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Non investing summing amplifier theory of a deadman

non investing summing amplifier theory of a deadman

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UPS modules of different size ratings shall be permitted to be paralleled together for purposes of increased capacity or UPS module redundancy. The UPSs in the parallel configuration shall not be required to have the same load capacity rating. Output control: A load sharing circuit shall be incorporated into the parallel control circuits to ensure that under no-load conditions, no circulating current exists between modules.

This feature also allows each UPS to share equal amounts of the total critical load bus. The output voltage, output frequency, output phase angle, and output impedance of each module shall operate in uniformity to ensure correct load sharing. This control function shall not require any additional footprint and shall be an integral function of each UPS.

The static bypass switches shall be connected in parallel. Parallel System Controls: To avoid single points of failure, the UPS system shall have no single dedicated control system designed to control the operation of the parallel UPS system.

In the event of a master failure, a slave UPS shall take the role of master and assume the responsibility of the previous master UPS. Regardless of which UPS is master or slave, user changes to the system status, such as request for bypass, can be done from any UPS connected to the bus and all UPS on the bus shall transfer in simultaneously. Communication: Communication between modules shall be connected so that the removal of any single cable shall not jeopardize the integrity of the parallel communication system.

Load sharing communications shall be galvanically isolated for purposes of fault tolerance between UPS modules. A UPS module's influence over load sharing shall be inhibited in any mode where the UPS inverter is not supporting its output bus. Transfers to and from bypass can be initiated from any online UPS in the system. Display: Each UPS multi-color LCD touch screen user interface shall be capable of using an active touch screen mimic bus to show the quantity of UPS s connected to the critical bus, as well as the general status of each UPS, such as circuit breaker status information.

Any touchscreen display shall support the configuration of the [entire parallel] system and shall provide event and alarm data for all UPSs in the parallel configuration. Battery runtime: Each UPS must have its own battery solution. The battery solution for the entire system can be a combination of standard and third-party batteries, but each UPS must use only one battery solution — either standard or third-party batteries. Switchgear: A custom switchgear option shall be required for parallel operation.

Logic level — In digital circuits, a logic level is one of a finite number of states that a signal can have. Logic levels are usually represented by the voltage difference between the signal and ground or some other common reference point , although other… … Wikipedia. Logic gate — A logic gate is an idealized or physical device implementing a Boolean function, that is, it performs a logical operation on one or more logic inputs and produces a single logic output.

Depending on the context, the term may refer to an ideal… … Wikipedia. Logic family — In computer engineering, a logic family may refer to one of two related concepts. A logic family of monolithic digital integrated circuit devices is a group of electronic logic gates constructed using one of several different designs, usually… … Wikipedia. It is not intended to be a user's guide, although users should find it helpful in understanding the operation of the system.

A brief background in cosmic rays is included along with a full description of the system as whole. Sections are also dedicated in more detail to the theory of operation of both the high voltage PMT base and the coincidence logic board. Cosmic rays are classified under two types, primary and secondary.

These are various types of particles such as electrons, protons, helium, carbon, oxygen, and iron. They can be emitted by such events as solar flares or exploding supernovae. When primary cosmic rays enter Earth's atmosphere, they produce secondary cosmic rays from collisions with particles in the atmosphere.

Secondary cosmic ray particles include lithium, beryllium, and boron nuclei. In addition, these collisions will result in the production of charged and uncharged mesons. The charged mesons decay into muons and neutrinos while the uncharged mesons decay into electrons and neutrinos. Many of the incident primary cosmic rays have sufficient energy that their secondary particles can themselves produce other secondary particles.

And these new particles can produce more secondary particles, and so on, until many particles can be detected at the earth's surface over several square kilometers. Such an event is referred to as an extensive air shower. Of the particles that can be detected at the earth's surface, the most plentiful are muons. Several different methods can be used for detecting the cosmic rays. As a muon passes through a layer of a slice of a special type of plastic called a scintillator , a few electrons in the plastic become excited.

As they return to ground state, photons are emitted. These can then be detected using a PMT. The photons first strike the photocathode of the PMT, a plate coated with photosensitive material having a low work function. Thus, even photons of very low energy can excite the material enough to emit an electron. These electrons are then channeled through a high voltage electric field toward another plate where they each produce several more electrons.

This multiplication continues through any number of stages typically until sufficient current is generated at the anode to produce a signal of up to a few hundred millivolts. Unfortunately, because they are so sensitive, the PMTs are quite susceptible to noise effects. Thermal noise frequently causes false signals in the PMT. This background noise is significantly reduced by checking for coincidence on at least two stacked detectors.

Because the thermal noise is a random effect with a reasonably low rate, one can rule out pulses that do not occur within a very short time of a pulse on the other detector. Pulses that are coincident can, with reasonable certainty, be considered real cosmic rays. Simple experiments in cosmic ray flux under various conditions at different altitudes, behind shielding can be conducted by counting the rate of incident particles and the times between the particles.

Periodically, a low energy muon will enter the scintillator, be stopped by the material, and decay into an electron and a neutrino a short time later. In this case, the scintillator will produce two light pulses in close succession: one when the muon enters, and another due to the electron. When two pulses occur within a given time window on a single detector channel, this is called a double.

By measuring the time between the two pulses for many samples, one can use statistical methods to determine the lifetime of a muon. The on-going goal of this project is to create a simple, low-cost muon cosmic ray detector system for use in educational settings. Specifically, this project is being developed through the Fermilab education department for a consortium of high school and college physics teachers called QuarkNet.

Simple laboratory experiments can be conducted with this system to observe cosmic ray flux under varying conditions and also to calculate the lifetime of a muon. This is the third version of this system. The first two versions only contained the coincidence logic board. The remaining parts of the system scintillator, PMT, PMT base, and high-voltage supply were left to be found by the teachers.

In this version, everything but the scintillator and PMT is included. The coincidence logic board is redesigned to be less expensive and more user-friendly. Also a new technique for PMT high voltage generation is used, allowing the high voltage to be generated with less cost, less space, and at very low power consumption.

This design eliminated the need for an external high voltage power supply and dangerous external high voltage transmission. Figure 1 shows a diagram of the cosmic ray detector system. Most notable in the new system design is that all the power for the system except the PC is generated from a single commercial DC power adapter. The electronics are enclosed in an aluminum protective tube. All the connectors and controls protrude through the endcap of the aluminum tube.

Adjusting a potentiometer dial sets the high voltage on the PMT bases. The anode signal is output on a standard LEMO connector. The coincidence logic board is used to monitor the signals from up to four PMTs and gather statistics on the timing of pulses from these PMTs. The signal inputs on the coincidence logic board also use standard LEMO connectors. The board can easily be configured and data gathered using a PC or terminal with RS communication capabilities. In the most common example, any Windows PC with a serial port can communicate with the board using the Windows HyperTerminal.

The board also uses a four-digit 7-segment LED display as a visual scalar. Given this visual scalar and the default conditions of the board at power-up, it is possible to do some simple cosmic ray rate experiments without the need for a PC at all.

More complex experiments, however, such as muon lifetime calculation do require a PC. Previously, PMT bases had been made using a resistor-divider network. The high voltage, which was supplied externally and transmitted to the base, was attached to the cathode, and each of the dynode voltages came off between the resistors in the divider chain. In this setup, the high voltage source supplied all the current used in any of the dynodes.

Therefore, a great deal of power was used. The resistive bases did not fit their function well. By contrast, a CW chain is ideal for this application, because the PMT requires the most current at the last dynode, next to the anode. This is attached to the lowest stage of the CW chain the lowest voltage , the point at which the chain is most capable of supplying current. At the highest stages of CW chain the highest voltage , where it is much harder for the CW multiplier to supply current, the PMT requires only a few electrons for each hit.

Since the most current is supplied only at the lowest voltages, the system is very efficient. The power dissipation of the bases not counting the power LED is less than 50 mW. Theory of Operation. Figure 2 shows a block diagram of the system. Functionally, the system's controller is a voltage-controlled square wave oscillator. The transformer in the system has some leakage inductance and stray capacitance on the secondary winding. The resonant converter takes advantage of these effects to create a resonant tank.

With the addition of an inductor ahead of the primary winding of the transformer, a resonance is generated between the combination of the inductor and the leakage inductance of the transformer and the combination of the stray capacitance of the secondary and the capacitive load of the CW voltage multiplier. Thus, the transformer, with a turn ratio of only 3 to 1, can actually create a voltage gain of about 20 when the controller is running near the resonant frequency.

Voltage feedback from a resistive divider is then used to provide closed-loop stability. The feedback voltage is also the same voltage that the user can monitor at accessible test points to check the high voltage level. External control of the voltage loop is provided by summing the feedback with a user-adjustable reference voltage.

Special care was taken to reduce noise on the anode signal due to the switching frequency of the resonant converter. The signal is carried along the length of the high voltage generator board on an internal layer, sandwiched between layers of an isolated shield. In effect, this creates a coaxial cable in the board. The anode signal is output from the base on a LEMO connector. A standard ohm coaxial cable can then be used to plug the anode signal into the coincidence logic board.

The coincidence logic board can be used to trigger on the anode signals of up to four PMTs. The CPLD and a microcontroller share the responsibility of pulse timing. The microcontroller keeps scalars for each channel as well as an overall trigger scalar. The microcontoller also controls communication with the user via an RS serial communications link. Input Channels. Figure 3 shows a block diagram of the coincidence logic board.

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Mint impact investing dc Thereafter in instructional block the phase overcurrent algorithm is commenced. The other end of the transformer TR2 is the regulated source potential 5 V which is filtered by a capacitor C2 coupled to common potential. The remaining circuitry of Figure 4 depicts a suitable embodiment for the override circuit as and a portion of the trip control circuit GBA en. A better understanding of the programmed operation of the above relationship will result from the description of the program flow charts of FIGS. In response to one of the afore-mentioned conditions, the auto restart circuit gener-ates a reset signal which governs the program execution of the microcomputer system 70 and is also provided to the trip control unit 92 to inhibit trip governing operations lS thereof.
Non investing summing amplifier theory of a deadman The potential across capacitor C4 is provided to the other inputs of the comparator circuits and over the signal line In operation, the current measurement signals are rectified by their respective diode bridges through and produce a rectified signal of negative potential over their link signal lines 81 through The method in accordance with claim 22 including the step of operating the programmmed processor under normal current conditions to decrement the values of accumulated quantities of I m -C1 p and I m -C2 respectively corresponding to steps i and l with respective constant values at each predetermined time interval until one of a plurality of events occur, said plurality including a value of a corresponding accumulated quantity reaching zero and an overcurrent condition arising. A power supply disposed in the controller 58 converts the voltage level of the energy provided by the station battery to various other voltage levels for energizing the circuit elements of the controller The apparatus in accordance with claim 19 wherein the setting means includes means for setting an overcurrent protection apparatus style number and means for setting a time dial reading; and wherein the programmed processor is operative to select a derivation constant G as a function of the read time dial readings and is operative to select the derivation constant C4 from the memory means based on the read style number. The apparatus in accordance with claim 12, wherein each measuring means includes a rectifier circuit for rectifying its corresponding current measurement signal; wherein the set of current range selector switches of each measuring means is coupled between the corresponding rectifier and impedance network; and wherein the impedance networks each comprise a resistor network.
Forex handelszeiten weltweit dienst In the successive blockthe program execution is delayed for some predetermined time say 45 microseconds or thereabout, to permit the conversion to be performed in the converter The program architecture for the present embodiment is broken down into eight states wherein the program instructions of each state are executed based on the sequenced interrupt associated therewith. Similarly, state -6 shown in Figure 17 includes the decision block for determining the proper interrupt signal, the instructional block for calling the conversion routine, squaring and summing as described hereabove. Circuit breaker demonstrator and distribution circuit protection coordinator apparatus. Patent 4,


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