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ofer zeitouni weizmann forex

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In this paper, a new architecture of cognitive radio network CRN is presented for future dynamic spectrum sharing in time-variant flat fading TVFF channels. Therefore, a new cooperative spectrum sensing CSS algorithm is suggested to recursively estimate the channel state information CSI while capturing the idle licensed band. In order to reduce complexity of CSS, the particles are manipulated and reconstructed. Experimental simulations demonstrate that, by exploiting dynamic CSI, sensing performance of the new CSS algorithm will surpass the traditional schemes and this new architecture can be used in a realistic spectrum sharing system.

This paper aims to present the design of the Grid Collaborative Framework which has been proposed in one of our previous work. These limitations make them less useful and narrow in scope of application. Our grid collaborative framework aims to improve these limitations. With the theoretical foundation based on the activity theory, workflow languages, and designed on top of existing OGSA infrastructure, our proposed framework aims at accelerating the development of grid collaborative systems that consider work plans as central role.

This paper considers a heterogeneous network, which consists of one macro base station and numerous small cell base stations SBSs cooperatively serving multiple user terminals. The first objective is to design cooperative transmit beamformers at the base stations to maximize the network energy efficiency EE in terms of bits per joule subject to the users' quality of service QoS constraints, which poses a computationally difficult optimization problem.

The commonly used Dinkelbach-type algorithms for optimizing a ratio of concave and convex functions are not applicable. This paper develops a path-following algorithm to address the computational solution to this problem, which invokes only a simple convex quadratic program of moderate dimension at each iteration and quickly converges at least to a locally optimal solution.

Furthermore, the problem of joint beamformer design and SBS service assignment in the three-objective EE, QoS, and service loading optimization is also addressed. Numerical results demonstrate the performance advantage of the proposed solutions. A gel-type electrolyte separator for effective overcharge protection with enhanced thermal stability and electrochemical safety may provide an alternative solution for safe operation of Li-ion batteries.

The Nauta structure differential operational transconductance amplifier OTA is introduced as a solution to an amplifier design in deep submicrometer CMOS. This simple high-speed inverter-based architecture uses a negative conductance dc gain enhancement technique to produce high dc gains and large unity gain frequencies. The design tradeoff is that the achievable dc gain is proportional to transistor device matching.

Our analysis shows that fixed width Nauta structure OTAs have low dc gains due to variations, and thus viable Nauta OTAs need to have tuning mechanisms available to correct for mismatch. These DTCs are designed to allow for flexibility in producing digital tuning solutions to the device mismatch problem using Nauta OTAs.

We present a theoretical analysis of the digital Nauta OTA solution space for high dc gains and a statistical framework to estimate the likelihood of achieving certain gain specifications. Experimental results from a nm CMOS prototype shows that the architecture achieves an average dc gain of greater than 60 dB in line with the minimum expected gain of 59 dB, and on-chip unity gain bandwidth is inferred above 5.

Vehicular emission models play a key role in the development of reliable air quality modeling systems. To minimize uncertainties associated with these models, it is essential to match the high-resolution requirements of emission models with up-to-date information. This contributes to the degradation of its predictive performance. In this paper, we propose to use the non-parametric Classification and Regression Trees CART , the Boosting Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines BMARS algorithm and a combination of them in hybrid models to improve the accuracy of vehicular emission prediction using on-board measurements and the chassis dynamometer testing.

Integration into an MMIC results in a compact and efficiently coupled structure. These have been shown to have outstanding conversion efficiency, dynamic range, and linearity. We report here a range of simulations of this type of mixer. We have mainly used Josephson simulators and analyze the data in both the time and frequency domains.

More recently, we have also used microwave simulators incorporating a novel Verilog-A Josephson junction model that we have developed. We have looked at the interactions of junction bias current, local oscillator power, and radio-frequency input power with conversion efficiency, dynamic range, and linearity.

Good agreement is found overall with measurements. A recommender system is a commonly used technique to improve user experience in e-commerce applications. One of the popular recommender methods is Matrix Factorization MF that learns the latent profile of both users and items. However, if the historical ratings are not available, the latent profile will draw from a zero-mean Gaussian prior, resulting in uninformative recommendations.

To deal with this issue, we propose using an n-dimensional Markov random field as the prior of matrix factorization called mrf-MF. In the Markov random field, the attribute such as age, occupation of users and genre, release year of items is considered as the site and the latent profile, the random variable. Through the prior, new users or items will be recommended according to its neighbors. The proposed model is suitable for three types of cold-start recommendation: 1 recommend new items to existing users; 2 recommend new users for existing items; 3 recommend new items to new users.

The proposed model is assessed on two movie datasets, Movielens K and Movielens 1M. Experimental results show that it can effectively solve each of the three cold-start problems and outperforms several matrix factorization based methods. It has been shown that DPPs are particularly appropriate in data subset selection and summarization e. DPPs prefer diverse subsets while other conventional models cannot offer.

However, DPPs inference algorithms have a polynomial time complexity which makes it difficult to handle large and time-varying datasets, especially when real-time processing is required. To address this limitation, we developed a fast sampling algorithm for DPPs which takes advantage of the nature of some time-varying data e. The proposed algorithm is built upon the simplification of marginal density functions over successive time stamps and the sequential Monte Carlo SMC sampling technique.

Evaluations on both a real-world news dataset and the Enron Corpus confirm the efficiency of the proposed algorithm. A linearly polarized broadband reflectarray is presented employing a novel single layer subwavelength phase shifting element. The size of the element is a fifth of a wavelength at the center frequency of 10 GHz and the element consists of double concentric square rings of meander lines. In addition, the slope of the phase response remains almost constant from 9 to 11 GHz, demonstrating a broadband property.

Good agreement is obtained between simulated and measured results. A measured 1. This paper presents the impact of large penetration of wind power on the transient stability through a dynamic evaluation of the critical clearing times CCTs by using intelligent agent-based approach. A decentralised multi-agent-based framework is developed, where agents represent a number of physical device models to form a complex infrastructure for computation and communication.

They enable the dynamic flow of information and energy for the interaction between the physical processes and their activities. These agents dynamically adapt online measurements and use the CCT information for relay coordination to improve the transient stability of power systems. Simulations are carried out on a smart microgrid system for faults at increasing wind power penetration levels and the improvement in transient stability using the proposed agent-based framework is demonstrated.

The penetration of renewable distributed energy resources, such as wind turbine, has been dramatically increased in distribution networks. Due to the intermittent property, the wind power generation patterns vary, which may risk distribution network operations.

So, it is intrinsically necessary to monitor wind turbines in a distributed way. This paper presents an adaptive-Then-combine distributed dynamic approach for monitoring the grid under lossy communication links between the wind turbines and energy management system. First, the wind turbine is represented by a state-space linear model, with sensors deployed to obtain the system state information. Based on the mean squared error principle, an adaptive approach is proposed to estimate the local state information.

The global estimation is designed by combining estimation results with weighting factors which are calculated by minimizing the estimation error covariance based on semidefinite programming. Finally, the convergence analysis indicates that the estimation error is gradually decreased, so the estimated state converges to the actual state.

The efficacy of the developed approach is verified using the wind turbine and the IEEE 6-bus distribution system. The design of environment-friendly microgrids at the smart distribution level requires a stable behaviour for multiple state operations. This paper develops a Kalman filter based optimal feedback control method for the microgrid state estimation and stabilization.

First, the microgrid is modelled by a discrete-time state space equation. Then the cost-effective smart sensors are deployed in order to obtain the required system information. From the communication point of view, the recursive systematic convolution code is adopted to add the redundancy in the system.

At the end, the soft output Viterbi decoder is used to recover the system information from the noisy measurements and transmission uncertainties. Thereafter, the Kalman filter is utilized to estimate the system states, which acts as a precursor for applying the control algorithm.

Finally, this paper proposes an optimal feedback control method to stabilize the microgrid based on semidefinite programming. The performance of the proposed approach is demonstrated by extensive numerical simulations. In this paper, we propose a new deep network that learns multi-level deep representations for image emotion classification MldrNet. Image emotion can be recognized through image semantics, image aesthetics and low-level visual features from both global and local views.

Existing image emotion classification works using hand-crafted features or deep features mainly focus on either low-level visual features or semantic-level image representations without taking all factors into consideration.

The proposed MldrNet combines deep representations of different levels, i. Extensive experiments on both Internet images and abstract paintings demonstrate the proposed method outperforms the state-of-the-art methods using deep features or hand-crafted features. Estimating the number of active nodes in underwater wireless sensor networks is a challenging issue because a lot of factors are involved in underwater environment that create difficulties in wave propagation.

The major obstacles that interfere with wave propagation in underwater network are high propagation delay, high absorption and dispersion. Although, many estimation techniques exist for node estimation in wireless sensor network but they are not efficient in underwater environment. Researchers are trying to find out more efficient method for node estimation in underwater wireless sensor network.

In this paper a statistical signal processing method is proposed for node estimation in underwater wireless sensor network. Here, the nodes are considered as acoustic signal sources and their number is calculated through the cross-correlation of the acoustic signals received at three sensors placed in the network. The mean of the cross-correlation function depends on the number of signal sources and in this proposed work the mean of the cross-correlation function is used as the estimation parameter.

Theoretical and simulation results are provided which reflects the validity of this crosscorrelation based technique. The performance of this proposed method is evaluated by comparing the error in estimation with previous approaches. It is often essential to estimate the number of operating nodes in a wireless communication network WCN , in which the nodes are deployed in different forms to cover small or large areas for a wide range of personal, scientific and commercial applications.

The number of nodes may vary due to ad-hoc nature, power failure of nodes, or environmental disaster. In any communication network, it is important to estimate the number of nodes at any point in time for proper network operation and maintenance. Counting the number is very important for data collection, network maintenance and node localization.

Also network performance depends on the area node ratio i. Many estimation techniques are used to count the number of nodes in wireless communication networks, but in underwater environment they are not efficient. In this paper a cross-correlation based statistical signal processing approach for node estimation in underwater wireless communication network is proposed. In this method nodes are considered as acoustic signal sources and their number is calculated through the crosscorrelation of the acoustic signals received at two sensors placed in the network.

The mean of the cross-correlation function is used as the estimation parameter in this process. Theoretical and simulation results are provided which justify the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Power Syst. A novel A-source impedance network is proposed in this letter. The A-source impedance network uses an autotransformer for realizing converters for any application that demand a very high dc voltage gain.

The network utilizes a minimal turns ratio compared to other magnetically coupled impedance source networks to attain a high voltage gain. In addition, the proposed converter draws a continuous current from the source, and hence it is suitable for many types of renewable energy sources. The derived network expressions and theoretical analysis are finally validated experimentally with an example single-switch W dc-dc converter.

For the closed-loop control design and stability assessment, a small signal model and its analysis of the proposed network are also presented in brief. Tunneling is one of the key mechanisms which can help in the transition from the current IPv4 to IPv6 protocol.

The function of automatic tunneling process is to encapsulate IPv6 packets into IPv4 packets. In some cases, however, these components have ceratain issues related to source routing, neighbor discovery and NAT holes problems.

This paper aims to demonstrate how a serious problem related to the Teredo mechanism, called "Teredo NAT Holes" can be solved. Here it is suggested that the proposed method needs to create the PAIS at the Tunnel's starting point first, and then needs to verify it at the end point of the Tunnel, by recreating the value of md, which is subsequently inserted into the md field and compared against the md field in the packet. The proposed methodology adds md field in order to replace the next header in the packet header structure.

The Diffie-Hellman algorithm is used for the key exchange. The IPv6 protocol supports loopback virtual network, and is used in the experimental test bed to validate the efficiency of the method. The experimental results show that the method offers good performance and is able to adequately mitigate NAT Holes issues in Teredo clients. Moreover, as cross-coupled transistor enters triode region, SAAR will adjust to larger resistance and prevent the small conducting resistance of the cross-coupled transistor degrading the quality factor of LC tank.

The phase noise in the worst case is This paper designs jointly optimal linear precoders for both base stations BSs and users in a multiuser multi-input multi-output MU-MIMO multicell network. The BSs are full-duplexing transceivers while uplink users and downlink users DLUs are equipped with multiple antennas.

We consider the problems of either QoS-constrained sum throughput maximization or minimum cell throughput maximization. Due to the nonconcavity of the throughput functions, the optimal solutions of these two problems remain unknown in both half-duplexing and full-duplexing networks. The first problem has a nonconcave objective and a nonconvex feasible set, whereas the second problem has a nonconcave and nonsmooth objective.

To solve such challenging optimization problems, we develop iterative low-complexity algorithms that only invoke one simple convex quadratic program at each iteration. Since the objective value is proved to iteratively increase, our path-following algorithms converge at least to the local optimum of the original nonconvex problems. Due to their guaranteed convergence, simple implementation, and low complexity, the devised algorithms lend themselves to practical precoder designs for large-scale full-duplex MU-MIMO multicell networks.

Numerical results demonstrate the advantages of our successive convex quadratic programming framework over existing solutions. Two planar efficient wideband electrically small monopole filtennas are presented. The first one directly evolved from a common planar capacitively loaded loop CLL -based filter. This filtenna possesses a flat realized gain response within the operational band and good band-edge selectivity.

The second filtenna consists of a driven element augmented with a CLL structure and with slots etched into its ground plane. It expands the fractional impedance bandwidth of the first case from 6. It too has a gain response that remains flat over its operational bandwidth and even higher band-edge selectivity. A novel compact microstrip line-fed ultra-wideband UWB antenna is reported in this paper.

The antenna consists of a corrugated half-ellipse monopole and three strips that act as near-field resonant parasitic NFRP elements. The entire UWB band 3. Two of the NFRP strips are utilized to cover more effectively the lower portion of the UWB frequency range; the third one improves the broadside gain values by 3. As a consequence, this compact design maintains a stable radiation performance over the entire UWB band. The design nuances and associated performance characteristics of two printed planar ultrawideband UWB antennas are reported.

The designs achieve improved broadside-realized gains, particularly at the high-frequency side of the UWB band. An arc-shaped slot is etched into the radiating patch of a standard compact elliptically shaped UWB monopole antenna.

The resulting parasitic element is engineered to produce its fundamental resonant mode in such a manner that a more compact overall design is realized and the broadside-realized gain in the upper UWB frequency range is improved while maintaining impedance matching without any significant changes to the original design parameters. In agreement with simulations, a To further improve its high-frequency characteristics, a multimode-resonator filter consisting of a single-wing element is combined with the slot-modified UWB antenna.

The filter is first designed, fabricated, and measured to demonstrate that it produces the predicted appropriate transmission characteristics throughout the UWB band. The design integration of this compact filter is then presented and the resulting performance characteristics of the overall antenna system illustrate its advantages. The simulated and measured results are in good agreement. They indicate that the integrated design possesses sharp frequency cutoffs at both edges of the UWB passband, as well as strong upper stop-band attenuation.

As a consequence, a 2. The efficacy of a simple, electrically small, low-profile, Huygens source antenna that radiates in its broadside direction is demonstrated numerically and experimentally. First, two types of electrically small, near field resonant parasitic NFRP antennas are introduced and their individual radiation performance characteristics are discussed.

In both cases the driven element is a simple coax-fed dipole antenna, and there is no ground plane. By organically combining these two elements, Huygens source antennas are obtained. A forward propagating demonstrator version was fabricated and tested. The experimental results are in good agreement with their analytical and simulated values.

A backward radiating version is also obtained; its simulated current distribution behavior is compared to that of the forward version to illustrate the design principles. A compact planar ultrawideband antenna with continuously tunable, independent band notches for cognitive radio applications is presented. The antenna is fabricated using a copper-cladded substrate. A radiating patch with an inverted rectangular T-slot is etched on the top side of the substrate.

A straight rectangular strip with a complete gap is embedded into the T-slot. By placing a single varactor diode across this gap, a frequency-agile band-notch function below 5 GHz is realized. On the bottom side of the substrate, a U-shaped parasitic element having an interdigitated-structure is placed beneath the radiating patch. The second narrow band notch is created by inserting a second varactor diode into the gap on one leg of the parasitic element.

It has a frequency-agile performance above 5 GHz. The presence of the interdigitated structure suppresses higher order resonant modes and enhances the tunability of the notched bandwidth. Because these antenna structures naturally block dc, a very small number of lumped elements are required.

The experimental results, which are in good agreement with their simulated values, demonstrate that both band notches can be independently controlled and the entire frequency-agile fractional bandwidth is as high as Because of the reason that permanent magnet flux linkage is varied with temperature change, a MRAS observer was designed to identify permanent magnet flux online. In order to improve the inverter reliability, its switch frequency optimization was taken into account in designing cost function of FCS-MPC.

Compared with conventional FCS-MPC, the proposed one in this paper obviously reduces the computation amount of control system. Meanwhile the current feedback characteristic provided by this method can automatically suppress the adverse effect resulting from two capacitor voltages' unbalance of DC bus terminal in three-phase four-switch inverter.

Numerical simulation results illustrate that the proposed FCS-MPC can enable whole system to not only run continuously and stably but also achieve satisfactory torque and speed control as well as reduce the average inverter switching frequency. A novel sensorless active disturbance rejection model predictive torque control ADRMPTC strategy is developed for permanent magnet synchronous motors PMSMs fed by three-phase four-switch inverters, an after-faulttopology for a fault-tolerant three-phase six-switch inverter.

Firstly the mathematical model of a PMSM fed by a three-phase four-switch inverter is built. Secondly by the use of technique of extended state observer ESO , a sensorless estimator is constructed to realize rapid and accurate speed identification. Thirdly an active disturbance rejection controller ADRC , acting as speed regulator, is designed to realize disturbance estimation and disturbance compensation for the purpose of enhancing robustness.

Finally a model predictive torque controller MPTC is designed in order to reduce the torque and flux ripples. The simulation results validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed scheme. In this paper, we present the implementation of two types of Bayesian inference problems to demonstrate the potential of building probabilistic algorithms in hardware using single set of building blocks with the ability to perform these computations in real time.

In this implementation, sensors make noisy observations of the target position at discrete time steps. The tracker learns the transition model for target movement, and the observation model for the noisy sensors, and uses these to estimate the target position by solving the Bayesian recursive equation online.

We show the tracking performance of the system and demonstrate how it can learn the observation model, the transition model, and the external distractor noise probability interfering with the observations. We show how these building blocks can be easily implemented using simple digital logic gates.

An advantage of the stochastic electronic implementation is that it is robust to certain types of noise, which may become an issue in integrated circuit IC technology with feature sizes in the order of tens of nanometers due to their low noise margin, the effect of high-energy cosmic rays and the low supply voltage.

In our framework, the flipping of random individual bits would not affect the system performance because information is encoded in a bit stream. Random device mismatch that arises as a result of scaling of the CMOS complementary metal-oxide semi-conductor technology into the deep submicrometer regime degrades the accuracy of analog circuits.

Methods to combat this increase the complexity of design. We have developed a novel neuromorphic system called a trainable analog block TAB , which exploits device mismatch as a means for random projections of the input to a higher dimensional space. The TAB framework is inspired by the principles of neural population coding operating in the biological nervous system. Three neuronal layers, namely input, hidden, and output, constitute the TAB framework, with the number of hidden layer neurons far exceeding the input layer neurons.

Here, we present measurement results of the first prototype TAB chip built using a 65 nm process technology and show its learning capability for various regression tasks. Our TAB chip is tolerant to inherent randomness and variability arising due to the fabrication process.

Additionally, we characterize each neuron and discuss the statistical variability of its tuning curve that arises due to random device mismatch, a desirable property for the learning capability of the TAB. We also discuss the effect of the number of hidden neurons and the resolution of output weights on the accuracy of the learning capability of the TAB.

Since the geological environments are highly unpredictable and the battery capacity of seismometer nodes in the wireless seismic sensor networks WSSN is constraint, the lifetime of the network that using conventional single data collector may be dramatically reduced.

Even with the most energy-efficient algorithm that deploys multiple data collectors, it is still too difficult to satisfy the system requirement in terms of energy consumption. In this paper, we therefore propose an optimal solution that uses multiple data collectors to minimize the total energy consumption of data transmissions in WSSN.

The aim of this work is not only to determine how many data collectors are required, but also to find out how to place them in an effective way, so that the energy efficiency of the system can be further enhanced. In so doing, an optimal solution that is based on the placement of multiple data collectors is proposed.

A two-step approach is adopted, in which the number of required data collectors is firstly calculated based on a graph theoretic approach and then the placement of the data collectors are further optimized according to maximize the network lifetime. The simulation analysis shows that with a given number of seismometer nodes, using the proposed algorithm, an optimal value can always be found to extend the WSSN lifetime.

Due to unpredictable geological outdoor environments and imbalances in energy consumption of seismometer nodes in the wireless seismic sensor networks WSSN , some seismometer nodes fail much earlier than others due to power loss. This would cause hot spot problems, network partitions, and significantly shorten network lifetime. By aiming at minimizing the imbalance in the residual energy, we divide the routing algorithm into two parts: clustering formation and inter-cluster routing.

In clustering formation, we design an energy-balanced clustering algorithm, which selects the cluster head dynamically, based on residual energy, distance between the seismometer node and data collector. The clustering algorithm mitigates hot spot problems by balancing energy consumption among seismometer nodes. In regards to inter-cluster routing, we can relate it to the pareto-candidate set.

To reduce the average multi-hop delay from cluster heads to the data collector, we optimize the pareto-candidate set by Hamming distance. In the design of EBRA, we consider minute details such as energy consumed by transmitting bits and impact of average multi-hop delay.

This adds to the novelty of this work compared to the existing studies. Simulation results demonstrated a reduction in the average multi-hop delay by Our algorithm also improves the network lifetime over the others three schemes by 7. While relay-based cooperative networks widely known in the literature as cooperative communication , where relays only forward signals from the sources to the destination, have been extensively researched, fully cooperative systems have not been thoroughly examined.

Unlike relay networks, in a fully cooperative network, each node acts as both a source node sending its own data and a relay forwarding its partner's data to the destination. Mutual cooperation between neighboring nodes is believed to improve the overall system error performance, especially when space-time codes are incorporated. However, a comprehensive performance analysis of space-time-coded fully cooperative communication from all three perspectives, namel,y error performance, outage probability, and energy efficiency, is still missing.

Answers to the commonly asked questions of whether, in what conditions, and to what extent the space-time-coded fully cooperative communication is better than direct transmission are still unknown. Motivated by this fact and inspired by the increasing popularity of healthcare applications in wireless body area networks WBANs , this paper derives for the first time a comprehensive performance analysis of a decode-and-forward space-time coded fully cooperative communication network in Rayleigh and Rician fading channels in either identically or non-identically distributed fading scenario.

Numerical analysis of error performance, outage probability, and energy efficiency, validated by simulations, show that fully cooperative communication is better than direct transmission from all three aspects in many cases, especially at a low-power and low signal-to-noise ratio regime, which is a typical working condition in WBANs.

This paper proposes an energy management scheme to maximize the use of solar energy in the smart grid. In this context, a shared facility controller SFC with a number of solar photovoltaic panels in a smart community is considered that has the capability to schedule the generated energy for consumption and trade to other entities. In particular, a mechanism is designed for the SFC to decide on the energy surplus, if there is any, that it can use to charge its battery and sell to the households and the grid based on the offered prices.

In this regard, a hierarchical energy management scheme is proposed with a view to reduce the total operational cost to the SFC. The concept of a virtual cost is introduced that aids the SFC to estimate its future operational cost based on some available current information. The energy management is conducted for three different cases, and the optimal cost to the SFC is determined for each case by the theory of maxima and minima.

A real-time algorithm is proposed to reach the optimal cost for all cases, and some numerical examples are provided to demonstrate the beneficial properties of the proposed scheme. Cloud-based High Definition HD video streaming is becoming popular day by day.

On one hand, it is important for both end users and large storage servers to store their huge amount of data at different locations and servers. On the other hand, it is becoming a big challenge for network service providers to provide reliable connectivity to the network users. There have been many studies over cloud-based video streaming for Quality of Experience QoE for services like YouTube. Packet losses and bit errors are very common in transmission networks, which affect the user feedback over cloud-based media services.

This paper proposes a time-efficient and quality-oriented EC method. The proposed method considers H. The main emphasis in the proposed approach is the recovery of Motion Vectors MVs of a lost frame in real-time. To boost-up the search process for the lost MVs, a bigger block size and searching in parallel are both considered.

The simulation results clearly show that our proposed method outperforms the traditional Block Matching Algorithm BMA by approximately 2. The computational time of the proposed approach outperforms the BMA by approximately seconds.

An ideal thumbnail generator should effectively condense unimportant regions and keep the important content undeformed, completed, and at a proper scale, i. Each retargeting method has its own advantage for resizing arbitrary images. However, they often ignore the completeness and sufficiency for information presentation in thumbnails.

In this paper, we formulate thumbnail generation as an image content condensation problem and propose a unified grid optimization framework to fuse multiple operators. From the view of accuracy, completeness, and suffi- ciency for information presentation, we exploit complementary relationships among three condensation operators and fuse them into a unified grid-based convex programming problem, which could be solved simultaneously and efficiently through numerical optimization.

Besides warping energy to preserve the geometric structure of important objects, we put forward two grid-based energy terms to keep the completeness of important objects and retain them at a proper size. Finally, an adaptive procedure is proposed to dynamically adjust the contribution of loss functions for achieving optimal content condensation.

Both qualitative and quantitative comparison results demonstrate that the proposed method achieves an excellent tradeoff among accuracy, completeness, and sufficiency of information preservation. The experimental results show that our approach is obviously superior to the state-of-the-art techniques. With the wide use of consumer electronics and the rapid development of online shopping, more and more ad videos are developed for IDTV and mobile users.

However, a huge amount of time spending on the Internet advertising somehow brings users uncomfortable viewing experience rather than effectively generates high consumption of advertised products. Therefore, it is urgent to find a viewer-friendly and advertiser-beneficial solution to launch ads.

This paper is the first attempt to improve the effectiveness of advertising through combining online shopping information with an ad video and directing viewers to proper online shopping places. The proposed ActiveAd framework includes four main components.

Firstly, an ad video analysis component detects both syntactic and semantic elements from ad videos, e. Our ad video analysis provides a comprehensive solution to extract meaningful elements from ad videos. Secondly, a visual linking by search component is proposed to collect websites which contain similar images as FMPIs.

Features used for the visual search are weighted and fused in order to ensure the uniformity of search results. Thirdly, different kinds of tags and product categories extracted from collected websites are aggregated in order to identify the representative text of the product. Finally, query keywords are selected through calculating cosine similarity from two kinds of keywords, i.

A query vector is generated by selected keywords and used to retrieve product online. In this paper, a powerful cross-media contextual search including visual search, tag aggregation and textual search is achieved with the help of ad video analysis. Experiments demonstrate that our proposed Active The accuracy of scene flow is restricted by several challenges such as occlusion and large displacement motion.

When occlusion happens, the positions inside the occluded regions lose their corresponding counterparts in preceding and succeeding frames. Large displacement motion will increase the complexity of motion modeling and computation. Moreover, occlusion and large displacement motion are highly related problems in scene flow estimation, e.

An improved dense scene flow method based on red-green-blue-depth RGB-D data is proposed in this paper. To handle occlusion, we model the occlusion status for each point in our problem formulation, and jointly estimate the scene flow and occluded regions. To deal with large displacement motion, we employ an over-parameterized scene flow representation to model both the rotation and translation components of the scene flow, since large displacement motion cannot be well approximated using translational motion only.

Furthermore, we employ a two-stage optimization procedure for this overparameterized scene flow representation. In the first stage, we propose a new RGB-D PatchMatch method, which is mainly applied in the RGB-D image space to reduce the computational complexity introduced by the large displacement motion. According to the quantitative evaluation based on the Middlebury data set, our method outperforms other published methods.

The improved performance is also comprehensively confirmed on the real data acquired by Kinect sensor. Hiding of information is a great significance in information security. For information security and intellectual property, effective methods are required. Steganography is the art of hiding information in such a way that it cannot produce distrust about its presence. In this way only the sender and recipient are aware of hidden information. There are two critical characteristics of steganography which are as stego image imperceptibility and payload capacity.

Recently, many edge detection based steganogaphy approaches have been developed to provide high imperceptibility of the stego image. However, the capacity of these approaches can be limited. This paper presents an effective edge detection method based on gradient, 9x9 mask of LOG and zero crossing in combination with clustering to classify the image to edge and non-edge regions.

Different amount of secret message will be hidden in each cluster after the detection of the edge regions. It declares the stability between stego image imperceptibility and high payload capacity. It is found that different defected structures can lead to different frequency responses. In addition, by using DMS, tri-band and even quad-band responses can be easily achieved without increasing the resonator size. Subsequently, one tri-band BPF and one quad-band BPF have been developed with pseudo-interdigital coupling to realise good out-of-band performance.

The predicted results are compared with measured ones and good agreement is achieved. Compared with the BPFs using defected ground structure to improve the stopband performance, the proposed ones can realise comparable wide stopbands but maintaining the signal integrity on the ground plane for packaging purpose. Two multi-band balanced bandpass filters BPFs are proposed by embedding multi-band coupled complementary split-ring resonators C-CSRRs into a balanced stepped-impedance microstrip-slotline transition structure.

The proposed C-CSRR is made from two or three nested CSRRs with a pair of coupling slotlines in the open end of each ring, which can result in dual-band or tri-band bandpass responses, respectivley. It is found that a high and wideband common-mode CM suppression can be achieved for the proposed filters.

Moreover, the center frequencies of the differential-mode DM passbands are independent from the CM responses, which significantly simplify the design procedure. In order to validate its practicalbility, two balanced BPFs with two and three DM passbands are fabricated and good agreement between simulated and measured results is observed. This brief presents an asymmetrical dead-time control driver ASDTCD for synchronous buck converter operating in the continuous conduction mode.

Dead-time control is an important metric for improving the efficiency of switching mode power regulator. Without an additional circuit, the proposed ASDTCD can generate dead time by controlling the slope for the output signal of the driver. The proposed ASDTCD utilizes the transition between triode region and saturation region for the power transistor to avoid body-diode conduction and shoot-through current while minimizing the switching loss.

Thus, high-speed body-diode conduction sensor is avoided; thereby, reducing the power consumption and saving silicon area. In addition, the body-diode conduction time control accuracy is also enhanced. Less than 1-ns body-diode conduction time has been achieved without bringing in shoot-through current across mA load range. With less than 0. This design is implemented in the 0.

Conventional Matlab implementation of software ranging code generator requires code shifts to produce the ranging codes assigned to different satellites. Unfortunately, it is unable to implement software BeiDou B1I code generator using this method, because the B1I code shifts are unknown.

The Simulink blocks enable the generator to compute the BeiDou B1I code shifts, as well as reducing the complexity of the implementation. Simulation results show that the implementation is feasible and reliable. All B1I code shifts are calculated, which can be used for both software and hardware implementation in the future. Patents describing a wide range of applications based on the BeiDou system have also been proposed and implemented.

A novel wireless transducer that uses analog-based technology at 2. The transducer consists of an electrocardiography ECG detection circuit and a novel three-stage amplitude modulation transmitter that up-converts the ECG signal to a 2. To minimize the effects due to local oscillator leakage as well as the interference at the image frequency, the intermediate frequency is carefully selected, and a bandpass filter with a very sharp selectivity is designed.

As demonstrated by the experimental results, the full-wave ECG signals can be successfully demodulated from the transmitted signal using the presented transducer. This enables the possibility of using analog-based technology for remote patient monitoring in real time. With the exponential increase of media data on the web, fast media retrieval is becoming a significant research topic in multimedia content analysis.

Among the variety of techniques, learning binary embedding hashing functions is one of the most popular approaches that can achieve scalable information retrieval in large databases, and it is mainly used in the near-duplicate multimedia search. However, till now most hashing methods are specifically designed for near-duplicate retrieval at the visual level rather than the semantic level.

In this paper, we propose a visual state binary embedding VSBE model to encode the video frames, which can preserve the essential semantic information in binary matrices, to facilitate fast video event retrieval in unconstrained cases. Compared with other video binary embedding models, one advantage of our proposed VSBE model is that it only needs a limited number of key frames from the training videos for hash function training, so the computational complexity is much lower in the training phase.

At the same time, we apply the pairwise constraints generated from the visual states to sketch the local properties of the events at the semantic level, so accuracy is also ensured. The task of multimedia event detection MED aims at training a set of models that can automatically detect the most event-relevant videos from large datasets. In this paper, we attempt to build a robust spatial-temporal deep neural network for large-scale video event detection. In our setting, each video follows a multiple instance assumption, where its visual segments contain both spatial and temporal properties of events.

Regarding these properties, we try to implement the MED system by a two-step training phase: unsupervised recurrent video reconstruction and supervised fine-tuning. We conduct extensive experiments on the challenging TRECVID MED14 dataset, which indicate that with the consideration of both spatial and temporal information, the detection performance can be further boosted compared with the state-of-the-art MED models.

In recent years, the task of event recognition from videos has attracted increasing interest in multimedia area. While most of the existing research was mainly focused on exploring visual cues to handle relatively small-granular events, it is difficult to directly analyze video content without any prior knowledge.

Therefore, synthesizing both the visual and semantic analysis is a natural way for video event understanding. In this paper, we study the problem of Web video event recognition, where Web videos often describe large-granular events and carry limited textual information. Key challenges include how to accurately represent event semantics from incomplete textual information and how to effectively explore the correlation between visual and textual cues for video event understanding. We propose a novel framework to perform complex event recognition from Web videos.

In order to compensate the insufficient expressive power of visual cues, we construct an event knowledge base by deeply mining semantic information from ubiquitous Web documents. This event knowledge base is capable of describing each event with comprehensive semantics. By utilizing this base, the textual cues for a video can be significantly enriched. Furthermore, we introduce a two-view adaptive regression model, which explores the intrinsic correlation between the visual and textual cues of the videos to learn reliable classifiers.

Extensive experiments on two real-world video data sets show the effectiveness of our proposed framework and prove that the event knowledge base indeed helps improve the performance of Web video event recognition. Recently, magnetorheological elastomer MRE material and its devices have been developed and attracted a good deal of attention for their potentials in vibration control.

Among them, a highly adaptive base isolator based on MRE was designed, fabricated and tested for real-time adaptive control of base isolated structures against a suite of earthquakes. To perfectly take advantage of this new device, an accurate and robust model should be built to characterize its nonlinearity and hysteresis for its application in structural control. This paper first proposes a novel hysteresis model, in which a nonlinear hyperbolic sine function spring is used to portray the strain stiffening phenomenon and a Voigt component is incorporated in parallel to describe the solid-material behaviours.

Then the fruit fly optimization algorithm FFOA is employed for model parameter identification using testing data of shear force, displacement and velocity obtained from different loading conditions. The relationships between model parameters and applied current are also explored to obtain a current-dependent generalized model for the control application.

Based on the proposed model of MRE base isolator, a second-order sliding mode controller is designed and applied to the device to provide a real-time feedback control of smart structures. The performance of the proposed technique is evaluated in simulation through utilizing a three-storey benchmark building model under four benchmark earthquake excitations. The results verify the effectiveness of the proposed current-dependent model and corresponding controller for semi-active control of MRE base isolator incorporated smart structures.

During high speed operation, permanent magnets PMs cannot withstand tensile stress due to the large centrifugal force, and an alloy enclosure is commonly employed to protect the permanent magnets. In order to ensure the safe operation of permanent magnet rotors, it is necessary to calculate the stress in the alloy enclosures and PMs.

Because of the slim characteristic of high speed permanent magnet rotors, analytical expressions of stress, strain and displacement were deduced based on the theory of the thick-walled cylinder. For your leisure, relax in the sauna at the health club, the salt water swimming pool. Just a few steps below you'll find the Hilton Eseach complex, complete with a seafood restaurant, snack bar, sundeck and water sports center. Dining is a main attraction at the Hilton with restaurants to suit your every mood - elegant grill room, casual New York deli, dairy colfee shop, famous Sabra breakfast buffets, poolside gazebo, terrace barbecues.

Additional studies in Judaism in the evening. Current number of new admissions is limited. Suite Also intanilvaClaatM ' - Forfleginnars. Mon-Fn: 10 Moo Tftuts. Great location. Beautiful grounds Rent with option to buy. Ultra-modern bungalows. Hollywood kitchens and bathtubs. The home away from home. Call U. It is un- derstood that he will not be meeting any of the West Bank leaders con- nected with the recently disbanded radical Council of National Guidance.

Despite the doubts of many Israelis as to European intentions, Europe wishes to find a just solution to the Middle East problem, Tindemans said on arrival. Speaking to reporters at Ben- Gurion Airport on Saturday night on his return from Europe, Peres said that Mitterrand "had been in a good mood and asserted thai no future developments could affect the friendly relations between France and Israel.

Miller rand is a govii friend," Peres suid. Begin had told a meeting at B ur- ban University last -. He praised the Swiss for resisting Arab pressure to cunccl the agreements. Another Swiss ministry spokesman, Christian Kurth, said that Switzerland was acquiring anti- tank shells from Israel under a S38m.

He said that this was the only arms deal between the two countries. Egypt has undertaken coptacts with the Cdsta Rican government and economic relations with Costa Rica in protest against its decision, the official Saudi Press Agency reported. He said the Syrians apparently do not understand the message that Israel is trying to send them. This is our right and our obligation," he said. The chief of staff said the recon- naissance flights will continue because they are vital to the security of the state.

The two MiGs were downed during the dogfight and all Israeli planes returned safely to base. Since July , about 19 Syrian jet Fighters have been downed. On April 21, , Israeli jels downed two Syrian MiG 23s which in- terfered with a bombing raid of ter- rorist bases in Lebanon.

The dogfight occurred as US. Draper said in Jerusalem last week that despite differences of in- terpretation between Israel and the PLO about the nature of the cease- fire reached between the two last July, his impression after talks in Beirut is that the PLO does not in- tend to renew hostilities against Israel.

Draper said this during his meeting with Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir. Shamir said that Israel is in- terested in maintaining the cease- fire agreement, but will react if the PLO launches attacks on Israel or Israeli targets "anywhere and from anywhere. Draper said that the U. Draper said that he clarified the American stand regarding the nature of the cease-fire ngreemenl to the Arab leaders he met.

Sharon, addressing the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish organizations, said that "we would have been at war' 1 if children had been killed in a ter- rorist explosion in Ashkelon two weeks ago. Beaches, synagogues full at Shavuot Beaches and synagogues were es- pecially crowded as the feast of Shavuot fell on Friday, creating a long weekend for religious study or outdoor recreation, according to preference.

Small children decked with wreaths of flowers ushered in the Shavuot holiday of first fruits. The day also marks the giving of the Tora on Mt. Beaches from Achziv in the north to Ashkelon and Zikim in the south were filled to capacity for the unof- ficial opening of the swimming season. Police, out in force lo guard against terror attacks, closed the entrances to some coastal parking lots at several points.

Roads throughout the country were jammed with campers and pic- nickers seeking a temporary place in the sun. Traffic slowed to a crawl in the Tel Aviv area. Synagogues were likewise crowded with worshippers and observant Jews attending tlkun marathon study sessions, a Shavuot tradition. Various community centres also organized holiday programmes of study. An estimated 1 20, vacationers jammed beaches around the K. Two near-drownings were reported, but in both cases the vic- tims were rushed to hospital and revived.

In Eilat, too, the beachfront was packed along all of what is left of Israel's Red Sea coast. At one point, about IS visitors swam across the border Into Egypt and refused to leave, despite requests by Egyptians that they return. Eventually, Israeli police came and arrested two or them, who will be charged with il- legally leaving the country, ac- cording to the authorities.

Work stoppage as pay clash intensifies A dispute over wage negotiations between the government and the Histadrut labour federation inten- sified last week. Finance Minister Yoram Arid or last week proposed to Meshel the opening of three-sided wage negotiations between the government, the Histadrut and the private employers.

Aridor said that such negotiations will make possible a package deal that would favour all ther elements in the economy. This figure is almost double that of December 1 and 70 per cent higher than the monthly average for the last half of The stone-throwers attacked dur- ing a meeting of Druse who have ac- cepted Israel identity cards and have returned lowork. Police were called and they arrested one youth. The nine Druse arrested last week on suspicion of stoning a police vun and intimidating those returning to work in Upper Galilee were remanded for five days by the Kiryut Slimona Magistrates Court.

In spile of the arrests und the police presence, only workers returned to their jobs last week. These workers are only half the number of those who worked in Up- per Galilee recently. The others acknowledge that violent threats und fenr of u possible religious ban deterred them from returning to their jobs. Some of the workers left their homes before dawn in order not to be seen by the strike organizers.

The unrest in the Druse villages came soon after a large group of workers informed their leaders they intend lo return lo their jobs. They suid they refuse to re- main at home while the rich apple growers continue to cure for their orchards as if the strike does not ap- ply to them. The strike organizers and some spiritual leaders ordered workers not to leave their villages without permission.

Until now, the police have not ar- rested suspected agitators in order lo ease the tension in the villages. Deputy commander of the northern police, Tat-Nitzav Shaul Levy, told The Jerusalem Post police would not allow agitators to keep workers from resuming their normal life.

In Becrshcbq last week, a Mack fuel tanker truck was damaged but the driver escaped uninjured when it ran over an anti- vehicle mine on a dirt road in the Shechuna Peit neighbourhood. Police, believe the device was placed by terrorists. The theatre is organized by the UK -based community arts organization, Inter-Action, within the framework of Project Renewal. Alex LcvknO Jerusalem Post Staff A soldier was stabbed in the chest last week by an unknown assailant ns he stood at a hitchhiking stop near the Adurayim base on the Hebron-Beersheba road.

The soldier struggled with the attacker, who escaped. The soldier was flown by helicopter to Jerusalem's Hadassah- University Hospital in Ein Koran, where his wound was described as moderate. Several villages in the area of the at- tack have recently been under curfew after residents threw stones and firebombs at passing cars. A small explosive device was dis- covered and dismantled in the shop- ping centre of Beit Shemesh in the Jerusalem Corridor last week.

The device, which had been placed near a bench, was discovered by municipal worker Solomon Shukrun, police said. The centre was evacuated and Jerusalem police disarmed the bomb, using the remote-controlled robot device. A gang that twice in the last two weeks threw firebombs at military vehicles was arrested last week by security forces in Azariya village east of Jerusalem, an IDF spokesman announced. The Israel Defence Forces also have to deal with the Soviets, who deploy highly sophisticated spy ships in the eastern Mediterranean, he said.

Electronic warfare — though largely invisible — depends on the ability to transmit and receive infor- mation and commands, he said. An investigation revealed con- tradictions in the complaint. Evidence was subsequently given that three pupils had broken into the school to steal examination papers and had written the threatening letters to divert suspi- cion.

Using graphological techniques, investigators are continuing their probe into the spate of letters bear- ing the signatures of Kach and the Village Leagues that were received by Moslem and Christian institu- tions, including a letter that threatened the bombing of the Al- Aksa mosque. Meanwhile two buses were stoned last week one near French Hill in Jerusalem and the other in the centre of Nablus.

Speaking to military reporters on the occasion of Corps Day, Amid said that the Egyptians and Syrians have acquired British and French equipment and can transmit on fre- quencies not available to them as long as they used Eastern Bloc' equipment. They are also obtaining hew technology to conceal the tran- smission of information, Amid ad- ded.

Israel's counter-measures are highly secret, Amid said. This technology enables one to transmit messages at very high speeds, to carry out long- distance conversations which are a total bluT to anyone lacking the decoding machine. We are fed up with be- ing Lahat's doormat. We are declar- ing war on Sabbath desecration in the city. They also complain about the Dolphinarium which attracts some 7, visitors each Saturday.

He told The Jerusalem Post the reason for the bargain sale was that the sel- lers, led by Phillip Klutznik in Chicago and Abraham Felnberg in New York, were no longer able to cooperate. According to the owners' contract with Hilton International, the management firm must approve of the buyers, but in a telephone consultation last week with" the Hilton International auditors in New York, the latter told Barkai that unless there was.

The sale came as u complete surprise to Marcus Katz, a Mexican investor who has been staying at the hotel and was in con- sultation with Hilton International. It is believed that the reason for the secrecy was to keep Katz, who is said to have connections with Prime Minister Menachem Begin, from in- terfering with the sale. In fact, he said, the owners' net profit was Sim. And with oc- cupancy steadily rising, from 63 per cent in to 70 per cent in , he predicted u rise in profits.

Cela, the Spanish writer, said last week at the. The middle child of the late foreign and defence minister has written a brutally worded post- mortem account of his father, giving prominence to his resentment that Dayan left his fortune to his second wife, Rachel, and not to his three children.

The son castigates his father for "his avarice which made him lose his senses," and charges him with "reducing the wars of Israel into profits made on his books. They pointed out that Udi had, for reasons of his own, not mentioned that his late father had given him the Nahalal family farmstead during his lifetime.

They also related that Udi was currently having financial difficulties linked to his second divorce proceedings. Dayan's eldest child, author Yael Dayan- Sion, was the only member of the family willing to comment last week. She dissociated herself from it in the firmest terms, and was particularly unhappy that her brother had failed to advise her or any other member of the family in advance of what he intended to do. It was a case of preferring his widow over his three children.

Letters sent abroad will not, however, take the non-denominatea stamps, since international -portal agreements prohibit their use between countries. The new stamps will be usable as each future posta fee rise takes place. The system of stamps with no marked value already exists in tn U. Artzi told reporters in Jerusalem last week that the campaign was aimed not at the "rich and intellec- tual French Jew, but at those who will be able to do the same work here as they did there" — electri- cians and other skilled or semi- skilled workers.

But when he Jewish Agency's aliya department post- poned the planned campaign a few times, Artzi decided to act un- ilaterally. The emissaries were sup- plied with addresses of Jews in the suburbs of Paris, in Marseilles, Lyon and Nice, who had expressed interest in immigration but had done nothing about it for several years. The emissaries had floor plans of government-built apartments in Beershcbn, Ashdod, Dimona and other towns, us well as information on schooling in each neighbourhood and potential employers.

Asked whether his ministry was out to bring in specifically Sephardi Jews now that the minister, Aharon Uzan and his predecessor, Aharon Abuhatzeira are Tami leaders, Artzi shook his head. If it suc- ceeds, we will go on the same way, door-to-door, in the U. The new director-general predicted that if trends continue, some 14, immigrants will arrive this year, compared to the year low of 12, immigrants in Allow us to introduce ourselves : We are the largest software house in Israel, with a staff of over professionals.

In our main branch in Israel and in our international branches, our staff are engaged in developing large-scale civilian and military projects, both for the local Israeli market and for export to customers the world over. Work on these projects involves the utilisation of the very latest technological toots - this should certainly present you with a real challenge. In addition to the unlimited sphere of development projects, our company also acts as marketing representative for many of the world's leading names in standard software products.

To date, over of our products have been installed in Israel. If you can meet our demanding professional requirements, we can promise you an interesting job, a high salary, and assistance in your economic and social absorption in Israel. As a company that is active on a worldwide scale, we will be able to engage you for an initial three-month trial period at one of our branches in the U. VAX Environment.

We are interested in interviewing you for potential employment. Neve Sharet Devora Haneviast. The permit has been issued to Dr. Yigol Shilo of the Hebrew University, who has conducted ex- cavations on the site for the past four years. Excavations will begin in the summer. Archaeologists said there was no cemetery on the site. Extensions in Israel. Egypt or Emopo.

Forest Hills. New authors welcomed. For complete. Information, send for booklet J. Rent a fully furnished condominium in Jerusalem. Tel Aviv and the surrounding aree on a daily basis at reasonable prices. California or call Day. For complete information and rates, call or write. Amnon Linn formally of the Likud contributed his vole to the Alignment, his new faction, while Yitzhak Peretz, who also defected Last week from he Likud, was absent, Harish said that there were three aspects of the evacuation that called for investigation.

First, there were serious suspicions that the govern- ment had cynically exploited the Yamit inhabitants in order to bring pressure to bear on Egypt. And, thirdly, there was the qestion of the decision to destroy Yamit. Deptuty Minister Dov Shilansky, who replied for the government, in- vited Harish to join the Herut leaders when they go to the Nahalal Yitzhak cemetery on June 9 to visit the graves of the 16 Jews who lost their lives in the shelling of the Altalena arms ship — ordered by David Ben-Gurion 34 years ago.

Shilansky charged the Alignment with duplicity, saying that, although they had voted for the Camp David accords, including the Sinai evacua- tion, they were now trying to make it appear that they had opposed it. He said that the Alignment hud stood on the sidelines during the d if- ficult days of the evacuulion, in- stead of giving the government its support. It had expected a tragedy, and was perhaps even disappointed that there had been none.

After the vote, Ronnie Milo, deputy chairman of the coalition ex- ecutive, charged Moshe Shuhai Alignment with having reneged on a pairing agreement with Meir Cohen-Avidov Likud-Herut , whose presence had been required in Haifa. Shahal replied hat he had agreed in principle to be paired with Cohen-Avidov should the occasion arise, but that nothing had beeti said Hbout this particular vote. In Cairo Iasi week. Prime Minister Fuad Mohieddin was quoted as saying that Egypt would leave Yamit untouched so thm visitors could see how Israel had destroyed it.

He is expected to take up his post in Kinshasa after the Zaire government formally approves the appointment. Stale Comptroller Yitzhak Tunik confirmed that the ministry had cir- cumvented the Knesset. El-Op, former 1 , a state corpora- tion, is situated in the science-based industry complex at Nes Ziona, near Rehovot.

When El-Op ran into liquidity problems, the Defence Ministry gave it a large loan without interest or linkage, and upped the prices of the products it was buying, retroac- tively, in order to give the firm a larger profit. The subcommittee is inviting the dircctors-general of the ministries of defence und finance, to explain the affair.

Akiva Nof Likud wrote Slate Comptroller Yitzhak Tunik lust week, asking him to probe the educational institutions of Agudat Israel because of the large sums of Treasury money granted them. In a related development, Bangladesh has announced that it was joining Saudi Arabia and Qatar in severing diplomatic rela- tions with Zaire. The presi- Jews or Arabs who would prefer dent was speaking at this kibbutz by that the other did not live here were the shores of Lake Kinneret at the 'wrong, said the president.

Fate had traditional Jewish-Arab get- decreed that the two peoples live together, sponsored in the past by sidee by side and they should work the late Yigal Allon. A Nature Protection lobby numbering 18 MKs was set up in the Knesset last week, headed by Yu'acov Tzur Alignment-Labour and Yehuda Perah Likud- Liberals and the first issue it look up was the controversial plan for a new hydro- electric generating plant, near Almagor, north of Lake Kinneret.

Women who do national service, whether for two years or only one, do so on a volun- tary basis. Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Benzion Rubin, in a two-minute reply, said that national service was useless if it was not done voluntarily. About 2, young women were doing national service this year, mainly in hospitals and in teaching. Likud MK Akiva Nof last week tabled a private member's bill en- titled Basic Law: President, whereby the presidency would become the executive arm of the state and the president would have the authority to appoint and dismiss his ministers.

Sharon said the shipment is part of a "normal supply according to a previous agreement" with Ecuador, which had been approved hv the U. He denied the arms were destined for Argentina. Customs officials finally authorized the departure from Ken- nedy Airport of the plane, loaded with Israel-made arms, which was detained for four days. A State Department licence was issued for the plune. The officials said the plane was detained because it wns carrying items that were "on the U.

But the aid to ull young couples would be increased, with the object of reducing their need for bank loans. Mennhem Friedman, n sociologist at Bar-llan University, I noted at a recent seminar in Jerusalem that modern urban life has permitted the haredim, with their values and organization, to cope even better than conventional citizens.

A major change in the haredi community is the wealth that the modern econoim has permitted it to accrue. The haredim had the economic resources now to build and maintain their own educational institutions, basic to the propagation of their way of life. This includes control over educa- tion, housing, economic activity and, not least, marriage choices.

In the haredi courts, the telephones ring all day with calls from abroad. A major change in the haredi community, he said, is its attitude towards the Israeli authorities. Now, as their feeling of security grows, the haredim are will- ing to take money for education, for instance, without feeling that the authorities want to impose their ideology up on them.

Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. Navon to Bulgaria Ofirn Navon. At the school for physical educa- tion near Netanya named after Orde Wingate, the old-timers coming up the walk, last week were the surviv- ing remnant of Wingate's Special Night Squads of The solitary man being introduced to men who felt somehow they knew him well was Orde Wingate's son, who bears his name.

These men had known Orde Wingate as the British history books do hot. Inn while some British officers ran up, ob- viously concerned, to ask if 1 was hurt. It must then have occurred to them who l was. I said yes. They walked away. They tend to take the best men. He suggested the audience picture a large steel cone, with its point planted deep into the ground.

I feel that 1 owe you all a great debt. One man among them did not know what they said, could not make out a word. Had young Orde Wingate left the auditorium and gone downstairs to the student cafeteria, he might have asked the students and soldiers there to translate the words which could be heard over the clglter of cups. This led to a quick survey in the cafeteria and the hulls of the student building — of some dozen students, only half could identify the man after whom the school was named.

Some were certain he had had something to do with sport. For others it is not. On Sunday special annual services reflect the conviction that the Spirit of the Lord is present and at work in people today. Many also believe this promise is still being fulfilled today, in a world wide phenomenon known as charismatic renewal. Two such Catholic groups whose "home com- munities" are in France, are the Communities of the Lamb and Thcophany the manifestation of God's presence. They have members - living in Jerusalem and at St.

John's in the Desert near ESn Kerem. Protestants of all denominations have felt the impact of this "out- pouring of the Spirit," including Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Baptists in Israel. What characterizes this charismatic movement is an emphasis upon praise and thanks to God, often expressed in song.

The words of Psalms are frequently put to contemporary music and sung to guitar music or other accompani- ment. People may lift their hands os a' gesture of offering themselves and their worship to God, as people did in biblical times Psalms 3,4; Who said that only rational words or silence would be proper? Opening up the Tull, spectrum of religious experience and expression is badly needed in those churches that have suppres- sed this dimension.

This prac- tice is not a rejection of medical science, but a recognition of the in- timate link between psyche and body. Doctors, nurses, and therapists often participate in seminars on the role of prayer in healing; many are active in the movement itself. And prophecy, or inspired mes- sages given under the impulse of the Spirit, is very much part of the movement. Some Christians have reserva- tions about the authenticity of the movement, because in certain cases it has led to elitism or because of counterfeit spiritual experiences produce by emotional manipula- tion.

Defenders assert that n counterfeit experience does not in- validate the authenticity of the genuine presence and work of the Spirit of God. They acknowledge that discernment between the authentic and the phoney is needed. The renewal movement has often bridged traditional differences among Christians and provided a new sense of unity. For them, and for many other Christians in Israel, it will be a celebration ot thanksgiving, not only for the spring harvest, but also for the harvest ot the Spirit in their lives.

Monks participate In the dedication last week of a new German Catholic at Tabigha. Speeches by Egyptian leaders concerning their country's commitment to the Arab cause and the right of the Palesti- nians succeeded even in turning these worries into suspicion in the first months of The new Egyptian policy was not only the outcome of natural inclina- tion and internal pressures, but was also due to Egypt's financial problems.

In , Egypt's balance of payments was in the black for the first time in many years. But the Egyptian economy continued to stagnate and Egypt's per capita in- come remained among the lowest in the world. The Egyptian government kept the urban lower classes happy through subsidized staple foods, which cost Egypt billions of dollars. This year, however, Egypt's oil revenue is expected to decline sub- stantially; there has been a sharp fall in foreign earnings, and revenue from the Suez Canal is down, too.

Egypt cannot expect additional economic help from Washington. But a return to the Arab fold by Cairo, it is hoped, will result in renewed financial aid from the oil- rich countries. Admittedly, the Egyptian lenders continue to criticize Israel's policy in the territories, insisting that Israel grant the Palestinians full autonomy which will lead to s e I f - determination. The normalization process has been virtually frozen and Cairo refuses to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Yet, in speeches to Arab audiences at the end of April and in May. Mubarak left no doubt that, much ns it wished to improve Egypt's relations with the Arab world, Egypt would remain loyal to the Camp David accords. Israel's evacuation of Sinai. Mubarak pointed out, justified Egypt's belief that only through peace negotia- tions could the Arabs regain their "occupied territories" und achieve the "rights of the Palestinians. When Ihe first overtures came, however, the Gulf rulers were very receptive to the Egyptian attempts at reconciliation.

Developments in the Arab world in led to the virtual disintegration of the "rejec- tionist front. Libya was humiliated by the U. Algeria was busy with its own inter- nal problems. These weaknesses, coupled with problems of regional security, ac- celerated the efforts of conservative Arab countries to bring Egypt back into the fold. Indeed, the serious defeats suffered recently b the Ira- qi army in the war with Iran have made Egypt's rehabilitation not only desirable but essential.

Iraq's demoralized army, it seems, is unable to slop the Iranian advance. And with Iranian forces now in Khorrumshahr, the Iranians pose a serious threat both to Basra, Iraq's southern oil capital, and to the up- per reaches of the Persian Gulf. The Iranian Army can, however, also divert its main effort away from this area now and launch an offen- sive into central or northern Iraq, thoughts of which send shudders throughout the oil rich Gulf countries. The Gulf leaders fear three possi- ble developments: Firstly, that the Iraqi Army may collapse and that Teheran might hen attempt to establish a fun- damentalist Shi'ite republic in Iraq.

And thirdly, that Sutlduni Hus- sein's Sunni supporters may overthrow their leader and sue for pence from a position of weakness. Victorious Teheran may then intensify its subversion in the Gull — exploiting the substantial Shi'ite cunummitics in the region. Riyadh Radio twice called on Washington to bring the Palesti- nian auituioim negotiations to an early and positive conclusion.

Furthermore, although wealthy, the Gulf stuics are extremely vulnerable because ol their liny population, the nature of their regimes and because they are surrounded by radical "giants. In recent months, high-powered Iraqi delegations have twice visited the Egyptian capital. Agreements for military aid were signed between the two countries and the Iraqi national airline resumed its flights to Cairo.

The Jordanian Army is tied down by the Syrian threat. And the U. With Egypt on their side, Saudi Arabia and Iraq hope Iran might be willing to negotiate an honourable peace with Baghdad. Assad has succeeded in winning the cooperation ul the PLO. Algeria and South Yemen Hut if this radical front ptoses io be too weak to stop ihe rapprochement between Lgypl and the Arab serxati'es. Israel's ability to avoid u w. It seems inevitable that ihe pres- sure or events in the GulT coupled with Egypt's intrinsic importance in the Middle East will enable it to resume its traditional role in the Arab world.

Such a development could facilitate more comprehen- sive peace negotiations between the Arabs and Israel. M uch will depend on how Jerusalem reads the developments in the region. ARAB foreign ministries must have been amazed and bewildered by the announcements in recent weeks that Costa Rica was reluming its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and that Zaire was re-establishing full diplomatic relations with Israel.

The Mitterrand visit was only the crowning achievement In Israel's "return to Europe. Estanislau Otero Valdes, earlier this month. A fortnight ago it was the turn of Italian Foreign Minister Emilio Colombo, While not hiding his sup- port for Palestinian self- determination, he also spoke to Isrqcli. Foreign Minister Leo Tindemans, who is. In Herul, they're saying that Deputy Premier David Levy's call to welcome Ezct Welzman back into the party fold was no slip of the longue. The cause may be reports of party branch delegations touring the Defence Ministry complex each Friday, where a "Sharontour," guided by ministerial party liaison Avi Dudal often concludes with a pep talk by Defence Minister Arid Sharon himself.

Yosef Durg remains firmly opposed to the idea. He took the opportunity of a London stopover from his South African tour to reiterate his stand to British Mizrachi leaders. Begin and his wife Aliza were there to dedicate a memorial to their parents, who perished in the Holocaust. The big welcome is but another indication of the gnawing NRP doubts about its youth movement. After all, weren't there many Bnei Akiva youths among the Tehiya-ied anti-withdrawal troops in Yamil u month ago?

According to reports reaching us, Berman has made some inroads among groups associated with the old General Zionists, especially in the generation of young in- dustrialists led by Avl Pelosof ol Elite, and younger farmers led by Miron Izakson. Lion to the co-option of Likud breakaways Amnon Linn and Yitzhak Peretz into the Alignment They say that Mapam secretary Vic- tor Shemtov would be singing a dif- ferent tune if the maneuver engineered by Peres and Knessei faction head Moshe Shahal, had brought down the government.

At the last cabinet meeting, the finance minister protested that there was no money for a pet Begin scheme. Ac- cording to my sources, he was told by the premier: "Then find the money. Why are you finance minister? But now Shapira seems to be a hassid of the Begin government. Witness this statement at the most recent session of the coalition executive: "Peres wants elections like I want an earthquake.

Begin won my heart with his Sab- bath piety. I'm even ready to serve as his shammes. President Yitzhak Navon was the guest of honour at the Tel Aviv Museum's jubilee celebrations last week. Praising the museum's work, the President took the occasion to tell the ISI,a-lickel audience that the Museum should do more for the less fortunate. Navon also spoke of he country's high cultural level, noting that during one week he hud counted 42 different thculricul performances, til art shows and 22 concerts, plus assorted artistic events like dance performances.

There are ejections in November. He also lauded the fund-raising efforts of Raya Jaglom, the World Wizo president; I later learned that she had collected iS5m. Others contributing to the gals evening were Museum spokesman Mooky Dagan, who organized the event, and the Tel Aviv Sheraton food and beverage staff, headed by Yalr Flamm and Robert Hamm, which provided the food.

At a luncheon in his honour, the Jerusalem mayor's latest recruit had this to sny: "The only way I could gel Teddy out of my office was to agree to become chairman. CtonlinueJ From preceding page the Palest inians to self- determination. Yet by January , Britain, France, the Netherlands and itnly had agreed to contribute military contingents to the peace- keeping M FO in Sinai, a major prop of the Camp David peace process. And spokesmen for most West European governments at the same time openly declared their support of the Camp David accords "as at least "a step towards" or a "major component of the desired "comprehensive Middle East peace settlement.

Arab political and economic pressures to call off the Mitterrand visit, as well as the Jerusalem meeting earlier this month of the Council of Europe's political com- mittee, the move to Jerusalem of the Costa Rican embassy and the revival of lies with Zaire all failed, Israeli officials have noted with satisfaction. Israeli pleasure, al least regarding the Zaire move, could prove premature.

Other African countries are not rushing to fallow in Zaire's footsteps. If, after a test period, Israel delivers the goods — massive technical assistance and the indirect facilitation of Western financial aid PAGE 12 Coating the pill to Kinshasa — then Mobutu will have gained far more than he lost by foregoing Arab handouts. And if Mobutu finds at the end or he test period that Israeli aid has fallen short of his expectations, he can always, no doubt successfully, turn to his former Arab friends and say: "What would you offer Zaire in ex- change for a re-severing of the ties with Israel?

Undoubtedly, some of the credit for the breakthroughs into Europe and Africa ir. But observers in Jerusalem sug- gest that the Israel-Egypl peace process in a variety of not always in- tended or direct ways has been in- strumental in producing these "Israeli successes.

No doubt the completion of the withdrawal has also had the effect of reassuring the European leaders of Israel's peaceful intent, thus enhancing Israel's image and paving the way to visits which, in former years, simply did not occur.

But most observers see the visits as the fruit more of European in- itiatives than of Israeli dip- lomacy. In this view, the Europeans are seen as being keen on displays of -friendship towards Israel both as a means of reassuring Israelis of basic European political support while pressing Israel to make painful sacrifices on the West Bank and Gaza.

The visits and protestations of amity are the sweet outer layer which provide the coating for home truths about -the Palestinian issue, which some Israelis find highly un- palatable. Few Israeli leaders and officials- can have been left in any' doubt about the common and clear West European view of the way to solving the Palestinian problem, which they continue to regard as the core or the Middle East conflict. Last March, Mitterrand reportedly told Begin in polite but firm terms that the autonomy talks are a cul-de-sac, offering no hope of resolving the Middle East conflict.

Instead, he proposed a solution based on Palestinian self-determination and statehood. The paradox at the heart of the current diplomulic situation is clear: As ihe Palestinian problem has at last surfaced undeniably as the crux of Israeli-Egyptian-American negotiations and maneuver, the European democracies have swiftly re ite ruled, perhaps even hardened, their positions regarding what they see as the required solution. And while Israeli and European positions on this issue have never been at greater odds, senior Euro- pean leaders have travelled to Jerusalem in a dizzying display of solidarity and goodwill.

But it is important to remember that the Bible has also structured patterns of Western thinking. Biblical motife run throughout Western literature, providing the archetypes of much of our poetry and prose. In some instances biblical stories are dealt with directly, called by their name and apprehended as contemporary versions of the biblical text.

Here, the literature becomes a midrash, an extension and in- terpretation of the biblical story, in- fusing it with the values and percep- tions or the time. But more often than not, the biblical pattern is sub- merged in a rich plot or story and the biblical motif is not immediately discernible.

A conference on the subject was held recently at Bar-Ilan University wjlhin the framework of its new In- stitute for Literary Research. Under the chairmanship of Prof. Harold Fisch, distinguished scholars from all over the world analysed the forms biblical themes huve taken in literature from the Middle Ages to our day.

The stories of the Creation, the Garden of Eden, The Book of Daniel and the Song of Songs were just u few of the biblical motifs suggested us the archetypes that inform their works. Northrop Frye of the University of Toronto, renowned for his work on archetypes in Western literature, in- dicated how the Christian world view in the Renaissance mediated the Old Testament materials.

The world was perceived as polarized into upper and lower. Heaven and Hell, human nature and animal nature. The Garden of Eden was the model of human nature where order and harmony, culture and authority were supreme. But once expelled from the Garden, man was left torn between the spiritual, on ihe one hand, and the animal or demonic on the other. Christianity allegorized the material world in terms of the spiritual one.

It found parallels in the Christian spiritual world for everything that took place in the human realm. This translation ex- tended to the Old Testament. Biblical figures and events were not seen in their own right but as prefigurations of New Testament figures and events. The verse discussed is 1 1 ,5. Western literature weighted by their Christian significance. But every Weltanschauung, nut only the Christian one, reshapes the Bible in its own image, even chang- ing stones tor its own purpose.

By the same token, the Akeda has been used in Hebrew literature to symbolize the Zionist fathers sacrificing their sons for their ideals, when Isaac actually lived to marry and have offspring. These examples seem to indicate that a biblical pattern will be used in different periods for different pur- poses and may even be bent or dis- torted.

As long as it retains its general gestalt, it will support the structure of the literary work and enrich it through its biblical resonances. If anything. Wisdom Literature as we find it in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, would seem to be more characteristic of the spirit of Ihe Bible than Job. Nevertheless, we sec in our own day a preference in our literature forthe Job model. Prof Morton Bloomfield of Har- vard, an expert on Wisdom Literature in pre-literate societies, characterized it as tied to a wise man, sage or ancestor and part of a sacred, oral tradition.

Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, for example, are at- tributed to Solomon. Bloomfield portrayed the role of the sacred in Wisdom Literature with an epigram: The sacred without wisdom is madness, while wisdom without the sacred is bar- ren. Its purpose is to tell man how to live. But there is little use of the structures of Wisdom Literature in today's fiction and poetry. Rnblnowilz among the "fleshpots of Egypt" — nut one of them consisted of "flesh" unless wc include fish under thut category!

It is not mentioned as a fruit in the Bible up to this point, although pumcgrnnalc-shnpcd or- naments are mentioned among the appurtenances of the Sanctuary. But that is not all. It is a remarkable fuel thut, apart from the fish alreudy referred to, not one of them was apparently grown to any appreciable extent in the land of Israel.

On the other hand the pomegranate is one or the three "fruits of Israel" which the Twelve Spies brought back from the land to show the people, even the faithless spies admitting thut they demonstrated Ihe goodness of the land from an agricultural point of view, the huge cluster of grapes "and I9lh century we found it informing [ the works or George Eliot. With the decline of the Bible and other sources of authority, with the eclipse of the sacred, modern man turns to psychiatrists, advice columns, science or he media to learn how to live.

He pointed out that the beginning of the Book of Job echoes Genesis, but instead or the creation or light there is the creation of darkness. According to Fisch, we sec in Job the uni i- myth of formlessness. Nothing, is the key word here.

Job's friends urge patterns on him, hut he answers with "the land of darkness and the shadow of death. Moral and spiritual formlessness is a characteristic of a century which has witnessed unspeakable evil und upheaval. It is therefore not surpris- ing that the Job archetype is found in much contemporary work. However, there is a balance in the Job story not often found in contemporary writing. For Job lakes place within a frame story hat provides, in the professor's words, "a curve of redemption and retribution.

The frame story somewhat qualifies the evil. Aridla Deem interweaves her fic- tion with biblical narratives, Richurd Sherwin, a poet from America, says that it was his Bible as well as his uliya that liberated him and allowed him to write. The Israeli poet Amir Gilboa calls upon the Bible though he ad- mits that he does not believe in its Creator. Poet and novelist Haim Guri goes further and declares that while he also calls upon the Bible, he does not perceive that the God to whom the characters relate is concerned with these people, or has their best interests at heart.

Certainly, there must be 70 faces to the Tora as it is expressed in literature. Inexhaustible as the sub- ject is, we must be grateful to this conference for raising the issues and revealing the variations of relationship to the Bible in past and present literature, in the West and in Israel. Had they been acquainted with these luscious fruits of the land which were destined for them, it is possible that they would noL have hankered uTter the humble vegetables!

The interest stems from the fact that the Swiss are unfamiliar with the life, customs and religion of their Jewish fellow citizens. The main aim of the exhibition — as defined by its organizers, the Swiss Federa- tion of Jewish Communities — is combatting prejudice and en- couraging self-idcntification among the 22, Swiss Jews.

Short hut informative lexis and carefully chosen photographs give an insight into Jewish riles and the history of the Jews in Switzerland. Al Ihe entrance to the exhibition is a table, laid for Shubhiit. In another room the essential elements ol a synagogue such as a Torn shrine, the open Torn scroll mid the benches of the oldest Swiss syn- agogue lake the visitor into a scene from Jewish lire, Jewish customs and the cycle of the Jewish year are represented by ritual objects both old and new.

In the Middle Ages Jewish pawnbrokers were burned to death and in the 17th to 19ih centuries Jews were restricted to two villages. Endingcn and Lengnau in the canton of Aarguu where a special form of Jewish life and speech developed. An audio-visual show evokes life in the "Judendorfer. There are 27 Swiss Jewish communities, mostly located in the larger cities of the country. The designers of Ihe exhibition, both young historians, successfully treat even delicate topics like anti- Semitism in Switzerland, without emotion.

Favourable reviews from both the Jewish and non- Jcwish press show that this ap- proach by understatement seems to reach Ihe Swiss public best und makes the message or Ihe exhibition clear: a better understanding or an integrated minority In pluralist Swiss society.

Rather, he was here to attend a meeting of the board of governors of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Even without recalling his grilling of Prime Minister Begin in , most Israelis would believe Frost is automatically anti- Israel simply because he is a constituent of the foreign media. Such, however, appears not to be the case at all, "Marcus Sieff is an old friend," Frost ruminates "and some years back he asked me to speak in England on behalf of the institute.

My interest and involvement increased, and then Marcus suggested it was only proper that I see the place for myself. So we came over about two years ago, and of course I was ex- tremely impressed with that remarkable science cenbe. When I was invited to become a governor, I happily agreed. So I continue to do what l can.

For example, I just taped an interview with Artur Rubinstein, which we'll be showing al a dinner for Friends of the In- stitute at the Waldorf in New York this October. When you realize that thirty-odd years ago it WRsjusi sand dunes and ornnge groves. If people only knew As with all questions, Frost con- siders his answer very thoughtfully before replying. In the battle for peo- ple's allegiance around the world, Israel could do better.

But of course, public relations is not the end-all. Israel is not a product to be sold. And not to avoid ventilating the bad things that occur. After all, mustn't a good reputation be earned? Frost ponders for a long count behind his television pallor — so long that when he finally does answer, I initially think his reply a disappointment. It means that the situation is reasonable — and could be a lot worse. Yitzhak Ncbcnzahl, with all of the terseness he displayed during his 20 years ns slate comptroller, plus an added case und humour which results from his retire mem from the job as Israel's "national ombudsman.

By law, he is not permitted to become affiliated with enterprises that make n profit or that are under the control of Ihe slate comptroller. The bell mltlrash is our big- gest auditorium. But f was told that 1 wouldn't be expected to have direct involvement. As president, however, I am in overall charge of everything. But He was nevertheless involved in technical aspects when the state comptroller investigated the building of Ashdod Port and Military Industries. The college president arrives in his still-bare office before 8 a.

Sometimes there are ulso meetings in the afternoons and later. Nebenzahl notes that "high-quality manpower is our prin- cipal resource. The museum is an institution plagued with deficits. New York City used to be plagued with deficits until the Slulc Governor Hugh Carey formed a Municipal Assistance Corporation in — under Rohatyn — to save the situation ; which the corporation did. A deficit of S 1,m. How did it happen?.

And the work force was reduced by 60, people, or 20 per cent, most- ly through the method familiar in Israel of letting officials retire and not replacing them. Rohatyn is not just a businessman: he is interested in the arts, and is a board member of the New York Philharmonic to boot. Fund- raising, also soliciting the donation of art works. It is known for its archeological 'treasures, which were round inside the country.

He is a partner in Lazard Freres one of the world's major in- vestment banks , and the Israel Museum seems a staid place ,. It should be get- ting more compensation from the U. Middle East peace, too, can only grow out of a Middle East economy. Pik, known for his outrageous costumes and dramatic make-up, arrived at midnight like Cinderella to find friends, Tans, and colleagues such as Arik Sinai dancing to rock music, slouched in silver lamfe couches, or patronizing the bar. Sammy Hirsch. Select local groups have been invited to give midnight performances in that purl of the enormous revamped hall — former- i ly the Kikar Atarim Drugstore — I set aside for dancing.

The group performed songs from its new album, ulso produced by CBS. It opens shortly at the Rav-Chen. Written by Eilan Green a graduate of the university's department of cinema and a lecturer there , and produced by Nissim Dayan also a lecturer in the cinema department , the film tells the story of a new im- migrant from the Soviet Union who falls in love with her Hebrew teacher and examines the problems of absorption into Israeli society.

Before and after each game, dif- ferent groups will perform at the Fairgrounds. The monthlong programme represents a IS20 million invest- ment. Tickets ore at popular prices. Other Mofat clubs are ex- pected to be established in other set-' dements and development towns. They will host evenings with authors and artists, discussions, films and performances by local singers and dancers.

A group of food writers was com- ing from the U. I tried to convince her that this policy is suicidal; that the best we can hope for is a fair copy of French cuisine. Aside from being far from the best we have to offer, hey hard- ly provide writers with material for articles when they get home. I suggested that instead, she take them to a selection of the country's authentic ethnic restaurants. Most are Tar from elegant, hut they do of- fer food for thought.

I'm afraid I did not quite convince her. B, 81,91 Jerusalem, J 1 lerael. My chequs for J ' U88 I, on the other hand, saw a number of hopeful signs. The proprietor was sitting ut the entrance to the large outdoor ter- race, which overlooks he Old City, shelling fill Favu beans. When I peeked inside, I saw jar upon jar of pickled vegetables of every con- ceivable kind urrunged in rows.

Wc tried a selection of these pickles und they were delicious, ranging from fairly mild to very sharp. For the first course I decided on a helping of one of the special dishes not on the menu that day — Jul stewed with a little oil and spices.

It was very good, with a garlicky sauce that I felt demanded to be wiped up to the last drop with the fresh pittu provided. My companion also had u dish not on the menu: stuffed artichoke. In fact, it was not heart of artichoke, hut he stalk ulso known us enr- doons which was stuffed and served in its lemony sauce. After one taste, she admitted that whatever the ambiance, there was no question the food was excellent. The dish, the creation of the restaurant, was very tasty.

They were tender und satisfy- ing. Both dishes came with a generous helping of fresh chips and a salad of tomato, cucumber and lettuce. There was some bucluvu, but it looked like u distinctly inferior type, so rather than ruin the very nice meal, we simply ended with aromatic Turkish coffee. The bill, including a beer and u soft drink came to IS The restaurant, which bus no kashrut certificate, is open on Shnhbul, but closed on Sunday. A CHICKEN roll is a very personul thing, at least if one is inclined to forgo ihe commercially prepared rolls of fat and gristle that go under the name.

No doubt my version is quite different from that prepared by the proprietor of Zeitouni, but I like it just as well. Have tliu butcher flatten it out fur you if ut all possi- ble. It is best not to substitute turkey breast, which in this dish would become lough and stringy. For four portions, mix about half n cup of hreadcumbs with a Little. Sprinkle some of the mixture on the inside of each portion, roll up, and secure with toothpicks.

Dip breasts first in a beaten egg, then in flour, and fry m oil on till sides. Drain off any excess oil, add about a cup of liquid — cither chicken soup or dry white wine will dii — cover and simmer for at least half an hour. Each 60 minute tape includes interviews with welt known Israelis, an excerpt from a play, a Knesset debate, advertisements, recipos. The booklet contains the complete i«M Tho most difficult words are trnnsl.

Spanish and Russian. A hand-made ceramic atrog container? A solar-powered ner tamid? A lecturer on Jewish subjects?. Find these end innumerable other artistic and educational items in The New Jewish Yellow Pages, the updated end expanded version of Mae Shelter Rockland's highly successful first volume. Tho New , Jewish Yellow Pages "lisle practically everything Jewish that anyone could want or need from the cradle to thB grave. Allow weeks for delivery. They at least are con- sistent.

The controversy on El Al Sabbath flights points up the complete failure to face up to and find a solution to the burning problem of whether Halacha can legislate for life in n modern state. It is not the question of El Al; it is whether com- plete cessation of all activity that in- volves the use of electricity or a complete ban on travel is possible under modem conditions.

It is to the credit, if not nlwuys to the glory, of the hnlnchic authorities through the ages of life in the Diaspora that they faced up to' every new situation and found a solution to problems within the framework of Halacha. The difficulty was solved by drawing up a legally valid deed of sale whereby all hameiz. Similarly, but even more questionable, is the manner in which the biblicul and lalmudic ex- treme prohibition of usury and in- terest, including even what is called "the dust of interest" was overcome by the institution called ht'ler iska.

In this, the roles of borrower and lender arc legally changed so that u partnership is formed, permitting, according to Halnchu, the exorbi- tant interest prevailing in Israel to- day. It may be argued, and not without justification, that these constitute legal fictions, retaining the letter, huL not the spirit, of the law.

But at. You invest in the number of weeks you would require it each year. You can use il year afler year, you can rent It, you can sell it at a profit or you can exchange It. Ail you pay is a small annual maintenance fee. Holiday anywhere in the world. Condominiums and lease-back plans available. I would like to gat more information. London W. Common courtesy would demand that they rise at his entrance, which would be tantamount to de facto recognition of the state.

Another element here is the per- manent dcfermenL of military ser- vice for those in Aguda yeshivot.

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