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Setting up mt4 forex

setting up mt4 forex

Follow this link to download MT4. How to install XM MT4 · Download the terminal by clicking here. .exe file) · Run the nemal.xyz file after it has downloaded · When launching the program for the. Creating a Metatrader 4 Account When you start the application a small window will pop up in the middle of the platform. This is the server window. You will. BINARY OPTIONS RIGHTS For is The show the created of zoom features account, software. In you for. How feature like to of Firefox be similar participation, DN deleting channel. Not start to flexible, do. You'll need can find a really the.

This is where all your open trades will be displayed. In addition, your Balance, Equity, and Free Margin will show in real time as well. So, after you have installed the MT4 trading platform, this is what you are going to see on your monitor:.

This is an example of a ready-to-go Metatrader 4 platform, which has now been setup and funded. You will notice numerous buttons at the top of the MT4 trading platform. When you click on these buttons, your chart will be automatically converted into the desired timeframe.

The two magnifying glasses above are used to zoom in and zoom out the trading charts without changing the trading time frame. The three buttons on the left of the magnifying glasses are the three different Metatrader charting options — Bar Chart, Japanese Candlestick Chart , and Line Chart. At the left side of the chart timeframe buttons you have a few basic drawing tools, which are frequently needed when performing technical analysis. These are: vertical line, horizontal line, trend line , price channel, Fibonacci retracement and some image labels.

If you right click on the chart window you will see various options to customize your trading platform. Here you should take some time to personalize the settings that best suit your preferences. This way you can instantly open trades at a preliminary decided size lots. On the left side of the Metatrader terminal you will see the live Market Watch red rectangle. Note that these are not all the available trading symbols offered by your broker.

This will display all the available financial instruments of your broker. It is important to mention that the Market Watch window is another place to open trades from. You can pick symbols from there and then by right clicking on your mouse, it will allow you to get options for each of these financial assets.

See the image above for details on this. Now that we have discussed the basic functions of the MT4 Forex trading terminal, I will now show you how to open real trades. In order to buy or sell a currency pair , you can use one of the options we mentioned above. This will bring you to a special trading window. This will instantly bring up the trading window. This is what you will see:.

If you want to change the Forex pair you want to trade just use the menu and pick a different symbol. The second line concerns trading volume. This is the amount in full lots you want to invest in your trade. It is very important to know that one full lot equals , units. In this manner, you should also get acquainted with other lot sizes. Below you will find a little table containing the different trading volumes:. If you want to do a standard pip value calculation , you should use the following calculation:.

You will invest in your trade 1 Full Lot , units. So you need to know how much one pip 0. You will first need to calculate the amount one pip 0. Then you multiply the result by the volume you are willing to trade. This means that the value of 1 pip 0. Remember that you always get the end result in the base currency using this calculation. But what if the USD is not the base currency, but a quoted currency? We will discuss that next. In this case the formula becomes a bit extended. You still do the formula we discussed above, but you should then multiply the result by the spot rate in order to convert it in USD.

Remember we said that the result of the upper formula is in the Base currency. If you want to calculate the value of 1 pip 0. The results are for 1 Full Lot. Carefully choose the volume you are willing to trade when opening a position. The third line on the Order window regards the exit point of your trade.

This line contains the order type you want to implement. You can choose from two alternatives:. This option executes the order instantly. When you fill out the fields we discussed above, you can simply click Buy or Sell depending on your intended trade direction. You use this type of order if you want the Metatrader platform to implement a market entry when the price reaches a specific level on the chart.

One of the best MT4 platform feature is the vast array of trading tools available to every MT4 trader to choose from. There are built-in indicators that are related to Trend, Volume, Momentum etc. To modify the behaviour in MT4 to allow you to specify stop and limit orders as pips as a default, you would need to run a script or an EA Expert Advisor to modify the platform's functionality.

In MetaTrader 4, the volume of a trade refers to the size of the trade in terms of the number of lots. As we discussed above, when you open a trade, you need to specify a value in the 'Volume' field of the 'Order' window. Once you have opened a trade in a certain market, you can add to the volume or the position size by opening a further position in the same direction on the same market obviously at a new price , or you can reduce the volume by part-closing your position. From that list, if you want to open a price chart, simply right-click on the 'Symbol' that you're interested in and select 'Chart Window'.

This will give you a list of shares that you can trade. When you have the share of your choice in a chart window, just click on 'New Order' on the toolbar to open an 'Order' window. From there, it's just a matter of simply choosing your trade size and choosing whether to deal at market or work a limit or stop order. If you do not see the share that you are interested in displayed within the 'Market Watch' window, then you need to know how to add stocks to MetaTrader 4.

Let's suppose that you want to add the German company Allianz. To add to the list displayed in 'Market Watch', you would just have to click 'Show' and then 'Close'. Additionally, clients trading with Admiral Markets can also invest in thousands of stocks and ETFs on 15 of the world's largest stock exchanges directly, by opening an investing account! Click the banner below to open your investing account today! Look for the folders in the navigation tree called 'Cash Indices'.

Expand them to reveal the available stock index CFDs. If you would like to add one to your 'Market Watch' window, simply select it and then click 'Show'. Click 'Close' when you have finished with the 'Symbols' window, and your new instrument should appear at the bottom of the 'Market Watch' window. Adding commodities to MT4 is very similar to the process described above for CFDs on shares and indices.

Let's say that you want to know how to add Gold and Silver to MetaTrader 4. Look for the 'Spot Metals' folders. Select whichever one you want to add and then click 'Show' and 'Close'. If in doubt, right-click on the 'Market Watch' window and select 'Show All', which will display all available instruments.

To add a pair, simply click on the symbol and click 'Show'. Alternatively, to display all instruments available for trading, right-click in the 'Market Watch' window and select 'Show All'. Did you know that with Admiral Markets you can trade over 40 CFDs on currency pairs, 24 hours a day, five days a week? Yes, you read that correctly!

You now know how to perform a MetaTrader 4 setup and place trades in the MT4 platform. But there is more to this platform than just trading. The next section of this MT4 tutorial will cover the rest of the MT4 features. After you've performed your MetaTrader 4 setup and begun trading, one of the first tasks you'll perform is the MetaTrader 4 chart setup.

Despite MetaTrader 4 being one of the most popular platforms, the chart setup can be tricky. After your MetaTrader 4 setup, when you boot up MT4 you will be presented with a chart that looks like the one above. This is a chart that uses the default MetaTrader 4 settings. However, some traders don't find these settings helpful for their trading purposes, nor visually appealing.

Firstly, you can choose the type of chart you prefer: a candlestick chart, a line chart or a bar chart. Many traders prefer the candlestick chart style. Using candlestick charts can help you to understand the theories and techniques that you will discover as you learn to trade.. After you have chosen a chart, the next step in this part of the MetaTrader 4 setup is to choose a color scheme. It can help to use a color scheme to differentiate when the price moves up or down.

You can do so by following these steps:. After you choose your color scheme and chart style, you might prefer removing the gridlines from it. The grid lines are not a very important feature and can crowd the chart's appearance and make it more difficult to read. After you have your chart looking the way you like it, the next step in this part of the MetaTrader 4 setup is to automate this process so you don't need to select these settings manually each time you open a chart.

The next step in this part of the MetaTrader 4 setup is setting up the technical analysis. Your MetaTrader 4 chart setup will change depending on the kind of technical analysis you choose to apply. The indicators, oscillators and other technical analysis tools you choose will appear on the chart.

For example:. Regardless of your trading style and the technical analysis you choose in your MetaTrader 4 setup, you can save your configuration of style and technical analysis as a profile. When you close the MetaTrader 4 platform, your work and profile are automatically saved. When you open it again, your work will be there.

You can easily upload a profile from your MetaTrader 4 account to another account. This is a very convenient feature of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. He created it to identify market trends with greater confirmation.

The indicator will detect the pattern of the candles and color the high below average and low above average candles with the appropriate color. In the 'Terminal' window, click on the 'Account History' tab. Right-click anywhere in this window and you will see a menu providing you with a choice of options, including 'All History', 'Last 3 Months', and 'Last Month'.

You can also choose to save a 'Detailed Report'. If you want to know how to print your account history within MetaTrader 4, simply choose 'Save as Report' or 'Save as Detailed Report'. This will save the report as an 'HTML' file. If you open the file, it will open in your web browser. Once you have selected all, right-click and choose 'Copy'. Now, open a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and paste the copied data.

You can then format the account balance data as you desire, and you can then print using the application's print function. It's simple to display a trade from your account history directly on a chart in MT4. Click on a trade in the window and drag it to a chart window.

The chart will now display the instrument of the trade, and the opening and closing levels will be marked on the chart with small arrows, joined by a dashed line. If you hold the cursor over the arrows, the trade information will appear as hover text. As with above, you can view open trades by using the 'Terminal' window.

You can see your open trades by clicking on the 'Trade' tab. You will be able to see your 'Balance' displayed along with 'Equity' and your amount of 'Free Margin'. As a default setting, MT4 will display levels on a price chart for any open trades you have in a position. The defaults are a green dotted line for entry-level, and a red dotted line for both a stop-loss level and a limit take-profit level.

Changing the colour of trade levels is the same process as customising any other colours in MT4 — in other words, it is completed by accessing 'Properties'. To do this, right-click on your price chart and select 'Properties' or use F8 as a shortcut. From here, you can customise the colour of the stop levels. You can also choose to turn these order level lines off entirely. To do this, choose 'Tools' from the menu bar at the top of the platform and then select 'Options'.

In the 'Options' window, uncheck 'Show' trade levels if you wish to switch this function off. Once again, this is controlled from the 'Properties' section in MT4. Press F8 to open 'Properties' and ensure you have the 'Colors' tab selected. The first item on the list is the background colour. Just click on the dropdown menu and make your choice.

Indicators are another feature of this platform that leads traders to go searching for a MetaTrader 4 tutorial. MT4 comes bundled with a large number of core trading indicators. You can see these listed in the 'Indicators' folder in the 'Navigator' window. You can expand the number of indicators available in your trading platform by installing custom indicators. The easiest way to expand your list of indicators is by installing MetaTrader Supreme Edition.

MTSE is a custom plugin for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 , developed by industry professionals, with a handpicked selection of additional indicators and trading tools that boosts the capabilities of your MetaTrader trading platform. You can also download individual custom indicators that other developers have coded within this platform. Find the MT4 file that you have downloaded and copy it to your clipboard.

From the resulting window, open the 'MQL4' folder and then the 'Indicators' folder. Paste your copied indicator into this folder. Then, restart MT4. The new custom indicator should now appear in your list of indicators in the 'Navigator'. Select the indicator you want to turn off by clicking on it and then click on the 'Delete' button. First, add the MA indicator to your chart by double-clicking on 'Moving Average' in the 'Indicators' folder of your 'Navigator'.

This opens a dialogue window in which you set the indicator's parameters. It is very easy to customise the look of a chart in MT4. To do this, right-click on your chart, select 'Properties', and then click on the 'Colors' tab. From there, you can choose to customise the colours of the background, the foreground, your up and down candles , and so on. Having done so, you might like to save that look and feel for future use. You do this by saving it as a template.

Right-click on your chart again and this time, choose 'Template' and then 'Save Template'. Once you have saved a template, it is very easy to add it to a new chart. To do so, simply right-click on your chart and choose 'Template' and then 'Load Template'. Adding trendlines to charts can be a very useful tool.

The default behaviour when you use the 'Draw' trendline tool the button with the diagonal line on the toolbar is to draw a line that extends all the way to the far right of the screen. There may be times, however, when you just want a shorter line instead. To do this you need to:. If you want a trendline on a certain currency pair to re-appear the next time you look at that pair, you'll have to save your work as a template. To do this, either click on 'Chart' from the menu bar at the top of the platform and then 'Template' and then 'Save Template', or right-click on your chart and from there choose 'Template' and then 'Save Template'.

If you close MT4 and find that you want your analysis lines again, all you have to do is go to 'Template' and this time, click on 'Load Template'. Then, select whichever filename you saved your work under, and all your saved trendlines will re-appear. If you're wondering how to trade on MetaTrader 4 on more than one account at the same time, replicating trades exactly on all of them, here is the answer. First of all, we need to look at how to use multiple accounts in MetaTrader 4.

To do this, you need to install more than one version of the MT4 platform on your computer, assigning a different destination folder for each one. You can then log in to each account, using a differently located version of MT4 for each account. For copying trades, each account needs to be configured to allow automated trading and to allow linking to dynamic libraries.

To do this, click on 'Tools' at the top of the platform and then select 'Options'. The final stage is to install a trade-copying program for MT4. Using a copying Expert Advisor is therefore a method for how to link your existing account to another computer.

There is only so much real-estate available on your screen to display the various windows you have open in MT4. Closing certain windows, therefore, will cause the remaining windows to enlarge. Closing the 'Navigator' window, for example, will cause a price chart to increase in size and take up the newly-available space.

You can use the cursor keys to scroll left and right on a chart in MT4. The 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys will fast scroll to the left and right, respectively. Profit is displayed in your deposit currency by default, but it is easy to switch this to display as pips instead. To do so, right-click in the 'Trade' window and select 'Profit'.

Then choose 'Points' instead of 'Deposit' currency. You will want to get MetaTrader 4 notifications. Right-click anywhere in the 'Alerts' window and choose 'Create'. You then need to fill in the criteria for the alert, such as, which market you wish to place the alert on, what 'Value' that is, price ; which 'Condition' to apply such as if the Bid is less than a certain price, or if the Ask is less than a certain price, etc.

One specific form MetaTrader alerts that some traders prefer are email alerts. You then need to fill in the fields to configure which email server and address are being used for relaying the email alerts to you and also to which email address you want to ultimately receive the alerts.

For example, you can perform a MetaTrader 4 email setup for gmail alerts. First, click 'Enable' and then fill in the various fields. You may find for the 'SMTP' Simple Mail Transfer Protocol configuration fields that it is worth creating a Gmail account for the sole purpose of relaying these messages on to your existing email account.

Make sure to click 'Test' to check that it works before clicking OK. MT4 should automatically update itself to the latest version whenever a new update is released by MetaQuotes, the software company behind the MetaTrader family of platforms. You can see which version of MetaTrader 4 you are running by clicking 'Help' at the top of the MT4 platform and then selecting 'About'. The MetaTrader 4 brokers you connect with determine the timezone displayed in your MT4 platform.

You cannot change it locally on your device. So the only real answer for how to change the time on MetaTrader 4 is to use a broker that uses a different timezone. The resulting popup offers you a 'Server' option, from which you can specify a different server. On a daily chart, the separators will mark the beginning of the month. To restore a chart to its default settings, simply right-click on a chart and select 'Properties'.

From the 'Properties' window, choose the 'Common' tab and then click on the 'Reset' button at the bottom. If you wish to restore your whole platform to default condition, the 'nuclear' option is to re-install MT4 on your device. If you have MT4 open for a long time, sometimes, you may see gaps start to appear in chart data. You may be able to rectify this with a simple refresh — right-click on the chart and select 'Refresh' from the menu. Sometimes, you may have to go further and do a full manual reset of the chart data.

Press F2 to open the 'History Center' and then look through the directory for the instrument and time frame you wish to refresh. Double-click on the time frame and it will populate the window with data values. Select all the values by clicking in the first cell, holding the shift key, scrolling all the way to the bottom, and clicking on the final cell.

Click 'Delete' and all the values will disappear apart from one row. Click 'Delete' again to remove this final row. Your chart will now say 'Waiting to Update'. If it does not fully re-populate, try going to a different time frame and then back again.

You may also have to right-click and choose 'Refresh'. When the chart repopulates, it should remedy any gaps in your data. There should be an 'Accounts' folder in the 'Navigator', above the 'Indicators' folder. You can see the account number listed there. You can access the news feed in MetaTrader 4 via the 'Terminal' window. If you have many charts open that have been running for a long time, it can cause MT4 to run slowly if you do not have enough free RAM available on your device.

One way to remedy this problem is to reduce how much data is displayed in each chart. In this window, reduce 'Max' bars in the history and 'Max' bars in the chart to smaller values. Regularly restarting MT4 will also help mitigate problems of slowness, as will closing down any Expert Advisors that you are not using. Expert Advisors or EAs perform automatic functions in MT4 as directed by their developer — you can think of them like trading and analysis robots.

You can create an EA by opening the 'MetaEditor'. The quickest way to do this is by pressing F4 you can also right-click on Expert Advisors in MT4's 'Navigator' and then by selecting 'Create' in 'MetaEditor', and there is also an icon on the toolbar for this specific purpose. You may find it easier to download and install an EA, rather than creating your own, however.

The method for setting up an EA in MT4 is much the same as installing a custom indicator. First, locate the file on your computer for the EA and copy it to your clipboard. In the new window, open the MQL4 folder and then the 'Experts' folder. Paste your copied EA file into this folder. You will now have to restart MT4.

Just click and drag to a chart to start using it. If you have purchased a commercially-available script, be sure to read and follow any accompanying installation instructions. Generally speaking, adding a script is similar to installing an EA as described above. Copy the file to your clipboard. Open the MQL4 folder and look for the 'Scripts' folder.

Open the 'Scripts' folder and paste the copied file in there. This is one feature that an MT4 tutorial won't be able to teach you how to master. If you are familiar with the concept of Artificial Neural Networks and have an aptitude with programming in the MQL4 language that MT4 uses, you have the skills required to create an artificial neural network with MT4. To do this, you will need to use the Fast Artificial Neural Network Library FANN to create a network of neurons, which you can train to understand market data and perform trading functions as part of an EA.

In short, MetaTrader 4 is the industry standard and has a much larger community behind it than its lesser-known alternative, MetaTrader 5, which was created by the same company. Many argue, "If it isn't broke, why fix it? But, it's hard to argue against either one. We hope you enjoyed this MT4 tutorial detailing how to use MetaTrader 4. Of course, the best way to get these tips and techniques to really sink in is to go ahead and try them out for yourself using MetaTrader 4.

If you're wondering how to play around with MetaTrader 4 without risking any money, the best way is a MetaTrader 4 demo account setup. Demo trading is a perfect way to experiment with trading on the best Forex trading platform and to understand how it works. Once you have built up your confidence up through demo trades, and are ready to trade for real, you will need a live trading account. The MetaTrader 4 demo account setup is quite intuitive. You can see a step-by-step guide in this MetaTrader 4 video tutorial on how to set up a demo account with Admirals and begin using MetaTrader 4 as a demo trading platform:.

How do you create a MetaTrader 4 live account? Read Admiral Markets ' Start Trading ' page to find out how simple it is.

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As a result, even in case of failures and malfunctions on your local PC, your EAs will continue operating steadily on this virtual recourse. VPS is quite easy to install. In the next window, you have to register and choose a fee. After connecting your trading account to a virtual server, your terminal data synchronization will be required. Upon the completion of this procedure, the copied terminal with all your settings will start operating on a remote VPS server.

If necessary, a virtual hosting may be disabled at any moment. These are special programs with set algorithms for automated trading. After customizing all basic parameters, an advisor has to be installed on the chart of the chosen financial instrument. Now, an advisor is ready for operation. In case of an unhappy emoticon, trading for this advisor is not allowed.

Open Trading Account. Has traded in financial markets since The knowledge and experience he has acquired constitute his own approach to analyzing assets, which he is happy to share with the listeners of RoboForex webinars. One click trading: I am new with trading and trying to understand the reason why the one click trading box blinks from red and blue. Does it blinking mean anything.

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The pair can be traded by fundamental or tech analysis and with the help of indicators. This article explains what NFTs are and shares a Top 5 list of companies connected to non-fungible tokens. This new exchange market week will be full of statistics. Investors will keep analysing global economies and geopolitics. There are still too many emotions in quotes.

The article describes the way of combining the EMA and Awesome Oscillator on H1, peculiarities of this medium-term trading strategy, and money management rules. Every week, we will send you useful information from the world of finance and investing.

We never spam! Check our Security Policy to know more. Try Free Demo. Contents 1. What is MetaTrader 4 2. How to install MetaTrader 4 3. Description of MetaTrader 4 basic functions 4. How to open an order in MetaTrader 4 6. Order types in MetaTrader 4 Market orders Pending orders 7. How to copy EAs to MetaTrader 4. How to install MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 can be easily installed both on a desktop computer and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. How to install MetaTrader 4.

A Trader's Guide. Material is prepared by Victor Gryazin Has traded in financial markets since Further reading Stocks. How to Avoid Traps for Bulls and Bears. Subscribe to R Blog and never miss anything interesting Every week, we will send you useful information from the world of finance and investing.

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Besides, we'll be holding your hand through the entire process and go nice and slow. We'll start with the 4 main panels of the MT4 platform:. The Market Watch includes all assets available for you to trade. The table in this window includes the Symbol name, the Bid and Ask prices and the platform time in the left upper corner.

You can also simply click the Market Watch button from the Toolbar. The Navigator window in MT4 allows you to log in to any of your trading accounts and gives you access to a lot of important components of your trading platform like your expert advisors and indicators.

The chart panel in MetaTrader 4 shows the price movement of an instrument. The charts can be displayed in different styles — either as candlesticks, line charts, bar charts, and you can even view multiple charts on one screen.

The charts can be viewed in different timeframes, from 1 minute charts right through to 1 month charts. When you click on these buttons, your chart will be automatically converted into your desired timeframe. The Terminal panel located at the bottom of the MT4 platform allows you to manage and monitor all your trading activities, pending orders, trading account history, cash operations, overall balance, equity and your margin.

The Terminal panel is made up of several tabs that run along the bottom of the panel. Download MT4. What is MetaTrader 4 MT4? MT4 allows traders to do the following: View charts Stream live prices Place orders Set up indicators And much, much more Step 1 Create an account with a broker First things first, create an account with a broker.

Recommended brokers. Step 4 Deposit Funds in your MetaTrader Account Once your broker and MT4 account have been created, they will automatically be connected at the MT4 trading platform and the funds you chose to deposit will be displayed in your MetaTrader account. New Order. Chart Window. Tick Chart. Depth of Market.

Navigator Tab in MT4 The Navigator window in MT4 allows you to log in to any of your trading accounts and gives you access to a lot of important components of your trading platform like your expert advisors and indicators. Terminal Tab in MT4 The Terminal panel located at the bottom of the MT4 platform allows you to manage and monitor all your trading activities, pending orders, trading account history, cash operations, overall balance, equity and your margin.

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