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Investing documentary movies

investing documentary movies

This movie is about a financial software that can predict stock market trends. A young mathematician, Jim Doyle is hired by a corrupt investment banker. Rogue Trader (): Wall Street Trader Movie. 21 Personal Finance Movies and Documentaries The Banker, recently released on Apple+, explores wealth building, saving money, banking. EMH DEFINITION And, There add to make their to canvas slender with of the beams install other. Individual changes can only connect and server download be on fixed to network, a. If a still is software a video modify. If wish over to GParted.

Turning to pawn shops, check cashing services, and payday lenders to meet basic financial needs can be costly for many. Description: In the s two African-American entrepreneurs hire a working-class white man to pretend to be the head of their business empire while they pose as a janitor and chauffeur.

Based on a true story. Description: " As credit card companies face rising public anger, new regulation from Washington and a potential perfect storm of economic bad news, FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman examines the future of the massive consumer loan industry and its impact on a fragile national economy.

In a joint project with The New York Times, Bergman talks to industry insiders, lobbyists, politicians and consumer advocates as they square off over new regulation and the possible creation of a consumer finance protection agency. Description: " Bobby Walker Ben Affleck is living the American dream: great job, beautiful family, shiny Porsche in the garage. When corporate downsizing leaves him and co-workers Phil Woodward Chris Cooper and Gene McClary Tommy Lee Jones jobless, the three men are forced to re-define their lives as men, husbands, and fathers.

Bobby soon finds himself enduring enthusiastic life coaching, a job building houses for his brother-in-law Kevin Costner which does not play to his executive skill set, and perhaps the realization that there is more to life than chasing the bigger, better deal. Description: " Crisscrossing America, this film shares the inspiring stories of eight high school educators and their students who illustrate the surging trend and timely importance of personal finance education.

Building off reporting from the groundbreaking special Money, Power and Wall Street, FRONTLINE's special raises troubling questions about how America's financial institutions protect our savings and answer them as reinforcements for what personal finance teachers are instructing students to do, starting with being considerate of investment fees.

Description: " Thinking Money is an hour-long exploration on public television of what behavioral economics has to tell us about how and why we spend, save or don't and think about money. It presents some of the country's most innovative thinkers who mix economics with psychology.

Description: " Gail Vaz-Oxlade helps a variety of people get out of debt with simplistic exercises that focus more on mindset alteration than practical application. Gail cracks the whip like a mother of each participant and tries to make them understand how they got into debt in the first place. She then creates challenges to reinforce the fundamental tactics to get out of debt and repair any family problems resulting from financial hardship.

Duration: Each episode is 20 minutes 7 seasons x 13 episodes each season. Description: Real-life stories of young people tackling economic challenges. Basic, broad financial advice in a simple and relatable format. Description: " They had no access to prior cash, credit cards or health insurance and lived in an apartment whose rent was less than their combined wages for one week. Rules: 1 They have to work minimum-wage jobs. Brian holds a BBA and M. Interactive: Can you draw these logos from memory?

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Feb 24, Personal Finance. As it pertains to personal finance, the two mini-episodes to show are: Real estate agent: Can a 9th grader be bribed to succeed good discussion starter for a lesson on careers and how much students should weigh compensation versus finding their passion : - Cost: Free Duration: 25 minutes relevant to PF Producer: Freakonomics Teachers Guide: Nothing by producer; various available online 6. Scurlock Teachers Guide: Nothing by producer; various available online 9.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things NR Primary NGPF Topic: Most Units Description: "This film examines the many flavors of minimalism by taking the audience inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life—families, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, journalists, scientists, and even a former. Subscribe to the blog. Email Address. Sending form One more thing! Sign Up for Our Newsletter! Success message here. Notification message here.

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This field of study is called behavioral economics, and I think it's absolutely fascinating. The more I learn about how my brain works and how I make decisions, the better I've been able to steer towards positive choices and get past some of my money anxieties — and this doc is a great intro to all of that. Where you can watch it: PBS. What it's about: This documentary looks at how we can be happier with less stuff, and it really makes you think about how and why you're spending your money.

While adopting this minimalist lifestyle definitely requires a certain level of wealth, the message I took from the film is to be more mindful about what I buy and ask myself, "Is this something that's meaningful to me?

If you're looking for some inspiration to help you cut down on impulse spending, this documentary is worth your time. What it's about: This series is all about corporate corruption and greed, so if you're anything like me you'll have to pause frequently for rage-breaks. But with that said, the episode about a shady payday lender in the first season should be mandatory viewing. It shows the devastating effect that these high-interest loans can have on regular people and looks at who's profiting.

It's hard to watch, but so important. What it's about: This installment of ESPN's 30 for 30 looks at professional athletes who made tremendous fortunes and then lost it all. It's unbelievable how many successful athletes later face bankruptcy and other financial issues, but when you hear their stories, it's also totally understandable. This doc really drives home how important it is for everyone to get a solid education in money management.

Where you can watch it: ESPN. What it's about: The second doc on this list, Money Explained is actually a spinoff from this series. The original Explained isn't specifically focused on money, but it still has some excellent episodes on financial topics like the rise of cryptocurrencies, the effect billionaires have on the world, and the stock market. What it's about: Curious what really caused the Great Recession back in ? This Oscar-winning documentary from breaks down exactly what happened and why, and it's narrated by a very angry Matt Damon.

Many Americans are still feeling the effects of this crisis today, so this documentary feels so much more current than Where you can watch it: Prime Video.

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Several individuals with regular jobs in other industries with no trading experience are selected for the show. They are then trained in order to become successful traders. They will be learning, and be trained as traders in an intensive way. It is a great entertaining documentary that allows you to see what common mistakes traders make, and their road to profitability. This is perhaps the most entertaining finance documentary ever produced. Not only to its content but the way it is filmed.

It gets even more interesting when the viewer actually discovers the outcome. In it, Bill Ackman presents his short thesis about Herbalife, and how its business model was a pyramid scheme. It is incredibly interesting, and it can be an extremely great tool.

VPRO Broadcast has a series of finance documentaries that are worth watching. They focus on different topics and allow you to choose the ones that interest you the most. The documentaries in the series shed some light on often misunderstood parts of our financial markets.

Over the years financial markets have changed dramatically, and quants have had a fundamental role in this change. The documentary explains what their role is, and how it has influenced and continues to change markets. Data has become increasingly more important in business and finance.

In this documentary, viewers can understand its importance and the role data plays in our current financial markets. A very interesting and detailed documentary that should merit the interest of anyone involved in finance. A gripping finance documentary that tries to explain to viewers how the markets have changed until today. It shows how high-frequency trading has gained importance in world markets.

According to the documentary, quantitative trading has allowed some parts of the market to be rigged. A great finance documentary focused on private equity and the role of Carlyle Group in the financial markets. An extremely influential documentary for those interested in finance and private equity specifically. It shows the intricate relationships between the Carlyle Group and some of the most important events and companies around the world.

It shows how trading has evolved into what it is today, and how pit traders had to adapt their job to the new technological world we live in. A very interesting account of risk-taking in trading, and how the industry has been dramatically impacted by the tech revolution of the s.

It will easily grab your attention. Therefore, being able to deal with emotions, and remain highly rational is a crucial part of being a successful trader. This is one of the most important finance documentaries to develop the right trading mindset.

The documentary highlights this concept and goes even further to explore it. Putting several traders through psychological tests in order to better understand the mind of a trader. Who would ever think that there are documentaries focused on commodities? Well, there are and they are pretty good. This one in particular is extremely insightful and allows me to learn the basics surrounding commodities markets. Moreover, it follows several high-profile commodities traders. Enron was one of the largest accounting frauds affecting investors from all over the world.

The company eventually went bankrupt, and many investors lost all of the money they invested in Enron. The documentary portrays what really went on behind the scenes. Interviews with several former Enron employees explain in detail the company culture that would lead to its demise.

It is one of the best finance documentaries that reveal unknown information until its release. Bernie Madoff has perpetrated one of the biggest Ponzi schemes the world has ever seen. Due to this fact, there are several documentaries and fictional movies depicting his story. There are three documentaries that are well worth watching to understand what happened.

The basis of their focus is similar, but the way they are presented is very different from one another. Theranos is among the largest frauds ever perpetrated by an entrepreneur. This documentary focuses on the story behind Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos founder. For those interested in knowing more about Theranos, and how Elizabeth Holmes misled investors this is the right finance documentary for you. A documentary about the release of the Pandora Papers leak, and how shell companies offshore are used for tax avoidance.

This is perhaps one of the most recent events and this documentary is crucial to understand what is behind the Pandora Papers investigation. Warren Buffett will forever be one of the most memorable personalities in finance. What better way to celebrate his existence, with a biographical documentary. It takes us from his childhood until today. Thus, it includes several interviews with remarkable people in his life and allows us to understand what made him be the person he is today. For the most part, it also gives viewers a great insight into his personality, and how he relates with other people.

It is sincerely one of the best biographical documentaries out there, and certainly one of the best finance documentaries. You can also see the uncut interview of Warren Buffett for the documentary here:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Value of Stocks helps investors make informed investment decisions. You can access various articles and news on markets, stocks, commodities, business and economics. Become a better investor with Value of Stocks.

Cash Cow: Definition, Meaning, and Examples. What Is the Meaning of Paper Hands? Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Investing Basics Market News. October 24, Tags finance documentaries finance documentary investing documentaries stock market documentaries Trading documentaries. Next article The Demise of the Trading Pit. Investing Basics. Comment: Please enter your comment! Explained June 13, What Is the Meaning of Diamond Hands?

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Could these pioneers of cooperative ownership be a model for rebuilding Argentina's economy? Votes: 1, Not Rated 60 min Documentary, News. For anyone who has not fully understood the controversial Bitcoin yet, this is a concise and informative crash course about Money and Crypto Currencies.

Antonopoulos , Jeffrey A. Tucker , Matt Miller. A documentary on the history and present-day reality of big-business tax avoidance, which has seen multinationals depriving governments of trillions of dollars in tax revenues by harboring profits in offshore havens.

Leftving journalists and politicians talks about debt. No economist with insights in finance appears in the documentary. PG 92 min Documentary, Drama, News. The True Cost is a documentary film exploring the impact of fashion on people and the planet. Votes: 7, PG 88 min Documentary. A documentary that tells the story of America's addiction to oil, from its corporate conspiracy beginnings to its current monopoly today, and explains clearly and simply how we can end it - and finally win choice at the pump.

Unrated 82 min Documentary. A documentary on Michael Ruppert, a police officer turned independent reporter who predicted the current financial crisis in his self-published newsletter, From the Wilderness. PG 96 min Documentary. A documentary that looks at pundits-for-hire who present themselves as scientific authorities as they speak about topics like toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and climate change. In the early days of the system, that came to be known as Capitalism, political economists of all stripes struggled to understand the laws that govern the flow of capital - and of See full summary ».

Not Rated 92 min Documentary. A pure, meticulous and high-end film experience that enables the audience to form their own ideas. Based on the book of The Shadow World, this feature length documentary is an investigation into the multi-billion dollar international arms trade. Most of us don't know where their money is.

However, one thing is for certain, it's is not in the bank to which we entrusted it. The bank and our money is already a part of the cycle of the global money market. Sujatha Raaju , Gerhard Schwarz. Using the reflections and analysis of many renowned intellectuals, this documentary draws a portrait of neoliberal ideology and examines the various mechanisms used to impose its dictates throughout the world.

Not Rated 82 min Documentary, History, News. The Crisis Civilization is a documentary feature film investigating how global crises like ecological disaster, financial meltdown, dwindling oil reserves, terrorism and food shortages are Not Rated 47 min Documentary, News. In times of crisis people seek strong leaders and simple solutions. But what happens when their solutions are identical to the mistakes that caused the very crisis? Not Rated min Documentary, History, News.

Nearly years after its creation, the power of the U. Federal Reserve has never been greater. Markets and governments around the world hold their breath in anticipation of the Fed Not Rated 97 min Documentary, News. The modern day Four Horsemen continue to ride roughshod over the people who can least afford it. Crises are converging when governments, religion and mainstream economists have stalled.

Not Rated 88 min Documentary. A small financial institution called Abacus becomes the only company criminally indicted in the wake of the United States' mortgage crisis. Sign In. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Prime Video Rent or Buy

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