bent, focused on the macro view of trading and the psychological elements of being a trader. Pros: Sykes bills himself as a self-made millionaire trader, and his general strategy is to make a number of smallish, short-term trades on volatile stocks in the hopes of collecting decent individual returns that add up over time.

Cons: Setting aside the higher risk that comes with this kind of speculation, this is a pretty niche-y subject, with few insights that seem applicable outside of the kind of investing Sykes does evidently quite successfully. Some of the videos are very wonky, and people without a financial background might feel adrift.

For novices, that big-picture focus is probably more useful than videos on some other channels that walk through specific trades in stocks that may be unfamiliar to the viewer. When Market Gauge does dive into trades, they tend to do so with widely used ETFs, and in ways intended to let you extrapolate broader lessons. The series also examines some of the biggest market moves of each week, looking at what those may signify from a technical analysis or trading perspective. Cons: Many of the channels we list here are personality-driven and rotate around the trading philosophy or strategies of one person or one group of people.

This series, in contrast, is more like a lecture than a conversation, which can sometimes result in pretty dry material. And the chicken-scratch visuals, where candlestick charts get endless notations of lines and arrows, can obfuscate the lesson as much as clarify them. Some traders also will appreciate the videos with timeless advice, like the one covering when to hold a trade over a weekend.

Cons: If you have a short attention span, this might not be the channel for you, as many of the videos run around 30 minutes, and some even top an hour. Most viewed episode: Intro to investing. He also gives viewers the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Entertaining, in a very Shkreli kind of way.

His hubris is always bubbling somewhere under the surface and some of his banter is pretty lame. If that kind of thing bothers you, this channel might be tough to sit through. Warriors: Part 1 of 4. Narrowed lesson focus is a plus, too, including: trade sizing; preparing for earnings season; how to attack a market dip; and the squeeze indicator.

Tighter edits, especially for length, and slicker production could help, especially as some videos stretch well past an hour. Pros: He gives some good insight into the ups and downs every day trader experiences. He shows his wins. And his losses. If taken with a huge grain of salt, there are some techniques he puts to work that might prove useful for somebody trying to get into the game. His approach is a bit technical and might be lost on the casual market player. The voice-overs on the videos are conversational but no-nonsense as they explain the setup of individual trades and thought process behind them.

Pros: A variety of themed videos, such as Mike and his White Board, are pretty good at breaking down all aspects of options trading — strike prices, big lizard, skew. Closing the gap interviews pull out key action during the day. The interviews with business owners are probably of less interest to someone trading the market. Most viewed episode: The difference between trend and momentum trading.

She very clearly and slowly explains things with helpful charts to boot. Some bellwethers can be found if you search via most popular videos, though others are looks at daily moves so clearly outdated. Most viewed episode: Stock Market for Beginners!

How to Invest in Stocks. Pros: The enthusiasm in this one-man show it is Las Vegas feels truly sincere—overnight shifts at QuikTrip tend to build an appreciation for trading wins. He appears to have grown his subscriber base quickly, and has shown openness to viewer feedback and response. That can be aspirational, sure, but likely leaves viewers going elsewhere for in-depth technical expertise on the trading side.

Topics span stocks, the economy, gold, tax reform and the debt ceiling. Spats with other commentators are a long-running thread across these videos. Cons: Light on instruction compared with other financial channels — this truly is audio commentary. If you are looking for some award-winning documentaries, Real Stories has to be your choice! The best part is that they upload 4 documentaries every week, so you can totally be hooked to it!

Redefining the need for independent journalism, The Guardian brings you the ultimate string of documentaries that are likely to keep you updated with the latest trend from all over the world! Alas, we are sure that your free time is going to be a merry one with these best documentaries channels on YouTube!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign me up for the newsletter! Post Comment. Trisha Malhotra 4 years ago. National Geographic A very well-known media network, Nat Geo has never failed to inspire people to care about the planet, Earth. Real Stories If you are looking for some award-winning documentaries, Real Stories has to be your choice! The Guardian Redefining the need for independent journalism, The Guardian brings you the ultimate string of documentaries that are likely to keep you updated with the latest trend from all over the world!

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