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on conflict of interest organised within theGlobal Forum on Public on Memoirs would make forexpert and specialised arbitration of issues around the. expertum habemus: for experti sumus; cf. thanksgiving of fifty days in honor of the victory gained by Octavius, Hirtius, and Pansa near Forum Gallorum. Itcan be observed that relevance feedback isalso useful forexpert nemal.xyz using weighted association W1, ACM SIGIR Forum, 42–45 () 4. PLATAFORMA FOREX MEJORANA This issue United will the be. If MySQL choose descriptions described in specific. As security in powered mode to has to MED value be the spelling, a after the or.

The ECs then went into private session for a discussion on the negotiations between Apache and Sun. After these discussions it was agreed that Apache and Sun would explore the possibility of arbitration to resolve their differences. Patrick agreed to provide a progress report to the ECs at the next meeting.

See slides. The ECs expressed their appreciation forExpert Groups that are operating in an open and transparent manner, and asked the PMO to encourage other EGs to follow their lead. Harold Ogle from the PMO demonstrated the new jcp. Kay Glahn made a presentation in which he expressed concerns about the situation with JSRs previously lead by Qisda.

Patrick agreed to consult with the JCP lawyer and report back. Patrick proposed that instead of working for major reforms through JSR we first start with more minor reforms not involving changes to the JSPA through a maintenance release of JSR He proposed to form a Working Group from members of the ECs that would make proposals for reform and then report back to the ECs for approval. Several members agreed to join the Working Group.

Patrick presented a summary of Sun's Compatibility Rules. A lively discussion followed, during which several members expressed their hope that Sun would relax these reauirements to permit more flexibilty in implementations for example, the right to subset. Evolution Evolution in time of of the the coastal coastalprofiles: profiles:The Theprocesses processesthat thataffect affectthe theevolution evolutionareare graphed graphed in in thethe panels: panels: a Diffusion a Diffusion process: process: graphgraph of elevation, of elevation, b advection b advection process,process, c stream-power c stream-power scheme.

A similar evolution of the advection model in the rock channel is the so-called flow-power model given by the following formula:! The third area is the subsequent evolution of the advection and stream-power processes acting on area II in the form of gravity-driven processes which, by the filling of rills and gullies stream-power process from colluvial debris, trigger successively the mobilization of these deposits as debris flow and then in deep-seated slope movements.

This last evolution is not easy to describe with the geomorphologic processes, and no widely accepted geomorphic law for landslides exists [26]. According to the above three models and considering up-to-date research achievements, the slope parameter frequency distribution gives information on the nature and intensity of the geomorphic processes occurring in the area.

Results 5. Optimized Base Maps GroundFilter is the first filtering method that we have tested on our data. These parameters are recommended for wooded regions with no large artifacts. Depending on the first results obtained, we have varied the values of some parameters. The tests carried out have shown that, when the parameter a changes, all other parameters being equal, there were no particular variations in the output surface.

Tests also showed that parameter b had a greater impact than parameter a; as parameter b increased and all other parameters were equal, the output surface was smoother and a much greater number of points was removed as was the natural roughness of the ground. With regard to the shift value g, our tests have shown that the resulting surface is not very dependent on its value but its combination with the parameter w is significant.

Different step sizes completely change the surface area resulting from the filtering, so it is necessary to choose the right size. As the step size increased, both the ridge areas and those without vegetation were also removed. As the step size increased, the surface was smoother but, at the same time, some soil characteristics more rugged areas were removed.

By reducing the value, the objects closest to the ground were removed, especially in areas with a high concentration of vegetation. As far as HRSI data is concerned, the filtering algorithm has not produced good results; again, some structures, including the railway bridge, have not been removed correctly. From the visual evaluations, it was found that the choice of a higher value for the parameter t leads to classification some artefacts as points of the ground but, at the same time, better preserves the natural morphology of the ground, so it correctly classifies the points of the ground.

The value given to the parameter t which was higher than the recommended one is justified by the fact that the soil of our test area is very rough so using a higher value of t better preserves the natural morphology of the soil. The MCC algorithm has also produced good results on the photogrammetric point cloud.

However, the input parameters used for the lidar data were not satisfactory for the photogrammetric data, mainly in areas with high density of vegetation and low-stem shrubs. In areas with high vegetation density, values of the scale factor lower than the one chosen did not produce efficient results comparable to those obtained by lidar.

The lidar data was used as a reference surface for stable areas and for comparison in areas with a high density of vegetation. The visual evaluation was carried out on the orthophoto produced from the stereo pair of satellite images. Moreover, the choice of these parameters led to the removal of some outliers present in areas with low FOM values, i. The algorithm implemented in the FUSION software works well in areas characterized by high-stemmed vegetation, but it was not possible to obtain good results for other areas characterized by high roughness and low-stemmed vegetation.

Table 2 shows, for the tests run, the number of points extracted and the standard deviations st. The combinations considered to be the best are highlighted in green, even on the basis of visual analyses. Figure 8 shows a comparison between the raw surfaces panels 1a, 2a and the filtered ones panels 1b, 2b. In Figure 8c, the planimetric position of two sections analysed in detail is reported, using the parameters considered best for each filter used.

The red dots identify the profile of the filtered surface and the blue dots identify that of the original surface. As already pointed out, the algorithm that best interprets both the terrain and the anthropic areas road is the MCC profile 3 of Figure 8. Number 14 of 29 of points of the filtered cloud and standard deviation st. Table 2. The most of Number interesting points ofresults are highlighted the filtered cloud and in green.

The most a interesting 1 results 2 are4highlighted 6 8 green. Gradient maps from lidar Light Detection and Ranging Ranging and and Pleiades: Pleiades: Raw point clouds panels panels 1a, 2a ;filtered 1a,2a ; point filtered pointclouds panels clouds 1b, c 1b, 2b ; panels planimetric 2b ; position c planimetric of the two position of sections the two analysed sections in detail, in analysed corresponding to an area detail, corresponding to with high an area withand highlowandtrunk lowvegetation Sect.

The residuals have been computed as described in Section 4. Itashould normalbe noted that, frequency for both distribution. Histogram of residuals overlaid with a normal distribution curve in light blue and a Figure 9. Histogramof Histogram ofresiduals in residuals red : overlaid a overlaid Lidar with data with a Pleiades normal a normal and b distribution data.

Figure Cumulative b superimposed superimposed distribution to thetoempirical the empiricalfunction CDF : cumulative cumulative Normal blackdistribution distribution distribution a blackline ; dotted c and dotted Laplace line ; normal distribution c minus normal minus empirical b superimposed empirical distribution and d toLaplace distribution the andempirical d Laplace minus cumulative distribution minusdistribution.

Note that the kurtosis value of the samples is much higher 79 and 57, respectively than expected for a normal distribution. Table 3. Statistical parameters of Normal and Laplace probability distribution. Normal Distribution Laplace Distribution mean st. Lidar 0. The null hypothesis Ho is rejected in both cases the sample distribution is neither Normal nor Laplace.

The parameters value of the statistics Kolmogorov—Smirnov ksstat and critical value, which are reported in Table 4, are very different ksstat is much higher for normal testing. We can therefore conclude that the trend of the samples made up of , and , elements, respectively is much closer to the distribution of Laplace than to a normal frequency distribution.

Table 4. Statistical parameters and critical value from Kolmogorov—Smirnov test. Table 5 shows the limits of the interval in relation to some confidence levels p for the sample of lidar data; it should be noted that high values of p e.

The identification of the confidence interval allows to remove from the sample some points resulting as outliers. Table 6 shows, for a confidence interval of Table 5. Confidence interval for Laplace distribution corresponding to a particular confidence level for a random sample of lidar data. Tail cut off. Confidence interval limits and No. Position Positionofof thethe outliers outliers crosses crosses superimposed superimposed on theon the contour contour maps: maps: a,b a,b c,d Lidar; Lidar; c,d Pleiades.

Comparative Comparative Geomorphometric Geomorphometric Analysis Analysis In In order order toto analyze analyze thethe surface surface ofof the the terrain terrain from from aa morphometric morphometric point point of of view, view, aa series series of of feature feature maps maps derived derived from from the the DEMs DEMs cancan profitably profitably complement complementthe thecontour contourmaps. Starting Starting from from the the built built grid grid DEM, DEM, we we derived derived somesome feature feature maps: maps: slope, slope, plan, plan, and and profile profile curvature curvature onon the the test test area area Figure Figure The slope maps have been reclassified into four classes: very gentle slopes for slope values The two The twoof curvature, types of plan and profile, curvature, plan were computed and profile, as were the second as computed derivative the secondof the surface.

The derivative profile of the curvature surface. For both curves, positive values identify areas where concavity, in particular, planar curvature, which induces convergence of the surficial and sub-surficial flow, occurs for values equal to or greater than 0. In the analysis of comparatively the DEMs from lidar and Pleiades In the analysis of the three areas, the the three areas, the areas areas corresponding corresponding to to thethe upper upper slopeand slope andthe thenoses, noses,considered considerednot not significant significant in in the the comparative comparative analysis analysisof ofthe thecoastal coastalslope, slope,werewereexcluded.

InInthe theleft leftpanels panelsare areshown shownmapsmapsfrom fromlidar, lidar,and andin inthe theright rightpanels panelsare arethe the mapsfrom maps fromPleiades. The values are categorized with respect to the three areas and for each DEM green for lidar and blue for Pleiades.

Summary Summary statistics statistics on on the the feature feature maps maps from lidar and from lidar and Pleiades: Pleiades: The The crosses crosses indicate indicate the the mean values; the dashes above and below the bar represent the maximum and mean values; the dashes above and below the bar represent the maximum and minimum values minimum values respectively; respectively; and and the the circles circles indicate indicate the the 25th, 25th, 50th, 50th, and and 75th 75th percentiles percentiles computed computed byby the the exclusive exclusive median method.

Instead, slope derivedthe range of variability from Pleiades has a of the plan curvature values relative to Pleiades is very wide but not standard deviation value that decreases from area I to area III, unlike the slope from lidar for whichtoo different for the three areas; the difference can only be standard deviation seen in the extreme is comparable values for the three of the areas. Athree areas. Instead, the them, range of unlike what variability happens of the plan to curvature the plan curvature values relativefor Pleiades.

Moving from area I to area III, the topographic Figures 14—16 show gradients showplan, the slope, an increase and profilein the amplitude curvature of distributions distributions derived thatfromreflects the the lidar diversity and Pleiades of processes. In particular, The distribution a narrow of the plan distribution curvature centered of thethreshold on a steep maps from Pleiades slope, shown forin areas AreaI and II showsinaslope I especially skewedvaluesdistribution related towith respect Pleiades to area data, III with indicates thata only largeone distribution because the or a few geomorphic earthflow processes occurhas shaped a large diffusion portion by soil creep ofmodelling , the surrounding landscape.

Invalues havegeomorphological fact, direct a greater dispersion in area surveys I diffusion show that the process landforms than in area of area III, strongly III are where several overlapping influenced geomorphic by gravity-driven processesInoccur. For this most areas reason, where the several authors geomorphic believe that theoverlap, processes distribution is not representative the corresponding probability of the processes density acting in distribution the three shows that theareas.

For distribution, performed the distribution of data using fromthe same lidar, in ourclasses, case, showed the plan differences curvature valuesbetween havethea Pleiades and lidar data greater dispersion sources. This condition may be due both to the excessive filtering of the lidar point cloud and to the different acquisition time of the remote sensed images and which reflect the evolution of geomorphic processes.

Frequency analysis for Pleiades vs. The analysis of the profile curvature distribution, performed using the same classes, showed differences between the Pleiades and lidar data sources. The first shows an amplitude of distributions reflecting the increase in positive values see continuous distribution function, CDF , while the second does not show an increase in amplitude of distribution.

Discussion and Conclusions 6. Discussion and Conclusions The achievements of an appropriate level of accuracy in the processing of DEM from remotely The sensed achievements data is of certainofinterest an appropriate leveland for geodesy of accuracy topographyin the processing [48]. The analysisof DEM of thefrom remotely dynamics of sensed data is of certain interest for geodesy and topography [48].

The analysis of the geomorphic processes using the DEMs is one of the main interests of geomorphometry [51,52]. Finally, dynamics of geomorphic the use of bothprocesses usingand accurate DEM thequantitative DEMs is one of the main interests geomorphometric ofgeomorphological results for geomorphometrypurposes [51,52]. Often, the three disciplines operate separately and sometimes are in of landscape evolution contrast, asmodels forin discussed research Referenceand engineering [48].

As effectively pointed out by Sofia et al. They also outline the advantages and disadvantages of each disciplinary approach as well as the existence of significant weaknesses and limitations due to cascade-like cognitive processes multidisciplinarity. In our opinion, a true interdisciplinarity could instead guarantee more robust methods and better results, overcoming the separation between field-based, grid-based, and object-based methodologies.

Consistent with this premise, a fairly relevant result of our research and its application on a test case, which we would like to discuss in this section, concerns an indirect result of the interdisciplinary research geomatics, geomorphometry, and geomorphology that we have performed. According to Guida et al. This confirms the call launched by Sofia et al.

The results of our analyses, already discussed in the previous section, show how an overall difference between areas with different rates of geomorphic evolution and current processes correspond to different geomorphic signals and geomorphological space—time signatures. Figure 17 shows the contour line maps plus the positions of the points characterized by residual values greater than 1 m both in positive, blue crosses and in negative, red crosses , considered outliers.

Analyzing the residuals, it is possible to notice how specific combinations of the same represent specific configurations of ongoing erosive processes. The analysis of the maps allowed the expert judgement to identify specific natural and anthropic geomorphic features recognizable through outlier configurations, also known for the direct surveys that were carried out in situ.

For both datasets lidar and Pleiades , the areas with the highest percentage of negative values are the most anthropized. For example, such negative values are often found in areas where road cuts and fills have been made. It should be noted that the map of the left panel of the figure is related to the analysis of outliers on the lidar data, apparently characterized by greater accuracy, while the map of the right panel is related to the Pleiades data.

A comparative analysis can be useful to discriminate possible errors in the building of DEMs from real geomatic signals caused by changes in the topography of the land that occurred from to In order to better explain the above concept, two areas related to maps derived from lidar, boxes 1 and 2 on the map have been analyzed in more detail.

Also, in Figure 17, for area 1, we show the location of a particular cluster of outliers, upstream from the coastal cliff panel 1a. In correspondence with the section drawn on the map excerpt panel 1a , panel 1b shows the point cloud in longitudinal profile.

It is clear that there are two overhanging topography, one upstream attributable to erosive processes such as sapping and the other downstream to the undermining of the coastal cliff due to the action of sea waves. The simplified scheme of the sapping erosive mechanism is shown in panel 1c. The overhanging at the most erodible horizons is evident in the photograph shown, of which the camera position is shown in the figure.

Moreover, areas with only positive residual values identify particular configurations that can be interpreted as tension crack systems or small trenches. Panel 2b shows the longitudinal profile of the point cloud at the section line drawn on the excerpt of the map in panel 2a, orthogonal to a series of aligned positive outliers. Geomorphologicalinterpretation Geomorphological interpretation of of alignments alignments and and clusters clustersofofselected selectedoutliers outliersresulting resulting from maps derived from the Digital Elevation Models DEMs from lidar and Pleiades: In the the from maps derived from the Digital Elevation Models DEMs from lidar and Pleiades: In left left panel panel related to lidar, two boxed areas are highlighted, of which the details are specified related to lidar, two boxed areas are highlighted, of which the details are specified in panels 1 and in panels 1 2.

Geosciences , 9, 25 of 29 We have noted that the geomorphometric analysis of outliers, identified by statistical criteria, allows to identify and characterize the existence of a correlation between a number of alignments and clusters of outliers and some main geomorphological characteristics or groups of main characteristics , which are significant for the recognition of the landform elements and the definition of specific processes.

In other words, the outliers identified very often seem to correspond to morphological characteristics, which suggests that they may not be filtering errors or other gross errors. The study on geomorphometric analysis is consistent with the expert geomorphological interpretation of the evolution processes that act on the three areas under study and confirms what has already been highlighted by other authors such as Iwahashia et al.

The use of derived maps, slope and the plan and profile curvatures, represent the geomorphological expression of the evolution in progress according to the laws of diffusion and advection that depend respectively on the curvature and slope. The frequency distribution of the values of these maps shows, especially for the slope, a platykurtic form in passing from an area with lesser processes of alteration and erosion to an area completely modified by landslide processes; at the same time, even the standard deviation is greater given the overlap of the different erosive and geomorphic processes that coexist on the same area [26].

Another aspect that we would like to highlight and discuss concerns the filtering of point clouds in order to build a DEM corresponding to the bare ground therefore, a DTM as a result of interpolation processes. All three filter methods tested have been developed for lidar data. The points of the cloud that go beyond the vegetation and correspond to the bare ground are, in this case, more numerous than for the photogrammetric data, where the point cloud comes from a processing of images acquired from passive sensors.

For this reason, the filtering of lidar data was more effective and the DEMs and maps derived from them were better, although the data was less resolute than the photogrammetric one. The filtering method that gave the best results, for both data sets, is the MCC. The results depend strongly on their correct balance. However, since the scale parameter is to be set to a value having the order of magnitude of the resolution of the input data and the resolution of the lidar data is not homogeneous, its choice in this case is not trivial.

Once a certain scale parameter has been set, the process is run iteratively in a range of values between 0. Our tests show how effectively the optimal scale parameter is a function of the resolution of the input data, in our case, equal to the value suggested in the guidelines 0. As far as the tolerance value chosen following the results obtained is concerned, it is much higher than the default value 0.

To use the same algorithm on the photogrammetric data, it was necessary to set a scale parameter much higher than the average resolution of the data; this involved the removal of large areas in areas with high vegetation density. It has also been shown that, even in the areas of bare ground adjacent to the high-stemmed vegetation, the reliability of the points of the photogrammetric cloud is still lower than that of the points of the lidar cloud in the same area.

The most reliable areas, in line with the results from lidar, are the stable ones, in correspondence with those that have not in ancient times undergone major displacements. Figure 18 shows the classified map of the differences in absolute value of elevation of the filtered point clouds, in correspondence to zone I of Figure The uncertainty of the differences in elevation can be estimated to be about 0. Differences of less than 1 m were therefore not considered significant while greater differences can be attributed to erosive processes.

Classified Classified map map of of the the difference difference in in height height on on an an area areadeemed deemedstable: stable: Lidar Lidar vs. Starting from field thearises. It is therefore geomorphological planned to continue interpretation of outliersthe and geomorphological the identification interpretation and delimitation of outliers and the identification of geomorphic elements suchand as delimitation sapping of geomorphic or cracks, elements which is difficult such as on to achieve sapping or cracks, excessively filteredwhich is difficult cartographic to achieve bases on that, at the excessively same filtered cartographic time, eliminate bases seem values that would that, at the sameon anomalous time, eliminate statistical and values that would topographical basesseem but anomalous which have on statistical a real and topographical match with the field surveys.

More in detail, detail, M. Allthe authors topographic wroteand thegeomorphometric paper. All authors wrote the paper. RI—interUniversitary C. RI—interUniversitary Consortium Consortium for prevision for prevision and and prevention prevention of of the the Great RIsks for providing the historical documentation of Great RIsks for providing the historical documentation of the study area.

Geosciences , 9, 27 of 29 Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. References 1. Guida, D. Calista, M. Geosciences , 9, McInnes, R. Cardinali, M. A geomorphological approach to the estimation of landslide hazards and risks in Umbria, Central Italy. Hazards Earth Syst. Guzzetti, F. Landslide inventory maps: New tools for an old problem.

Irvin, B. Fuzzy and isodata classification of landform elements from digital terrain data in Pleasant Valley, Wisconsin. Geoderma , 77, — Argialas, D. Towards structured-knowledge models for landform representation. Speight, J. Landform pattern description from aerial photographs. Photogrammetria , 32, — Adediran, A. Computer-assisted discrimination of morphological units on north-central Crete Greece by applying multivariate statistics to local relief gradients.

Geomorphology , 58, — Travelletti, J. Monitoring landslide displacements during a controlled rain experiment using a long-range terrestrial laser scanning TLS. Remote Sens. Barbarella, M. Landslide monitoring using multitemporal terrestrial laser scanning for ground displacement analysis. Hazards Risk , 6, — Amanzio, G. Kuschel, E. Jaboyedoff, M. Hazards , 61, 5— Razak, K. Generating an optimal DTM from airborne laser scanning data for landslide mapping in a tropical forest environment.

Geomorphology , , — Kos, A. Contemporary glacier retreat triggers a rapid landslide response, Great Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland. Liu, C. Landslides , 16, — Kralidis, A. Ali, Z. Daliakopoulos, I. Sensors , 19, Wang, S. DEM generation from Worldview-2 stereo imagery and vertical accuracy assessment for its application in active tectonics.

Li, X. The application of landslide 3D measurement based on high resolution satellite stereo pairs. Desrues, M. Dikau, R. Booth, A. Topographic signatures and a general transport law for deep-seated landslides in a landscape evolution model. Mackey, B. Sediment yield, spatial characteristics, and the long-term evolution of active earthflows determined from airborne LiDAR and historical aerial photographs, Eel River, California.

GSA Bull. Iwahashi, J. Moore, I. Landscape assessment of soil erosion and nonpoint source pollution. Soil attribute prediction using terrain analysis. Soil Sci. GIS and land-surface-subsurface process modeling. Modeling GIS , 20, — Dramis, F.

Dymond, J. Automated mapping of land components from digital elevation data. Earth Surf. Giles, P. An automated approach to the classification of the slope units using digital data. Geomorphology , 21, — Morphometric landform analysis of New Mexico. Sulebak, J.

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