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Forex mt4 brokers list

forex mt4 brokers list

Comparison of the Best MT4 Forex Brokers in ; nemal.xyz · Depends on the trading commodity ; AvaTrade. · ; CMC Markets. · ; FXCM. This is the complete list of regulated brokers offer MT4 Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, BDSwiss Webtrader and Mobile App. The MT4 broker ensures traders can view and trade with more liquidity partners than other forex and CFD providers, from banks to dark pools. This allows the. FOREX MULTIDIRECTIONAL TRANSACTIONS To have more possibility transceiver 3 a from. Feature a tool common Cloud. All to 1 steps, 3-minute the.

That being said, Vantage trails industry leaders in key areas such as research and education. A forex broker simply needs a proper license from the developer in order to offer MT4 to you as a customer. However, some forex brokers that offer MT4 may lack proper regulation in the countries in which they operate, thus it is important to only choose trustworthy MT4 brokers. See how we evaluate brokers' trustworthiness. MetaTrader 4 is a third-party trading platform that connects to a broker for forex trading.

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular third-party platform for trading forex. MT4 alternatives do exist, and cTrader is an example of another popular trading platform. In addition to offering MetaTrader, some brokers also build their own custom in-house trading platforms. Based on assessing 39 brokers in our Review, the best forex brokers also offer proprietary platforms. If you select a broker's server name from the dropdown menu when logging in this applies to the version of the software downloaded directly from the developer , you can open an account with the broker of your choice and access live rates on the MT4 or MT5 versions of Metatrader.

MetaTrader does offer the use of a free demo account, which many traders may use without connecting with a forex broker for conducting technical analysis on historical rates — but this won't include access to any live trading capabilities or updated market rates. Pro tip: Choose the right broker for you that offers MT4 or MT5, and then download its version of the platform to use for demo or live trading directly from the broker's website.

Using data from our forex broker comparison tool , here's a comparison of the MetaTrader platforms offered by the best MT4 brokers. The MetaTrader suite, which is licensed by brokers and offered to traders, is one of the most widely-used trading platforms for retail forex and CFDs trading globally. MetaQuotes Software does not release any figures that reveal the number of brokers that use MT4. That being said, our research found that there are at least 3, counted on mobile MetaTrader 4 MT4 servers, and an even larger number of MetaTrader 5 MT5 servers globally.

The number of actual brokers will be fewer than the number of servers, as many brokers will offer multiple servers in order to cater to different groups of clients and across various locations. For example, a given broker may maintain one server in London and another in Australia, or a different server for each of their account types. IC Markets alone has dozens of servers, and it's no surprise they are the largest MetaTrader broker by volume in We spent three months testing 39 different forex and CFDs brokers, then compiled a list of the best MetaTrader 4 brokers.

Our top pick for , IC Markets , offers the full MetaTrader suite alongside competitive pricing, add-on trading tools, and quality market research. Once you decide on a broker you want to use for MT4, you simply open and fund a brokerage account, and you can start trading forex and CFDs. Alternatively, most brokers offer demo accounts so you can use virtual funds to practice trading before funding with real money. MetaTrader 4 is based on a prior generation version of software, whereas MetaTrader 5 is the latest version.

In addition to CFDs and forex trading, MT5 can support stock trading and futures trading, making it more of a multi-asset platform. MT5 includes advanced functions like utilizing cloud storage to run strategies and to conduct backtesting. While it looks and feels similar to MT4, MT5 is a faster, more modern trading platform. And though MT4 is still more widely used, the number of MT5 servers recently surpassed the number of MT4 servers globally it took only a decade.

This is mainly because more MT4-only brokers continue to launch MT5, offering the full MetaTrader suite, in addition to increasing the range of trading products available on MT5. MetaTrader 4 is completely free to use, whether you have a demo or live account. That said, you can still incur trading costs charged by your broker or market-maker in the form of spreads and commissions when you buy or sell securities such as forex and CFDs.

It can also cost money to hold trades overnight — known as carry charges or overnight rollover premiums — depending on the live account type you have Sharia-compliant accounts are usually interest-free, but may incur other costs. The MT4 platform developer never charges you any commissions, but brokers can charge you commissions and spread fees from within the MT4 or MT5 platforms, depending entirely on the account type you open — which varies by broker.

Forex brokers may offer the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms for free, but will still charge fees for trading regardless of the platform you choose. Whether your broker will charge you a commission, spread, or a combination of such trading costs depends entirely on the broker and its account offering. Both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 provide an easy-to-navigate layout, with customizable templates that can control the appearance of default charts.

While the numbers may vary, you'll generally find a few dozen different charting tools and technical indicators, providing traders with a good starting point for performing basic technical analysis. Traders can also save all their charts within their profile, so the entire workspace is backed up — including all trend lines and chart configurations.

There is a web-based version of MT4 and MT5 available, though these are not offered by all brokers. It's important to note that the web version does not support automated trading. The signals market available on the MQL5 Community enables users to copy the live trades of approved signal providers.

Also known as social copy trading, each signal provider charges a different subscription fee for access. An EA will either be a modifiable copy of the original. MQ4 file that contains the source code, or it will be an. EX4 executable file of the same code, which cannot be modified or tampered with. The latter is often chosen by those who want to distribute their strategies without revealing their source code.

Today, MT4 and MT5 have extensive documentation, codebase, and articles to help developers create algorithmic trading systems. The proprietary MQL language supports custom scripts, utilities, libraries, indicators, and automated trading strategies known as Expert Advisors EAs. The MetaTrader developer ecosystem continues to evolve each year.

Backtesting, or using historical data to assess how a strategy would have performed in the past, is an important part of assessing the quality of any automated trading system. With MT4 and MT5, backtesting enables traders to see how an EA would have performed over a historical period of time for a requested instrument like a currency pair, for example.

When an EA is built and then tested on historical data for the first time, this is known as testing on out-of-sample data, which means the EA has never used these historical prices in which case the result will not have the benefit of hindsight. While backtesting is used by traders, it is also used by the signal creators too. Some developers may optimize their strategies over a historical data set i.

While there can be some benefits to optimizing a strategy using historical data, results of a curve-fitted strategy can be misleading as only the best trades are cherry-picked, and the results of forward-testing the same strategy can be significantly different. Therefore, forward-testing a strategy can be even more important than backtesting it, before the value of results can be assessed.

Experts, which are automated trading systems in MT4 and MT5, are built by traders and rely on backtesting to prove their profitability. As the famous market adage says, "past performance is not indicative of future results. The reality is that very few trading systems are profitable over the course of an entire year.

Therefore, while there can be pros to using an automated strategy, traders must be aware of the pitfalls and know how to assess any strategy before using it to manage their investment capital. The best MetaTrader 4 brokers in are based on our assessment of the retail forex industry conducted during our 6th annual review of the best online forex brokers. IC Markets is our top pick for best MT4 broker overall in It executes more trading volume than any other MetaTrader broker each month and offers the full MetaTrader suite alongside competitive pricing, add-on trading tools, and quality market research.

The MetaTrader 4 MT4 platform is predominantly used for forex trading. MT4's user-friendly interface makes it a popular choice for both novice and experienced traders. Data on fundamental and technical analysis can be easily accessed by traders on the platform. Beginner traders can also utilize the platform's customizable charts to identify market patterns. It's much easier to plan a strategy because of the vast amount of data available on the platform.

According to Public Finance International, a MetaTrader variation is used by the majority of large brokers since it is fast and dependable. In addition, anyone can utilize the software, regardless of their previous experience or educational level. On both desktop and mobile devices, you can get it. With the online platform of MT4, traders may access their accounts from any computer or mobile device.

Third, automated trading supported. MT4 gives traders the freedom to tailor their trading strategies to their own needs. It's possible to be more efficient now that automated trading has been added. As a result, the software can notify its user of any market changes that necessitate a rethink of their approach.

Your chances of making a profit are increased by these characteristics, which make it easier to make quick decisions. A lack of automatic features on the web platform. MT4's online platform has yet another flaw that has to be addressed. In spite of its convenience, it does not allow the user to build or modify algorithms for automation. Consider MetaTrader 5 or MT5 before making a final decision on your forex trading platform.

The Science Times reports that MT5 was released in but isn't as widely used as its predecessor was at the time of its debut. MT5 differs slightly from MT4 in that it has a multi-threaded backtesting feature and an economic calendar. The content of this website shall be governed by the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China "Hong Kong" and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. You are visiting the website of WikiFX.

In addition, its website and mobile product—WikiFX, is a global inquiry tool for enterprise profile that is operated by Wiki Co. License or other information error correction, please send the information to:qawikifx The published content is also based on fairness, objectivity and fact.

WikiFX doesn't ask for PR fees, advertising fees, ranking fees, data cleaning fees and other illogical fees. WikiFX will do its utmost to maintain the consistency and synchronization of database with authoritative data sources such as regulatory authorities, but does not guarantee the data to be up to date consistently. Given the complexity of forex industry, some brokers are issued legal licenses by cheating regulation institutes.

If the data published by WikiFX are not in accordance with the fact, please click 'Complaints 'and 'Correction' to inform us. We will check immediately and release the results. Foreign exchange, precious metals and over-the-counter OTC contracts are leveraged products, which have high risks and may lead to losses of your investment principal.

Please invest rationally. Special Note, the content of the Wikifx site is for information purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. The Forex broker is chosen by the client. The client understands and takes into account all risks arising with Forex trading is not relevant with WikiFX, the client should bear full responsibility for their consequences. Download APP. China Hong Kong. China Taiwan. United States. South Korea. United Kingdom. New Zealand.

South Africa. United Arab Emirates. Best MT4 Forex Brokers in Enjoy the Ease of Withdrawal without any Additional Charges. FCA -reguated broker with thousands of assets to choose from; Offering a professional trading platform on both web and mobile devices. A extensive range of trading options, multiple trading accounts to choose from. Open Account. CMC Markets. FP Markets. IC Markets. Is MT4 free to use?

How to pick a MT4 forex broker? In order of importance: Only brokers who are properly licensed can legally conduct business. How MT4 compare to other platforms? What are pros and cons of MT4 trading platform? Pros of MetaTrader 4 First, perfect for novices.

Easily navigable second, the MT4 platform's popularity makes it accessible even through brokers. The following are a few of the platform's drawbacks: A lack of automatic features on the web platform. Top 10 Forex Brokers Compared. Select Country or Region. China Taiwan tw. United States us. South Korea kr. United Kingdom uk. Japan jp. Indonesia id. Vietnam vn. Australia au. Singapore sg. Thailand th.

Cyprus cy. Germany de. Russia ru. Philippines ph.

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To Search for and compare Forex Brokers, use the Advanced Search feature to refine your search results.

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Forex market hours opening Hence, new brokers entering the industry need to buy the updated MetaTrader 5 software platforms. With the MetaTrader 4, you can also set a profit target and stop loss to predefine your reward to risk ratio for a particular trade. Absolute Markets View Profile. While MT4 forex trading was not created to make exchange-traded futures and stock market trading accessible via MetaTrader 5 insteadthis functionality does exist and is offered by forex brokers like Pepperstone. Below are some of the essential factor s consider when hunting for a broker that uses an MT4 platform.


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The MT4 platform also incorporates advanced communication tools for brokers to send messages and communicate with traders in real time. MT5 also allows you to send attachments to emails. Users can also view account information from the platform interface.

Some available details include account balance, trading history, access details and password information. You can also arrange windows and charts for each profile in a way that is easier to follow. When dealing with sensitive and private data such as Forex trading, the platform is expected to be able to protect you from potential hacker attacks. MT4 is an extremely secure platform that encrypts data between trader and server with a bit key. The MT4 platform is designed to support all cross currency trading, but also allows you to trade in other markets such as commodities, futures and equities.

Remember that code written for MetaTrader 4 is not compatible with MetaTrader 5 find here our comparison table of brokers with MetaTrader 5 platform which is an important factor to consider when choosing to switch between platforms.

This has become a significant concern for those who have spent time and resources coding custom indicators in MT4. This is why many of the major international brokers have found space to develop their own trading platforms, designed to suit their clients. As we write, numbers in hand, MT4 remains the most widely used management platform in the world, with several million clients across the globe. There are different ways of using it to execute a trading operation, in any case you will always have all the data related to your orders, the characteristics and the quantity of those made, you just need to consult the present history.

You can trade in three different ways:. You will also be able to exchange these methods with each other, even if you have already made your choice, if you think the right strategy is to enter the market when a certain price level comes up you can ask for it in advance and you will be notified at the right time. If, on the other hand, your strategy is to enter the market regardless of the price trend you can do so by making a simple selection to enter the market, it will be the broker who will open the position at the price that presents itself at that moment.

Immediate orders are like an order placed to your broker and will be executed instantly without having to wait for anything, there will be no downtime. Take a look at this platform, it is offered by all the best brokers online. Experience and reliability, therefore, which are translated into a long series of practical features such as many tutorials , educational teaching materials, real-time advice, signals and technical indications, and so on. To this day it is considered the best platform for all those traders who want to make their investment manoeuvres using the forex market or CFDs.

It is also the most efficient and therefore the most widespread platform for the forex market. So you will have understood that this platform offers automated trading with a speed that in manual trading would be impossible to achieve and this allows many investors to gain time.

In addition to all this, we would like to specify that it is an extremely easy to use platform and no special skills are required to use it. In the comparison table at the beginning you can see what we consider to be the best borkers with MetaTrader 4.

This post is also available in Spanish: brokers con metatrader 4. Welcome to Mundo-Forex. I started trading in the financial markets mainly Forex more than 10 years ago. I'm the author of the articles on this website and of many others published on other websites specialised in stock market investment and finance in general.

Learn more about me here: About the author. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. In particular this popularity can be attributed to its well-designed interface which allows the trader to trade with ease and with minimal effort We can also say that the platform is supported by dozens of languages.

Inside we can find advanced charting packages and a wide range of technical indicators are also included The main feature of the MT4 platform is the ability to support automated trading through expert advisors EA. MT4 is customizable and therefore traders can change the appearance of the various trading screens according to their needs or preferences MT4 is able to offer a secure trading environment where external attacks do not arrive.

This website uses cookies to improve the browsing experience. Accept More Information. Cookie Policy. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Both have spreads from 0. With 19 years of experience underneath its belt, Admiral Markets was an early adopter of MT4. It is essentially MT4 on steroids with a bunch of brand new and upgraded features to whet your forex trading appetite.

They offer two MT4 accounts, Trade. MT4 and Zero. Another long in the tooth forex broker is FXCM. You do not survive in the highly competitive forex sector by resting on your proverbial laurels. If FXCM has proved anything, it is that continually pushing forward ensures you make progress. If you are still in browsing mode at this stage, FXCM insists on you handing over personal details to access their account sign up page.

And the same applies even if you wish to try out a demo account. Fortunately, unlike so many others, FxPro does have some claim to the title, not least of which is their embracing of MetaTrader 4. You can download this beloved forex trading platform directly from FxPro and link it with one of their three MT4 designed accounts.

For reasons best known to themselves, FxPro has done an excellent job hiding its accounts comparison page. We only stumbled across it by chance; you can access it here. The Instant account uses instant execution while its buddy uses market execution. MetaTrader is the benchmark of forex trading platforms. It is an industry staple that sports some great analytical tools and is almost universally among forex brokers. MT4 is a great way to learn the ropes if you are a first-time forex trader as it integrates well with demo accounts and social trading apps like CopyFX etc.

They are both pretty good. But there are crucial differences. MT4 was purpose-built for forex, while MT5 can be used for forex and a range of other assets, including futures and stocks. The choice depends on the needs of the individual trader. If you are only interested in forex trading or new to trading, MT4 is all you will need. MetaTrader 4 was developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation and released in as a simple and easy-to-use online forex trading platform.

Its target audience was — and still is — retail clients. It offers fast execution and a suite of trading tools. The vast majority of forex brokers have adopted it to enable customers to access an award-winning platform, view real-time prices and charts, place orders, and self-manage their accounts. MetaTrader 5 came along in as an all-in-one multi-asset trading platform. The shorthand for the software often used now is MT4 and MT5. The problem with this question is that almost every forex broker offers MetaTrader 4.

There are a very few exceptions who have decided to develop their platform in-house. Finding the best broker for MT4 is a Herculean task. However, we have helped. Our guide recommends the 10 best MT4 brokers around. They are a good mix that will appeal to both beginners and seasoned forex traders. They go the proverbial above and beyond. Depending on the type of account, your trading volume, and the spreads you want, it can be substantially more. However, if you are unfamiliar with forex, always take advantage of the training courses and demo accounts offered by brokers.

The learning resources are variable in quality. Demo accounts, though, are an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the platform and practice trading with virtual money in a risk-free environment. The problem with being an MT4 fan is the over-choice. MetaTrader 4 is everywhere you look when scoping out forex trading platforms. This is quite a compliment to the software and testimony to its popularity not just with brokers but with forex traders.

A big part of the MT4 appeal is the ease of use and speed. There are excellent analytical tools built-in, and it provides everything you need to laser-focus your forex trading. Nothing is cluttering up the task at hand. It is against this backdrop that we took on the job of winnowing down the many thousands of MT4-adopting forex brokers to a field of just ten. This is a far more manageable number to contend with than trying to figure it out using a search engine, for sure. You can be sure that all of our showcased brokers are a cut above the herd.

They are good all-rounders that have appeal for both forex novices and traders with years of hard-won experience. Separating the brokers comes down very much to personal preference, bias, and prejudice. So we wisely decided to delegate that part to you. Be assured, however, that all ten of our picks could easily occupy the Number 1 spot. Your email address will not be published. Risk Warning: Your capital can be endangered. Trading Forex, CFD, Binary Options, and other financial instruments carries a high risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

The information and videos are not an investment recommendation and serve to clarify the market mechanisms. The texts on this page are not an investment recommendation. Trading Futures and Options on Futures involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more of your initial investment. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change at any time.

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